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FREE READ Dirty Like Brody · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ago she ran away from her dream career as a songwriter with Dirty and the only man she’s ever loved without telling anyone whyNow Jessa’s doing the one thing she swore she’d never do She’s coming home to be a bridesmaid in her brother’s rock star wedding and face the mistakes of her pastIt won’t be easyLove this intense never is Dirty Like Brody is the second full length novel in the Di. I wondered why Brody Band Manager was always all business and never one to let down his facade That said I guess the reason behind that is that is heart belonged to Jessa and it was his own dirty secret he kept only to himself Jessa is that younger sister of Jesse and basically a family member of the band We are introduced to her character in the earlier books and find out she use to write for the band and is now a model What we don t know is that both Brody and Jessa are hiding feelings for the other from not only themselves but each otherJessa has been running from her past for years and is finally forced to confront her biggest mistake when she attends her brother s wedding Brody is tasked with making sure Jessa doesn t skip town and miss his best friends wedding What becomes evident from the moment they finally see each other again is that well the feelings have been buried they are still right under the surface waiting to bubble over The hidden jem in their story is that we get to see where it all started and looking back into the years Jessa at the age 8 on the playground and Brody the bad boy 12 year old protecting her from the start was a treat that makes their story so much stronger Their family life stories are both different but it is evident that both faced challenges that left them scared It is evident pretty uickly following Jessa s return to everyone associated with the band how important these two are to one another The real uestion is will these two be able to let down their guard long enough to ensure they can finally build on the feelings they have for each otherLet me just say that I am totally digging all of the members of the band and I really can t wait to see what comes next in the seriesI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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FREE READ Dirty Like Brody · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook He was all she ever wanted Then she broke his heartAs longtime manager of Dirty the hottest rock band on the planet gorgeous and brooding Brody Mason has had his share of beautiful women Yet the only one he’s ever wanted is the one he never had the one who tore his heart outBeautiful and elusive Jessa Mayes appears to have it all Talent money and a glamorous life But she also has a secret Six years. 65 years after leaving home to pursue her modelling career Jessa is back for her brother s wedding She reunites with angry Brody the boy she loved her whole life now a man the manager of her brother s band Dirty and furious with her for leaving Why did she Too late no explanations Brody tells her She should think of him as dead to herBesides he has a girlfriend and he s banging her at this long wedding weekend thing where everyone drinks a lot and talks about penises and music and which band members they ve hooked up with It s all veryEverybody is thrilled that Jessa s back and they want her to stick around write songs play with the band etc And Jessa halfway commits to it because she maybe wants to finally tell Brody why she left 65 years ago although if she can get him back without telling him maybe they could just do that What s wrong with Jessa was a mildly important sub plot in the first book of the series Dirty Like Me Jesse her brother had persuaded her to write lyrics for his solo album but she was dodging his calls and wasn t committing to any meet up plans Jesse didn t know why she was being like this unhappy disconnected refusing to do something she loved write music and he was worried she was still grieving over their mother s death about 8 years ago and that she may have been thinking about suicide their father completed suicide when she was 9This is a long and empty book and it makes me sad to say that because I read Diamond s forward about how much she loved these characters and their story I wanted to love them too I think she spent too long with each of them in their miserable places and then had an unbalanced ending that felt like a rush to the finish lineJessa is highly introverted and aware of her sadnesses and the dangers in falling into them She s very controlled in what she s willing to share of herself Frustratingly for the other characters in the book she isn t willing to share a great deal emotionally Part of the story of her relationship with Brody is told in childhood flashbacks where he was her protector Their first meeting is told very early in the book and it established Jessa s character completely She s 8 and she s retreated to the top of a climbing dome while two older boys bully her and tell her she has shit on her pants and is dirty Jessa is trying to ignore them and retreat into herself when along comes Brody 13 a cool dangerous older boy who threatens the bullies and forces them to eat what s either mud or shit before they run off Jessa and Brody then discuss what Jessa is doing on top of the dome and Jessa says she s being the princess which Brody thinks