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Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3

Review Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3 Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3 Read ì 0 As Darnley’s fiancée living in his California beach house and teaching in his new training facility Ella should find life a breeze But who’s their myster. ARC provided by Harper Collins UkAvon35 STARSI am so torn when it comes to writing this review I absolutely loved the first book Charm and had high hopes for the ending to their story Charm was packed with sex mystery and intrigue that you were instantly sucked into Ella and Darnley s story IMO in the second and third books the story declined I feel like their sex life was the main focus I KNOW I can t believe I just wrote that and that the story got lost Towards the end it picked up and I actually had an OMG moment but I just found myself wishing there had been I felt we never got to see how truly deep Darnley was Overall I still recommend this series Darnley is sexy as all hell and while Capture may not have all the elements that I hoped for it is still extremely well written and I look forward to read of Flora Dain s work I told you once that this would never work I say uietly Your security systems are only as good as your weakest link And that would be me Because I trust people and you don t It s that simple

Review Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3

Review Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3 Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3 Read ì 0 Y intruder What’s the secret of the spooky cave just round the headland And who’s the midnight biker Now Darnley’s past haunts them again and may derail. Capture was such a fantastic ending to the Wolfe trilogy Capture was just as sizzling as the first two installments of the Wolfe trilogy but wasn t uite as dark While I did have a few issues with Chase the second installment Ms Dain had rectified all of those and made this book even enjoyable Ella has finally found her backbone and her relationship with Darnley only seems to be getting stronger Just like the first two books Capture has a hint of suspense mixed into the erotic theme of the book Someone is causing havoc in the little paradise that Ella and Darnley are creating and finding out who and why makes this story even entertaining As Ella and Darnley s story wraps up many loose ends are tied up and you re left feeling king like you got the whole storythere s nothing worse than an unfinished story and you won t get that here I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion

Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Flora Dain

Review Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3 Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3 Read ì 0 Everything while hers comes back with a splash when Ryan her ex makes an offer she can’t refuse Now she’s not only in danger she may lose Darnley forever. Darnley seems to messing up a lot this time around and his girl isn t afraid to show her temper I round on him So you serve me up as free soft core with their coffee Next time you want fun in a boat damn well call an escort You could have said you had camera s watching But then there s that sweet side good You need to be crushed And ravaged And possessed With a low growl he sweeps me up in his arms and makes for the stairs When his woman isn t feeling well that bossy side comes out with hell to pay nurse Get back in here She s coming round He s sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at me How do you feel What a great way to end a series I will miss these two

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