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Free download The Silence of the Lambs ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Thomas Harris ↠ 0 Free download characters The Silence of the Lambs A plunge into the darkest chambers of a psychopath's mind in the deadly search for a serial killer back cov. 5 STARS Full review upThis was fantasticI went into The Silence of the Lambs hesitant that this book would not be as great as the movie OR I wouldn t be able to get the movie characters out of my headYou see I ve seen The Silence of the Lambs 3 to 4 times in my life and I know the plot too well I ve loved the movie since the first time I watched itThe movie came out in 1991 but I didn t watch it until I was 17 in 1995 I m glad I waited because the nightmares would have sucked at age 13Ha who am I kidding I still had nightmares after seeing this movie for the 1st timeGetting back to the book I was shocked with how much I enjoyed it The writing by Thomas Harris is well done along with detail about the serial killer Buffalo Bill and the women he killed The case was detailed the characters were fleshed out heh funny I would use that term haha and the ending was dynamiteThe character of Clarice Starling was great in this book She s fierce and cunning then what Jodie Foster does with the character in the movie Jodie Foster still does a damn fine job with this character but it s hard to be exactly like a character in a book You can t see what she thinks or how she interprets the Buffalo Bill case and the prisoner Hannibal LecterSpeaking of Dr Hannibal Lecter he s a monster sadistic way too intelligent and will scare the pants off you Anthony Hopkins does such a great job with this character Let s just take a moment to appreciate how he took Thomas Harris creation and made Lecter unforgettableBesides the great characterization the police procedural and research of serial killers that Harris does in this series is fantastic You ve got to realize that this is wrote in the 80 s and he likely has influenced the crime detective book genre than anyone out there Kudos Thomas HarrisIf you have been living under a rock for the last 30 something years and have not seen this movie go read the book first You won t be disappointed And if you love this movie and you re worried about not getting anything from the book take it from me I felt the same and I just gave this 5 stars

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Free download The Silence of the Lambs ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Thomas Harris ↠ 0 Free download characters The Silence of the Lambs World silent The Silence of the Lambs A young FBI trainee An evil genius locked away for unspeakable crimes. Call me a freak but I have a bit of a crush on Hannibal Lecter He may be the scariest fuck out there certainly scarier than the supposed monster of the book Buffalo Bill but he just oozes style and knowledge In fact he has so much style and knowledge that he doesn t come off as a ridiculous prick when he says things like A census taker tried to uantify me once I ate his liver with some fava beans and a big Amarone or Can you smell his sweat That peculiar goatish odour is trans 3 methyl 2 hexenoic acid Remember it it s the smell of schizophrenia uite the contrary he sounds cool saying these things Sophisticated even In this and many other ways Dr Lecter is so utterly fascinating that you ll still find yourself rooting for him after he has committed several heinous but brilliant murders hoping he ll stay out of the hands of the police and live out his life in freedom Now that s uality writing for youAs you can probably tell from the above I like The Silence of the Lambs which is to say the book on which the movie was based Except for the fact that Harris makes Clarice rather stupid and that the dialogue in the book is a bit too clever and masculine for its own good it s a solid and exciting will they find him in time to save the girl story a page turner if ever there was one The characters aren t terribly easy to identify with but that s all right because for one thing they re cool had I mentioned that yet and for another they all have a clearly defined uest They don t necessarily have the same uest but hey that only serves to increase the tensionIn some regards the book is better than the film Remember those stupid anagrams from the movie They re not in the book except for the bilirubin one which I actually uite like The book makes its connections in a much logical less what the fuck ish way It also has a realistic romance though not necessarily a better one On the down side I think Thomas Harris must have kicked himself for not having come up with the closing line of the film I m having an old friend for dinner himself In my opinion it s the best closing line in cinematic history unmatched by the ending of the book Still it s a satisfying read Very satisfying As satisfying as the movie and that s saying a fair bit Yes that s what he says in the book Not a nice Chianti I ve been reliably informed by those in the know I myself do not actually drink wine that Amarone and Chianti are not in fact the same thing Chianti does sound better than Amarone in this line doesn t it In the book Dr Lecter tells Clarice in one of their first interviews that Billy has kidnapped large chested Catherine Martin because he wants a vest with tits on it He then goes on to say in their next meeting that Billy is making a girl suit out of real girls And despite these incredibly obvious clues which cannot be rude jokes on Lecter s part as he s far too sophisticated to make such rude jokes it takes Clarice who is supposed to be really intelligent the entire rest of the book to figure out what it is that Billy wants from his victims They wisely changed that in the movie where Clarice doesn t have her entire uest spelled out for her right at the beginning I ve never met any women who speak to each other the way Clarice and Ardelia do Then again I ve never met any brilliant FBI trainees so what do I know Perhaps they do speak to each other like that at uantico I guess I ll never find out Anyone out there have FBI trained friends Anyone Bueller

