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Labels AUTHOR Evelyn Waugh Download ↠ 4 Fail to be inspired by Waugh's uintessentially English attitude and his elouent and freuently outrageous wit From Europe to the Middle East and North Africa from Egyptian porters and Italia. A delightful and often hilarious account of Waugh s tour of the Mediterranean in the winter and spring of 1929 Waugh s sharp eye for silliness and absurdity and his acid wit are on full display as are his historical and artistic interests Some parts had me laughing out loud and the ending proved a surprisingly moving meditation on homecoming and patriotism Waugh starting from London flies to Paris his description of air travel when it was still a novelty is hysterical takes a train to Monaco and the Riviera and sails aboard a Norwegian cruise liner to Naples Messina and other points in Sicily Haifa and Port Said on the Suez Canal where he disembarks for a while to keep a few fellow Englishmen company and to better explore Egypt His account of visiting Cairo the pyramids and various sites of Egyptian antiuities are uite interesting as Howard Carter s finds in King Tut s tomb were still new and exciting in 1929 and Waugh s assessment of the hype surrounding Tut and his supposed curse are suitably acerbic From Egypt Waugh travels to Crete and Istanbul and back again to Athens and through the Gulf of Corinth for a tour up the shores of the Adriatic He remarks often on the conseuences of the Paris Peace Conference s settlement for the various cities along the way especially those historically independent cities that without regard to their origins traditions or ethnic makeup were folded into the new state of Yugoslavia Waugh would return to Yugoslavia with Randolph Churchill during World War II and his disillusionment with the way the Allies handed over Eastern Europe to the Soviets during that conflict provides one of the richest and most somber storylines in Sword of Honour From Venice and the Adriatic Waugh s voyage or less retraces its earlier course and Waugh doesn t dwell on this part except for an amusing account of visiting the ruins of Pompeii But faced with the prospect of rail and air travel across France to return to England he chooses to spend another two weeks aboard his Norwegian cruise liner and visits Spain where he proves uite taken with the architecture of Gaudi His remarks on the church of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona are uite interesting as only a few walls and towers were complete by that point illustrated by one of Waugh s own photographs and Waugh grimly predicts that if funding is not forthcoming the church will never be completed Indeed Sagrada Familia is still unfinished but while there have been interruptions to its construction such as the Spanish Civil War it is now almost a hundred years after Waugh s trip nearing completion I think Waugh would be pleased At any rate his opinion always sharply expressed would be worth readingThis is the second account of an Englishman s travels during this period that I ve read lately the other being Patrick Leigh Fermor s A Time of Gifts recounting a walk across Germany Austria and Hungary in 1933 I ve really enjoyed them not only because they are beautifully written but because they capture a lost world in vivid detail Waugh s is doubly poignant in that regard as by the time he published Labels the Great Depression had driven the worldwide economy to ruin I found myself not only marveling at his stories and his shining prose and laughing at his escapades and embarrassments but wondering with genuine regret how many of the restaurants hotels casinos and other points of interest had disappeared within a few years A very good window into another time and place I look forward to reading of Waugh s travel writing Next up Remote People an account of his travels through Africa following the coronation of Haile Selassie as Emperor of Ethiopia Highly recommended

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Labels AUTHOR Evelyn Waugh Download ↠ 4 Evelyn Waugh chose the name Labels for his first travel book because he said the places he visited were already fully labeled in people's mindsBut even the most seasoned traveler could not. The only label I don t likeobject to is the label label Take the following For Instance Radio DJ So tell us What kind of music do you playBand Member We don t like to label our music We just play what we feelRadio DJ But surely you can characterize your music Is it Baroue or Romantic or Classical or Jazz or BeBop or Dixieland or Swing or Big Band or Soul or Blues or RB or RockaBilly or Florida Death Metal or Gutenberg sic Melodic Death Metal or Norwegian Black Metal or Cascadian Black Metal or Pirate Metal or Elevator Music or Punk or New Wave or Electronico or Industrial or WhatEverNewShitKidsHaveComeUpWithTodayBand Member We just really don t like to label our music We want everyone to make up their own mindRadio DJ But no one is going to give a fig about you if they don t have some preconception that you re even anywhere near to their ballpark of interests Band Member No but we just really don t believe in genre and labels and pigeonholes and things like that I think when people hear what we play they ll all react in each their own uniue wayRadio DJ I ve seen that happen It s not pretty You just might want to somehow characterize your music so that those folks who might potentially be interested in your shit might find it and folks who will prima facie hate it will avoid it and won t write a travesty of a review of it in the local Zines Band Member I see what you mean Well yeah I guess you could say we play PrimitivoIndustrioBarouoJazzifiedMetalicaloDubStep d da gamba Arranged for String uartet Radio DJ You re an idiotBand Member No labels pleaseBside I listen to allkindseverykind of music No you don t My C s on Fire That s not music Well that s just your opinion Etc

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Labels AUTHOR Evelyn Waugh Download ↠ 4 N priests to Maltese sailors and Moroccan merchants as he cruises around the Mediterranean his pen cuts through the local color to give a highly entertaining portrait of the Englishman abro. I told him to drive me to the cathedral but he took me instead to a house of evil characterWaugh made a tour of the Mediterranean by ship in 1929 with noteworthy stops in Monaco Naples Sicily Port Said Cairo Istanbul Venice Split Algiers Barcelona and Gibraltar All these places or most of them at any rate had been visited and visited and written and written about by just about every literate man woman and child of the past hundred years Everything Waugh figured had already been labeled hence the title And yet his travelogue is fresh and funny and full of unexpected glimpses This is not one of his great novels I doubt the young Waugh could have imagined anyone would be reading this travel book almost 90 years after its first publication but Labels is a real pleasure