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Read & Download Forced Play for Libby Men of Baseball #3 Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Elizabeth Libby Lillian Montgomery McGrath was born and bred bred to be the perfect polished wife of some well to do man who would probably never love her Then she laid eyes on Pete McGrath a bad boy who would undoubtedly be unacceptable by the standards of her family For Libby it was love at first sight To her complete and utter astonishment her father not only accepted Pete bu. 1 Ugh Didn t like it or triggers or pet peeveSomeone recommended and I downloaded the book without seeing the reviews of my friendsMy badZero spends 7 years mentally abusing Zeroine and cheating herZeroine is an amoeba without a backbone who is depressed and suffering at home alone trying to please Zero He is verbally abusive too she feels like nothingZeroine changes the body surgically and starves herself to become a bag of bones in search of perfection to try to please ZeroThey do not have sex for 7 years she stays celibate and he fucks everything that moves and has a holeThen a picture of him with one of his lovers leaks to the press and she wakes upZeroine packs up and goes to a luxury hotel to suffer After all she s rich LOLZero decides he wants her back I think he missed his emotional punching bagBoth declare eternal love all shit he did is forgotten and we have an HEAOur doormat aka Zeroine is happier than pig in the mudZero is all filled with love and declaring eternal faithfulness He has the courage to be possessive and jealous and all alpha male about her But he treated Zeroine as trash for seven years WTFNothing convinced me and I felt everything fake than Zeroine s titsWe also have an evil father who is not really her father A vain mother and doormat who enjoys luxury only and never defended Zeroine A sister with a stick in her ass An ex lover causing scandal and that is a cheap copy of Zeroine big tits and all Drama that can not give credibility in the story only fill in between the sex scenesI do have a new message but it s the same message I ve been receiving for months It s cryptic and it confuses me The same sentence every single time Pete doesn t love you He loves me bitch Don t you want children Pete All of our friends are having babies and we don t Fuck no Not with you he spitsI haven t fucked my own wife since the day we came back from our honeymoon That being said she still stood in front of me begging for a baby like I would ever bring a kid into this fucked up life of ours I want to be rid of her and I only have three years leftI walk toward a place I try to never go but I always cave in Always Hey baby she says Her long dark hair isn t silk like Libby s She has broken ends It isn t soft either but feels like straw Hey I grunt when she wraps her body around mine She presses her hard tits against my chest as her big fake lips press against mine I don t want her I want my wife but I ll use this girl for now I move my mouth so her lips miss and landed on my cheek I can t kiss her mouth I never have and I never will I go inside of her apartment and I fuck her anywayPete doesn t want me but he apparently wants the cheaper version of me The woman isn t ugly but she looked like a whore with skintight clothes that hugged her body in an almost vulgar manner Her makeup was too dark and her hair was teased too highHe told me when we were first married that he wasn t planning on being faithful I never thought for a moment that he was but seeing the evidence with my own two eyes is than I could handleSeven years without getting laid is ridiculous He obviously isn t abstaining Even though he told me in the beginning that he would get his somewhere else my stupid brain wouldn t accept it I held out hope that he would realize how much he loved me and he would just be mine I had been such a girl about it all these years living on hopes and prayers Not any I was finally fed up Jolene your ever so helpful publicist sent me a picture of you and your whore told me to fix my problem with you because she wasn t going to keep the next one under wraps The man who said he hated me who was sleeping with a cheap carbon copy of me he loves me Neglect and infidelity can be just as harmful as fists Pete Jackson says You fuck around on her a lot Carlos asks Yeah Yeah I did a lot I admit She doesn t deserve to have her husband stick his dick in every whore around town I say the words before I realize the implications Unlike you I haven t fucked half of the country so excuse me Not that it matters any In a few months we ll be free to do what and whoever we want to I announce But she needs a man who fucks around on her She needs to look like his whore

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Read & Download Forced Play for Libby Men of Baseball #3 Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T encouraged and rushed them into marriage She thought she had been given her happily ever after but the honeymoon never lasts forever Pete and Libby appear to be the perfect couple from the outside Affectionate beautiful successful and rich strangers envy them and their friends adore them Pete McGrath harbors hidden truths that eat away at him daily destroying the love he holds. This is no exaggeration I think this is the WORST book this book reviewer has ever attempted to readin my entire life After exchanging a few emails with the author I hesitantly received an ARCknowing I would have to take into account a hero who had a lot to make up for dumped heroine after the honeymoonmarriage in name onlywas with OWall due to his greed in pursuing his baseball careerwealth due to a twisted contract agreement with her fake father but taking his own self disgust for doing so out on her thinking she was a spoiled rich girl who deserved to be unhappy Yeah what was I thinking In my defense I wanted to give this guy a chance to redeem himself and figured she would grow a backbone bring him to his knees Hey I read dark mafia romances I ve seen a lot of tough bad boys brought out of the darkness and into the light of redemption Unfortunately I absolutely wasn t prepared for all the other things I would hate about this one 1 A spineless stupid heroine who talks tough but is another but 2 A hero whose idea of making things up to his wife for the past 7 years of hell is calling her Baby shrugging it off telling her now things are going to be great 3 Crude crass language that doesn t fit the characters and isn t even necessary Heck even rich elitist insanely wealthy grandma talks like a sailor on shore leave 4 Siltedwooden writing 5 Characters actionswords don t fit how they would act under these circumstances Ie heroine leaves him finally has had ENOUGH but then has sex with himI could go onbut what s the point I think I ve made mine clear enough Here s to hoping those who read the previous two books enjoy this one It completely missed the mark with this reviewerPS What did I expecthope for A strong heroine who leavesand actually makes him work for her forgivenessanother chance

Summary Forced Play for Libby Men of Baseball #3

Read & Download Forced Play for Libby Men of Baseball #3 Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook For his Libby One email threatens their picture perfect marriage exposing their most intimate imperfections Libby is devastated Pete's eyes are opened and he's forced to play for the woman he loves Recommended for readers 18 due to Graphic Sexual Content and Language This is book 3 in the series and can be read as a standalone but it is encouraged that the series be read in ord. What a flipping train wreck of a story A 7 year cheating hero all because he took his anger out on his wife so he could take a sweet deal to further his career That poor cow changes her body is skin and bone in hopes of winning this shithead of a hubby but has no idea what she s done wrong but continued to stay in the marriage knew he was cheating and with women who looked like her Only when she decided to leave him did he do a 2 second 180 and realize his wrong doings EPIC EYE ROLL RIGHT TO SATURN and she forgave him in about the same amount of time Cue the OW drama from there This book was vile and ridiculous on many levels Not romance at all and the biggest DNF decision I could have ever made I skimmed to find out what happened and he was never redeemed and she was a giant doormat with zero backbone