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The Loop review Æ 3 Nicholas Evans ó 3 read summary The Loop Helen Ross is a 29 year old biologist sent into a hostile place to protect the wolves from those. How do you write the review of such a nice book Perhaps by not saying too much about it and just letting all its sacred moments regurgitate in your mind This one is what I would call a perfect book to follow up on if the only one of Evans you ve read is the Horse Whisperer The typical strong start that has been inherent in Nicholas Evans writings since Horse Whisperer and we all hope he doesn t change that I love the way he begins is present in The Loop too The book never loses its focus and has been kept on a pretty tight leash never wavering from the intensity that Evans generates initially In fact take my word for it it only gets complicated and intense the human relationships and man s animal instincts becoming intertwined and keeping you moving from page to page Do NOT miss any chance to read it

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The Loop review Æ 3 Nicholas Evans ó 3 read summary The Loop Who seek to destroy them She struggles for survival and for self esteem embarking on a love affai. Wolves But rather desultory follow up of the excellent Horse WhispererIt s the Sixth Sense and Donnie Darko effect here something great by mistake I don t know but Evans after his first novel spent rest of his career trying to measure up or outdo his debut novel

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The Loop review Æ 3 Nicholas Evans ó 3 read summary The Loop R with the 18 year old son of her most powerful opponent brutal and charismatic rancher Buck Cald. What sweet joy Nicholas Evans is after putting myself through most of Jean Auel s Earth s Children series I couldn t help but draw comparisons with The Plains of Passage as I read although to be fair Auel and Evans are writing completely different stories for a different era Still there s romance nature hunting and sex here and Evans handles all with such grace and restraint where Auel will go on for 100 pages telling you how Ayla makes soup and then another 100 pages with everyone telling her how amazing she is that she can make soupHere Evans has a few asides from the main plot to provide the compelling backstory that explains the book s title and without doing it for you he provides the basis for a metaphor that interlocks these characters whether good or bad And there are no REAL villains here There is villainous behavior but Evans cares even about people who make decisions that you know he personally doesn t agree with He doesn t judge his characters He never does not even Buck Calder Even the simplest seeming among them have a deep complexity that is informed by their circumstances and the dilemma of trying to raise cattle and ensure the safety of their children in a region inhabited by wild wolves The wolves themselves are occasionally characters here Evans describes their breeding the way they live the way they hunt and provide for their young but again I m reminded of Auel and the mammoth porn that began Plains of Passage and I m thinking Evans wants us to fall in love with his story in a way that makes sense to how the intelligent human psyche actually works Less is Whereas Auel shows her mammoths peeing and pooping all over each other before sex and describes what it probably smelled and tasted like then gives you the length and girth of the male mammoth s member Evans knows that it destroys any rapports he has with his reader to expound like this I just respect him so much for that I wasn t sure I could be moved by The Loop as I had been by The Smoke Jumper I had thought from the outset that Evans was trying to advocate for some environmentalist platform I wouldn t hold it against him but I can t be captivated by a political stance Fortunately he doesn t do that Instead actually the ultra conservative and ultra liberal alike will be challenged to put politics on hold and just allow Evans to make you feel for the wolves for the ranchers including Buck for the wolfer and for Helen Ross the biologist and heroine of the novel I was surprised to feel as moved as I did and thankful that I could so easily put my politics aside to be transported Evans has a way he just gets me SPOILER ALERT Diana this especially means you I m seriousI m trying to be as vague as possible about the ending but nevertheless even hinting at the way the story turns out however obliuely reuires a stern warning so there you go This book brought me to tears by its ending and I ve thought about it about whether I was just manipulated by a superfluous happy ending or if it had a point beyond just making me insanely happy and I think it did which is why I feel confident in giving this five stars Buck s grief is about hurting his son and tearing his family apart but I also think there was something in him that grieved for the wolves he d killed He realized that he had damaged his own soul It s not about the wolves but about the part of us that deliberately wants to kill thinking that it s a noble gesture that will protect the ones we love but we can become so obsessed that we will deliberately hurt the ones we love in order to do it The wolves have an instinctual understanding of this delicate balance but we humans being creatures of free will need to learn it some than others I think Buck is grieved because he had to learn it the hard way and he now finally realizes all that he has lost He provided for his family but he was never really present for them He cheated on his wife refused to acknowledge his son Luke and seeking to protect the cattle that had brought him so much fortune broke federal laws to kill wolves whom he didn t even know for sure may have been killing his cattle Evans doesn t spell that out for you and I m grateful I m glad to arrive at such a conclusion on my own

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