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  • Lord Endicott's Appetite
  • Elisabeth Fairchild
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  • 18 June 2019
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Lord Endicott's Appetite

Free download ☆ Lord Endicott's Appetite é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Of this handsome world weary lord But it was a different matter when his rising lust for life m. 1802 The Napoleonic Wars The Treaty of Amiens between the United Kingdom and France ended the War of the Second Coalition Napoleon had allowed all but about 1000 of the most notorious migr s of the French Revolution to return to France And Jeannette Saincoeur found herself on the doorstep of Lord Julian Endicott she was the new French cookJulian had lost his wife in childbirth over a year ago He could not get over his intense grief and his servants were worried His sorrow had found a home within the sight taste and smell of food When possible he avoided eating and it was starting to take its toll Jeannette was a member of a previously important family that had lived in France She witnessed firsthand what the guillotine could do She then crossed the Channel to find a home in England under the guise of a chef This job was her last hope to earn enough money to support herselfWhat set this historical romance apart from so many others was that the hero had an eating disorder and it coincided with a form of depression It was referred to as melancholy and few people understood it The emotions both Julian and Jeannette experienced fit perfectly with the period and gave the reader something to ponder Another plus was as Jeannette enticed his lordship from his slump by rearranging furniture observing scenery and changing both food and drink to avoid a certain look or smell Julian favored her with kindness He appreciated Miss Sound Heart and started to ask her opinions He knew there was something special about the young woman and intended to draw her out At the same time Ms Fairchild built the conflict in a realistic way so that I understood why the heroine made most of the choices that she did Julian s older sister tried to interfere whenever possible and the HEA had some minor uirks but overall it was a heartwarming look at the social classes of England and how despair could affect anyone given half a chance

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Free download ☆ Lord Endicott's Appetite é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free It would take all of Jeannette Saincoeur's extraordinary culinary skill to tempt the tastebuds. Many authors now of days push the envelope with stories of hardships and trials the characters have to face but few push the mental hardships and fewer in historical romances like Elisabeth Fairchild s Lord Endicott s Appetite did Not only did she address grief but also depression to the point of suicide of the body Today we have medicines and clinics to help us deal with our depression and even our grief or our lack of appetite something in the period which Lord Endicott Appetite did not When we lose a love one one so part of our lives it takes awhile for the sun to come out for us and we re able to breathe joy back into our lives and move from our pain and heartbreak Fairchild does this is a soothing and gentle way that brings tears to the readers eyes as the lead characters both bring joy love and healing back into one another lives Jeannette Saincoeur knows the sadness and lost reflected in Lord Julian Endicott s eyes for years after the killings of her family and the sole survivor in a nation full of a chaos and war Jeannette learned the craft of cooking and became stronger from her losses Traveling to an unknown land of England with only her wits and cooking skills Jeannette finds herself on the doorstep of Lord Endicott who wears his grief of the lost of his wife and child heavily on his shoulders Understanding his pain as she to feels the same deep lost she slowly takes away the black veils that cover not only the windows of the Lord Endicott s home but also the one that covers his eyes but first giving him his appetite back and also her soft understanding This isn t an overnight cue all It takes baby steps for Jeannette to make a difference in Julian s life but you see it in the small things how she chases away the rain clouds in his eyes and brings back the sunshine Jeannette is one of those heroines s that touches a cord within your heart dealing with her own lost she helps Julian with his She had spunk and fire but isn t the ever perfect heroine she has her imperfections and has learned a great deal from the rich life she one lived to the life she lives now Julian blames himself for the lost of his wife in child birth thinking if only if only Julian shows what depression does to one self but this doesn t make him a weakling or a whining baby it makes him human Julian holds all his pain within as it takes away and from himself and life Sometimes it takes an outsider and one whom shares the pain for us to open our eyes again and Jeannette does this bringing out of the gentle and kind Julian from his shell You start to see the joy and boyish mischief come out of Julian From hiding up a tree to escape his overbearing sister to dancing among the apple trees The story isn t one sided with just about Julian getting better Julian also helps Jeannette with her own grief something she s been holding inside of her for many years now as he gentle holds her and the flood of tears is finally able to be released Through this you start to see the romance blooming between them In many romance stories you end up having the widower having a bad first marriage the spouse didn t love them they cheated on them they beat them up etc etc It isn t the case with LEA Julian truly loved his first wife and will never forgot her and part of his heart and soul will always love her but he knew there was then enough room to also love Jeannette and the children he and she would have This made me happy Why can t Julian love his old wife and Jeannette Why does one have to chose between loving someone whom is gone and loving someone who carries with them your future I never understood and still don t why author s always seem to carry this theme in their books I was happy Fairchild didn t do this and made Julian that special to him because of his great ability to love I loved Julian as he came out from the shadows of his depression to become a stronger man to in his own right to heal and love Fairchild also address class differences with Jeannette now a cook not in the upper French class She doubts if it s possible for her and Julian and her can truly be together and not wanting him to just use her and toss her away Many of her fears are very just and are feed by Julian s sister but her heart leads her back even when she s accepted by her old title this is a moot point as Julian loves her for her and no matter whom or what she is as she loves Julian for himself Julian also started to break out when he starts to feel jealousy and anger this small misunderstanding is very uickly cleared up with Julian gasp THINKING IT OUT and following his heart Another brownie point to Julian A Hero with a brain What follows is very sweet and cute as both Julian and Jeannette bare their hearts and souls to one anotherOverall a beautiful story with leads that deal with not only great lost but discover greater love A true gem of a keeper

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Free download ☆ Lord Endicott's Appetite é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ade him look to her for pleasures of a different sort From the author of The Counterfeit Coachm. Had to set this one aside for now When I find myself skimming it s just not a good thing It started with such promise I thought oh this is going to be good but that changed to boredom sadly DNF