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review Lady First Lady First Free download ð 0 The acclaimed author of A Wicked War now gives us the little known story of Sarah Polk remarkably influential First Lady and brilliant master of the art of high politics a crucial but unrecognized figure in the history of American feminismAt the same time as the Woman's Rights convention was taking place at Seneca Falls in 1848 First Lady Sarah Childress Polk was wielding influence unprecedented for a woma. Although Sarah Childress Polk rose to political power by crossing boundaries skillfully manipulating both men and women and analyzing politics with a focus nearly as intense as that of the husband who worked himself to death in public memory Mrs James K Polk was celebrated as something uite different a First Lady who was a lady first whose politics had been driven by love and by a widow s responsibility to protect and cherish the memory of her lost husband It wasn t untrue but nor was it the whole story emphasis mineSarah Polk was the most well educated first lady of her time and a companion to her husband it every way She worked beside him politically reading about and discussing issues of the day corresponding with politicians and reaching out for favors when necessary She preferred to be with the men in the parlor after dinner than with the ladies in the drawing room Franklin Pierce said that he would rather discuss politics with Sarah than with her husband In spite of this she managed to do all these things with a deference to her husband the men around her that prevented giving offense Greenburg paints a thorough portrait of Sarah with all the nuances that come from being an intelligent ambitious woman of the South in the 19th century Yes Sarah had many admirable ualities but she was also a slave owner Her relationships with the enslaved people in her life are also discussed as well as her time of maintaining a neutral stance during the Civil War While Greenburg s biography of Sarah Childress Polk was well written and well researched it was somewhat dissatisfying Partly this was due to the lack of information about Sarah but also the epilogue seemed somewhat removed from the narrative and unnecessary to Sarah s story leaving a strange impression at the end Overall it was well worth the time and I do recommend it for those interested in the lives of the First Ladies of the US

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review Lady First Lady First Free download ð 0 N Yet while history remembers the women of the convention it has all but forgotten Sarah Polk Now Amy Greenberg brings her story into vivid focus We see her father raising her on the frontier to discuss politics and business as an eual with men We see her use savvy and charm to help her brilliant but unlikeable husband ascend to the White House And we see her exercising truly extraordinary power as First L. This is a biography of Sarah Childress Polk the wife of the 11th POTUS and something of an historical marvel or an annoyance depending upon one s point of view The marvel is the author s mastery of her material the possible annoyance is how much she spins from such slender records There are many passages like these Sarah probably or perhaps or certainly the Polks must have I confess to leaning a bit toward the annoyance end of the scale especially for the early part of the book The author maintains that Sarah Polk was the most powerful woman in America in 1848 and she shows how this came to pass through native gifts of political insight and intelligence an array of people skills that endeared her to the nation especially when contrasted with her rather taciturn husband a feminine deference that was expected of the fairer sex during the period and a close partnership with her husband acting as his unofficial communications director throughout his political career maintaining correspondence with men completely apart from their relationships with James I believe though that Greenberg may overstate her case when she maintains that Mrs Polk was the first politically effective partisan First Lady what about Dolley Madison The chapters on Sarah s long widowhood and her activities during the Civil War when she was courted by both Union and Confederate make for interesting if somewhat murky reading The epilogue which details the role ChildressPolk relations played in the formation of the Ku Klux Klan is sadly chilling I left the book with a keener appreciation for Sarah Polk as a person curiously I found I did not really like her very much and I am not altogether certain why this should be the case Still this is a volume that helps fill in a period of US history that is perhaps neglected than others

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review Lady First Lady First Free download ð 0 Ady uietly manipulating elected officials shaping foreign policy directing a campaign in support of America's expansionist war against Mexico Greenberg makes clear that though the Polk marriage was a partnership of euals Sarah firmly opposed the feminist movement's demands for then far reaching euality A riveting biography and a revelation of Sarah Polk's complicated but essential part in American feminism. Omg what a fantastic engaging fun book to read Ch 5 is a blast Varina Davis Dolly Madison and especially Catherine Beecher all fascinating to learn about Greenberg writes like she is presenting a story as one peels an onion being slowly peeled revealing succulent bites of personality beliefs and facts about her subject I had no idea Lincoln was an excellent wrestler Polk supported the Mormons and that Sarah bought child slaves while in office I love the line Sarah didn t need to ask anyone for woman s rights Neither did she advocate for woman s rights at all She felt bad for Mormons being persecuted for their practice of polygamy in Illinois and took action to help them Another intriguing statement James offered a vision of Sarah as emancipator while ensuring that she would become something very different upon his death a cotton planter My head explodes about Sarah s views on slavery and her own beliefs of benevolence toward her own slave property It is so DIFFICULT for me to conceive that people thought owning another person was a good thing My god What a fantastic book I Hope the author assembles book on all of Sarah s correspondence Let s hope

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