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Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â Radclyffe Hall Radclyffe Hall â 6 Summary Summary The Well of Loneliness Rk and today it is recognized as a landmark work of gay fictionThis edition contains extra information and archival material that tells the fascinating story behind The Well's controversial publication trial and ban in 19. James Douglas editor of the Sunday Express wrote Am well aware that sexual inversion and perversion are horrors which exist among us today They flaunt themselves in public places I would rather give a healthy boy or a healthy girl a phial of prussic acid than this novel If our love is a sin then heaven must be full of such tender and selfless sinning as ours Why does the world persecute us Because in this world there is only toleration for the so called normal This is a 38 for me i mean it was kinda boring at the start and it could have been a bit shorter Also I m not really into romance I ve read like what 3 books Okay probably i don t fucking care It has to be really good for me to get invested Yes we are gonna pretend like the two books of Nicholas Sparks almost typed Cage were masterpieces Lucky One Last Song For a weird reason i really like them Why am I talking about this Classics are just a hit or miss with me ugh that reminds me I need to finish Anna Karenina It s too longAnyways the reason I bought this is that I read it s the lesbian bible a must have and when it came out it got banned for obscenity so I was like bitch yeesss If it wasn t for that I wouldn t have picked it up I m glad I didThey said merry Christmas many times See i read a xmas book during the holidays My holiday spirit is truly amazing Btw I read it in four days One of them was on December 26 and somehow ended up reading the Christmas partWhat the fuck is this review

Summary The Well of LonelinessThe Well of Loneliness

Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â Radclyffe Hall Radclyffe Hall â 6 Summary Summary The Well of Loneliness The Well of Loneliness tells the story of tomboyish Stephen who hunts wears trousers and cuts her hair short and who gradually comes to realize that she is attracted to women Charting her romantic and professional adventu. it should be MANDATORY that everyone reads this book everyone there isn t anything too astounding about her writing style and nothing too deep about it either anyone could pick up this book and see clearly everything she s very clearly alluding to so there isn t much mystery but instead a whole lot of straightforward honesty about an aspect of the world most overlook without even realizingwhat broke back mountain failed miserably in doing ratcliffe did with ease this isn t some kinky soft core porn fantasy lesbian sex thriller it isn t a sob story about rights denied gays eitherit s just the tragic story of someone who is but her state of being by no fault or choice of her own disallows her from the honor given to even the most degenerate people of societyit s just her story without bias without the evil conspiracy of the homosexual agenda without hope of guilting the readers into self loathing or repentance of unfair treatment to diverse populations it just isi wish my mom couldwould read this book not that she is like the extreme mother in this book just because it would be a way for her to see aspects of my heart that she would never be able to imagine a way to understand otherwise

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Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â Radclyffe Hall Radclyffe Hall â 6 Summary Summary The Well of Loneliness Res during the First World War and beyond the novel provoked a furore on first publication in 1928 for its lesbian heroine and led to a notorious legal trial for obscenity Hall herself however saw the book as a pioneer wo. this book was banned in England on publication in 1928 which of course made it a huge bestseller and as it was published in France and the USA it was easy to obtain copiesand of course it is so tame by today s standards the most explicit line in the book is she kissed her full on the lips like a lover but the powers that be in England judged anything even hinting at lesbianism to be immoralin any event it is a very fine novel on it s own merits and I really enjoyed it the author uses the word ueer extremely often every few pages it seems but not in the context of referring to the lesbians in the book so I was wondering if that led to the word s current usage of referring to gays and lesbiansthroughout the book the author is obviously trying to get across the point that lesbians should be treated the same as anybody else which of course they should be but the main character Stephen who is a female despite the name is portrayed as being very lonely and unhappy for most of the book and the ending kind of makes you wonder whether the author thinks it s better not to be a lesbiananyway it s an excellent book which was republished by Virago in 1982 and has been reprinted almost every year since so it is obviously finding new readers even nowhighly recommended

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