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Free read Criminal ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Is either a selfish choice an aberration; or a forced choice the product of social factors These two stories continue to dominate both our views of and responses to crime And says Tom Gash they are completely wrong     In seeking to dispel the myths that surround and inform our views of c. Mr Gash is uite selective in his crime interests mostly working class crime I d have liked to know about tax evasion and fiddling MPs expenses is that nature or nurture entering into contracts that mean a person takes no responsibility for catastrophes they ve helped cause bankers anyone and the causes of domestic violence gaslighting and general street abuse Curiously however Mr Gash doesn t address that He s also clearly looking to maintain his position or get a new one in various government depts at least he s gracious about academics not deliberately misleading journalists

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Free read Criminal ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Rime Crime Fictions argues that our obsession with 'big arguments' about crime's causes can lead us to mistake individual cases as proof of universal rules How he asks can we suspend our knee jerk reactions and begin to understand crime for what it is as a risk that can be managed and reduce. Very interesting I found this a lot open to be unsure of the explanation about opportunity being the driving force of crime compared to the Nick Ross book on crimeI would say this is great reading for those interested in crime and people who want to be challenged critically about what you think about crime and how you think about crimeReally slays or casts serious intellectual doubt on commonly held assumptions about crimeTop work Mr Gash

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Free read Criminal ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free How our views of crime and its causes are wrong and how we can begin to understand and tackle it properly      The way we see and understand crime falls into two types of story that in essence have been told and retold many times throughout human history in fiction as in fact Criminality. Tom Gash sits down to breakfast His wife asks Would you like salt for your scrambled eggs Tom pauses Several studies show that adding salt to scrambled eggs definitely enhances the experience but other studies such as the famous Paerrt Tiomkin experiment conducted in Murmansk between 1978 and 1982 shows that people can very easily accommodate the loss of added salt in scrambled eggs and after a few weeks accept the salt free version as normal So is that a yes or a no Hmmm What do you think One line summary of the whole book for the impatient These uestions are at once vitally important and far harder to answer than we might thinkActually if you are an impatient person we have a marshmallow on a plate for you see belowINTRO THE 2 ETERNAL VIEWPOINTS1 Of the right heroes and villains crime is essentially a moral choice tougher sentences and jails reuired TV Show CSI2 Of the left victims and survivors crime is created by social conditions the perps are forced into a life of crime by having no other opportunities better policies reuired TV show The WirePolitical decisions says Tom Gash are based on myths about crime than reality I wanted to share what I was discovering in order to help others uestion their own preconceptions about crime and through this to improve our collective understanding of human natureFairly bold What he ends up doing is investigating a million studies and analyses interrogating a hundred lurid newspaper headlines A third of unemployed are convicted criminals etc etc and ends up saying well on the one hand this on the other hand that and what does the third hand have to say Hmm yes another very valid point We end up in a wildernessMyth 1 Crime is RisingWell crime is falling greatly throughout the West since around 2005 I knew that because the stats have been reported on the BBC But other people don t because they look at tv channels that feature violent crime front and centre every day because even if crime is falling there are always some terrifying examples around to wake up the audience Since 1995 burglary and violent crime in England has fallen by two thirds Similar falls in North America and Europe Murders spectacularly down in the USA from the gruesome 1970 90 period But only one in five of the population of these countries believe that Books appeared to explain the fall like Freakanomics which suggested that the availability of abortion to inner city girls in the 1970s led to a significant number of criminals not being born But in the USA there was a whole new tougher sentencing thing going on in this period Or maybe it was the increased ability in the US for citizens to carry arms Gash does do a pretty good job of shredding these one note analyses explaining that they are terribly selective due to their myriad assumptions Take the factors that people think might influence crime These vastly vary between different models Levitt s include abortion laws most don t John Lott s include gun laws most don t Levitt Lott and Marvell do not regularly look at factors such as drug consumption social values or marriage which other studies do examine Myth 2 taking up a life of crimeThe idea of the career criminal is slightly mythical Most crimes are done by males between the ages of 12 and 27 They drop out of crime A tiny few continue Gash says that the boys of 12 who appear in court for their first offence have not just started on their new career They were born bad They are the ones with ADHD who have been scratching and biting their fellows since the age of 2Maybe criminal tendencies are genetic Myth 3 Criminals will stop at nothingIs this something widely believed Mostly I think they will stop if the window has a lock on it which is locked AN EXPERIMENT WITH MARSHMALLOWSAt Stanford University Dr Walter Mischel became interested in children s behavior regarding resisting temptation He got 4 to 6 year olds and one by one sat them in a room by themselves at a table where there was a plate with a marshmallow on it this would not have worked for me I hate marshmallows Also there was a bell The deal was the kid could eat the marshmallow at any time after the good Doctor left but they had to ring the bell first OR They could wait for 15 minutes and get not one but TWO marshmallowsHe refined this experiment over the years with cohorts of kids who were then followed up in their lives The main things we found were that seconds of delay time before eating the marshmallow were predicting things like cocaine use in adolescence things like body mass index years of educationIn this chapter we can say Tom Gash has found something he s sure about most crime is committed impulsively because the opportunity is there and involves no forward planning and no consideration of any possible bad outcomes Criminals are a little bit brain deadTOM GASH DOES NOT LIKE TO STICK HIS NECK OUTThere are bland comments in riotous profusion throughout this book Crime substance abuse and risky sex have a lot in common They all offer short term pleasure but in the longer term are usually poor choices these are life s snares traps some people avoid and other people fall into according to their ability to make considered decisions Let s try one from Myth 5 Biology Determines Criminality People with abnormal brains are often perfectly normal just as people with apparently normal brains can be both psychologically disturbed and highly criminal Wowzer And how about A range of studies confirm that living near criminals has a real impact on property pricesand There are no simple automatic connections between poverty and crime Rather the relationshipis highly complex and works both waysIn a chapter called Myth 7 Immigration increases crime rates he says well heck sometimes it does and you know what sometimes it doesn t But it is clear that reducing levels of immigration is no panacea for our crime problemsWhat Read that back surely some mistake No gosh darn it by page 183 Tom Gash has actually found something he is clear about Let the angels of sociology turn summersets in the sky Let a massive bell peal Let me wake up from this turgidityI should not rubbish this book completely but it did become uite painful to hack through uite uickly He does turn up a lot of interesting stuff like the Kansas City experiment which withdrew police patrols for one sector of the city completely and sent them over to another sector The study found that crime did not rise in the sector which now had no patrols That the three cornerstones of modern policing vehicle patrols foot patrols and rapid response might have little effect on crime rates is deeply disconcerting Hundreds of billions of pounds have been spent on police patrols and improving response times over the past century And it appears that most of this money has been wasted In the end I was worn down by all this conflicting information And now I want to set up my own experiment Let all the animals be released from the zoo Then let s study which ones end up getting normal jobs like bus drivers I m betting the polar bears or accountants the penguins for sure and which end up selling themselves for a bag of crank at the wrong end of town surely not the wildebeestHey sugar looking for a good time