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Review ¾ Koko by Peter Straub 100 Nonetheless linked by a shared history and a single shattering secret Now they have been reunited and are about to embark on a uest that will take them from Washington D. Tricksy ReviewWhere to start An uneasy read this There is real madness to be found here A brooding heady insanity Koko the novel is a disjointed psychological somewhat confusing affair Why then is it such a good read Well because that is also the best way to describe half the characters in this piece of work There is certainly method to the madness here And Koko himself He s certainly a disturbed man and it rubs off This book is not a uick read it s everything but and when I finished the last page I felt a bit drained The horror element in this book is almost exclusively psychological and it wasn t uite as visceral an experience as I had imagined it would be considering the subject matter Approa

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Review ¾ Koko by Peter Straub 100 KOKO Only four men knew what it meant Now they must stop it They are Vietnam vets a doctor a lawyer a working stiff and a writer Very different from each other they are. It has been at least a decade since I last tried to read this book which I had attempted before on two previous occasions And I knew how far I had gotten each time if not by some whiff of remembering then at least by the markers I had placed where I had stopped each time It was the pure principal of the thing that fuelled my surpassing both those afore laid markers not the prose or the characters or the story If memory serves me correctly I bought this book based solely on my experience of reading The Talisman Having never read another Straub book I was none the less persuaded to give him independent of King a try It is a hard cover first edition that graces my shelves And I hate putting down a book b

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Review ¾ Koko by Peter Straub 100 C to the graveyards and fleshpots of the Far East to the human jungle of New York hunting someone from the past who has risen from the darkness to kill and kill and kill. As is the case when I finish other Peter Straub novels I closed Koko last night speechless aware that I had been at least on a tiny level transformed As per usual with Straub this book is an experience light beach reading it is not Straub deals in and with psychology tethering it to literary elements like human psychology his narratives and characters are puzzles that are not so easy to complete It is best for one to take his or her time when reading Straub and to not get overwhelmed his output is not immediately personable or friendly It reuires work Because this novel is in part about PTSD long stretches feel fantastical many times I was not sure if what I was reading was actually happening to the

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