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review Look Again 103 When reporter Ellen Gleeson gets a 'Have You Seen This Child' flyer in the mail she almost throws it away But something about it makes her look again and her heart stops; the child in the photo is identical to her adopted son Will Her every instinct tells her to deny the similarity betw. Collecting the mail as she entered the house from work Ellen Gleeson was keen to see her three year old son Will Connie her babysitter was an angel Ellen thought back to the day she had found her and was extremely grateful Once Will was in bed Ellen returned to the mail the flyer that had the words Have You Seen This Child across the top brought her up short the photo of the child on the front froze her heart It was Will or if it wasn t he had a twin out there somewhereEllen had adopted Will when he was eighteen months old very sick in hospital with no one who visited or seemed to care Ellen fell in love with the small child The ensuing adoption was fully legal she had the paperwork to prove it Ellen was a reporter and knew in her heart that she had to discover the truth even though she may not like the answer The following investigation not only threatened everything Ellen held dear it also threatened her career and her life Look Again by Lisa Scottoline is an absolutely heart stopping psychological thriller which I couldn t put down Twists turns horrors and the most incredible dilemma a parent could ever face I had my heart in my throat many times What if it was my own child or grandchild It doesn t bear thinking about Look Again is one I highly recommend to fans of the genre and this author never disappoints

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review Look Again 103 Uncovering clues no one was meant to discover and when she digs too deep she risks losing her own life; and that of the son she loves Lisa Scottoline breaks new ground in Look Again a thriller that's both heart stopping and heart breaking and sure to have new fans and book clubs buzzin. This is the third Scottoline book I ve read having absolutely fallen in love with the first book I read by her Killer Smile Killer Smile was wonderful for its sense of place being set in Philadelpia where I lived for several years Her character was strong and interesting and the plot complicated enough to be interestingUnfortunately Look Again was none of those I found the plot drawn out and a bit incredulous Although the book had an interesting premise namely that of a mother of an admopted boy receives a missing child notice and has a terrible feeling that her son although adopted totally legally may be this missing childThe mother instead of dismissing the idea as ridiculous decides to find out whether it could be possible Here s where the whole plot goes crazy and this single mom reporter becomes Nancy Drew Instead of simply contacting the authorities or the parents for a dna test she nearly loses her job in an obsessive hunt complete with disguises car chases and murders That may sound exciting but the plot was drawn out with long mommy scenes of angst and rather dull side stories eg the sledding trip as a means of prolonging a not very mysterious mystery with tension that wasn t really all that tenseI was very disappointed in this book and predicted the ending waaaaay before it ended There were no surprises in this book The character was actually a bit annoying because she had plenty of opportunities to explain what was going on in her life and obtaining help but chose to be silent and silly in her very round about way of putting her adopted son s identity to rest Even the sense of place in this book was not as fresh and rich as Scottoline can right Sure she named streets and towns but I missed the local color of Killer Smile The things that make Philadelphia uniue and memorableI will try Scottoline again because of my first experience with her work I know she can write wonderfully This book however may be helping pay the bills but it is definitely not her best work

review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Lisa Scottoline

review Look Again 103 Een the boys because she knows her adoption was lawful But she's a journalist and won't be able to stop thinking about the photo until she figures out the truth And she can't shake the uestion if Will rightfully belongs to someone else should she keep him or give him up She investigates. Damn This book had so much potential A mother receives a flyer in the mail with a picture of a missing child who looks just like the child she legally adopted a couple of years ago What should she do What would I do No way should this book have had a happy ending Arrrrgh Ellen the adopted mother wants to know the truth about her child She s a journalist OF COURSE Turns out the birth mother sold her son for money OF COURSE The adopted mother while frantically trying to find out the truth about her adopted son falls in love OF COURSE He s a hunk OF COURSE The birth dad gets custody of the child at the end and then turns out not to be the real father OF COURSE Adopted mother and son end up together mother is engaged to hunk non father becomes benefactor to his non child WTFWorst part of the book Ellen and Marcelo OF COURSE THAT S HIS NAME get it on Ellen lays her head on a musky patch of his chest DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN

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