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Free download The Silence of the Lambs ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Thomas Harris ↠ 0 Free download characters The Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter The ultimate villain of modern fiction Read the five million copy bestseller that scared the. WhyMany years from now historians will look back on this story and wonder why it was so important And believe me my friends important it was Today most thrillers and police procedurals gets measured against itFor this review I will refer to TSOTL as the story because I m going to talk about the book movie facts fiction and some of my own opinionsTSOTL was the second Dr Hannibal Lector story It was also the second movie adaptation wait just a damn moment you might be saying to me Red Dragon was the first book but it was made after the TSOTL movie was so successfulCorrectHowever there was an attempt at a screen adaptation of Red Dragon a few years before TSOTL called MANHUNTER It was directed by Michael Mann To the best of my knowledge it was a flop at the box officeThere are a few things TSOTL had going for it that counted in its favor By all means Thomas Harris is a brilliant writer if you ve read any of the books you will know this But most movie freaks and geeks will agree with me that the story is probably one of the best adaptations from book to screen everThen you look at the cast Jody Foster managed to play a vulnerable yet strong female IMPORTANT lead You know she is intelligent yet she knows that she has no chance against the superior intellect of Dr Hannibal Lector In comes Anthony Hopkins whose portrayal of the psychopathic genius is so convincing it catapults him to one of the biggest super villains of all time yet he is so charming that the audience can t help but like himAnd of course Buffalo Bill is played by Ted Levine who is utterly convincing even if you ve seen him as the cop in MONKWith a strong cast and story this movie became an unlikely contender at the Academy Awards And they won a fewRight lets take a step back to the research phase of this storyThomas Harris in the early 80 s were doing research and was fortunate enough to get involved with criminal profiling which at that time had been an unproven and highly speculative science It was during the time when they were on the trail of one Ted Bundy If you know a bit about this famous serial killer you will probably know that he used to fake injuries by wearing a cast and asking victims for their help Do you remember how Buffalo Bill got that girl in the back of the van And while Bundy was incarcerated on death row he was willing to help the police do a profile on another serial killer of the time The Green River Killer I believe Bundy told them not to remove a body when they discover it because the killer will go back to his treasure something that was later confirmed to have happened Remember that agent Sterling asked Dr Lector for his help And then there was the killer Ed Gein many decades before who robbed graves and ultimately killed people to make himself a female skin which was apparently hard to sow without tearing Need I explain this one The fact of the matter is while some things may have seemed preposterous to us in the early eighties like they could only happen in the movies there were some truly messed up people out there who were doing some truly messed up things wow it s been a while since I ve kept a sentence PG like thatI will accept your applause humblyAlso there was and unfortunately still are some stereo types about women in the FBI Harris took the opportunity to make a statement maybe very subtly but still very important about power vs emotion At no time does this story feel like a Hollywood blockbuster where the star is cocky and always has a way out of a sticky situation where it s all guns and fire and explosions etc No this story was meant to cut close to home to show the possibilities for we are all vulnerable in this world Agent Clarice is scared she fears for her life she doesn t know if she will survive but she fights the big bad Goliath killer And she winsThis story is also important from a psychological point of view Whatever your feelings about profiling may be they have discovered so much and found impossible connections through their research and we will never know how many lives it has saved It s a kind of Paying it forward thing By doing what they do they prevent things that may have been inevitable in a different worldI once saw something I can t remember exactly where about some research they were doing on inmates They took brain scans of a number of them and noted that those who were certified as psychopathic had an underdeveloped area in a certain part of their brains If I can remember correctly it had something to do with the mother producing too much serotonin during pregnancy or some such scientific thingHow is this helpful you may askWell this is my personal opinion so if it offends you stop readingCasey AnthonyIs she a psychopath who got away with murderYes when I look at the facts of the case and the things her attorney s did to get her free I m sickened to think the jurors couldn t believe a mother would do that to her child Nobody LIKES to believe it but I wish I could have seen a brain scan of her compared to those other psychopaths I wish there was a psychologist who could have explained it to themBut enough about thatThis book is was and always will be important because it brought certain realities home to the world we find ourselves inIf you haven t read it but managed to get through this long review what s the matter with youBut I am not trying to convince anybody of my point of view so feel free to disagree