is cute although he also tells her she has to stand up for herself and be brave She won t though Jessa when threatened retreats into herselfBrody decides that child Jessa is adorable she s pretty she idolises him and she s a bit of a dork He gets to spend time with her as she grows up It s all a bit murky when he tells 15 year old Jessa that he ll wait for her but it s nowhere near the worst thing that s ever happened between a child heroine and her older hero Brody s faults are that he s angry and judgemental and emotionally abusive to Jessa And both of them seem willing to agree that Brody being angry and judgemental and emotionally abusive to Jessa is what Jessa deserves because she left and because she retreats into herself I don t think they really properly resolve thisBrody and Jessa have very few genuinely nice moments together because everything is overshadowed by whatever it is that Jessa is concealing from Brody and because to Brody Jessa is a flight risk and he can t risk being hurt the same way again He has his own rotten childhood stuff as well The worst of it comes out very late and as a sort of a full disclosure afterthought which is disturbing since it doesn t feel like it s properly dealt with at all as if just communicating it is enough to show that both these characters have suffered pain and because they ve talked about it while now understand each other better and everything will be fine Probably it won t beThe fact that they so rarely emotionally connected without a whole lot of tense baggage also overshadows their sex scenes Diamond does a good long build up to sex and writes a good passion scene but it s difficult to get enthusiastic about these two characters together when they are clearly so distantMy what s wrong with Jessa theory for almost the entirety of the book was that she was raped The plot I d constructed had her raped by Seth the drug addicted band member who was kicked out of the band not long after the band completed its first tour I d had her keeping silent about the rape because she didn t want to risk her family and friends not believing her and because she devalued herself I d had her convinced that Seth was important to the band than she was so she just let it all goI was sort of wrongWhen the story finally comes out it s that Jessa traded sex in exchange for drugs Seth introduced her to drugs when she was at her most vulnerable after her mother s death and kept feeding the addiction he d helped her form Jessa was also feeling incredible pressure to be the girl her brother and Brody and all her friends wanted her to be the sweet perfect pretty good girl Jessa was 16 when this started Seth 19 and Jessa had told Seth that she was in love with Brody but Brody was with another girl and Seth had told Jessa he was in love with herThis revelation comes near the end of the book as Jessa confesses all this to Brody and Brody immediately leaves to punch Seth who he accuses of rape and kick him out of the band Seth had been invited to rejoin the band when Jessa turned down the offer of playing with the band as well as being their lyricist Jessa prior to confessing all of this to Brody had warned Seth that she was going to reveal all and she was giving him the opportunity to tell his side of the story Which he didn t doJessa denies that it was rape She felt ashamed of keeping her addiction secret and she felt like a whore for trading sex for drugs and that s why she got out She knew she couldn t be in the band and free herself of her addictionThe whole tone of this book is dark and it feels like a departure from the first book which was a fun ordinary girl meets rock star plot I could have let this one go as just slightly off and not for me but then the epilogue switches to Seth s POV He s gone into exile with a different name playing with another band when he discovers that the band will do a documentary based on the search to fill his place in the band Seth has grown a beard and doesn t look like he used to look so he decides he ll go audition in disguise He s annoyed that Jessa told everyone that he d raped her because he didn t So all of this is sounding vaguely threatening and like he s going to be the villain in the next book but the title of the next book is Dirty Like Seth suggesting that he s the heroWhich just seems horrible Even if we accept that Seth isn t a rapist he s still a boy who got a vulnerable girl addicted to drugs and exploited her vulnerability I d take a redemption story where he acknowledges and atones for what he s done but how is he romantic hero material

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FREE READ Dirty Like Brody · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rty series a rockstar romance series about the members of the rock band Dirty and the women and men who love them Novels in the Dirty series are interconnected standalones each with an HEA There are ongoing storylines that develop throughout the series so reading them in order is not crucial but is recommended Reading order Dirty Like Me Dirty #1 Dirty Like Us Dirty #05 novella Dirty Like Brody Dirty. A brilliant readBrody and Jessa waited so long to be with each other but the time they spend apart living their own lives going through the experience they did has helped then to understand whet they meant to each other the maturities of life can help you appreciate everything better They are so good together Lots of love and Passion they were made for each