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  • Mafia King Royal Mafia #3
  • Bella J.
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  • 12 July 2018
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Bella J. æ 4 characters

Read & Download Mafia King Royal Mafia #3 Mafia King Royal Mafia #3 characters ✓ 104 Her a filthy weak broken girlThe mystery that surrounded her seduced me Her secrets pulled me down to the deepest pits of hell the demons of her past threatening to burn the empire I swore to protectNo. Antonio Valenti was born and bred to lead the Mafia family He exudes control over his business dealings and that of his family but he has his own dark demons to contend with He has managed to control his past depraved darkness until an unexpected shipment arrives with a battered and naked female This beautiful broken woman calls to his inner sadistic beast and he is not sure he can control his tormented urges all while trying to protect his family and this damaged woman Nessuno youth was stolen from her and she has lived in her own personal hell at the hands of those who are sinister She recognises the monster and darkness in Antonio and yet there is something about him Should she fear him worse than those before him Can she survive this new monster Will her past come back to collect and haunt her as he promised And how did she arrive at the hands of Antonio Valenti the King of the Valenti family Ms Bella J has created a story full of plot twists suspense and so much I am blown away by this talented author This story is definitely dark with some scenes that are uncomfortable to read but necessary to understand the story The character development is brilliant and you will have so much empathy for NusseunDoe Antonio is a man that takes what he wants and controls like a King even when he has to take revenge on those that have double crossed him The building climax the suspense mystery and angst will keep you captivated and your mind reeling When NessunoDoe true identity is revealed it just adds a whole new dimension to the story Ms Bella J is fast becoming the ueen of dark romance and I cannot wait to see where she takes us next in Mafia ueen

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Mafia King Royal Mafia #3

Read & Download Mafia King Royal Mafia #3 Mafia King Royal Mafia #3 characters ✓ 104 W the devil himself is knocking at my door wanting his beautiful broken girl backBut she’s mine now I claimed her And anyone who dares to take her away from me will be completely utterly royallyFucked. OMG this book did not end like that did it I can t evenwhat in the actual whaaaatmy mind is going about thousand miles per hour right about now This book was so terrible that it was AMAZING My God I don t even want to know how Bella J got the info to write this book It was heartbreaking and ugly and yet underneath it all you could still see and find hope for this poor girl and her future that is about to change forever with Antonio s helpThe next book Mafia ueen is going straight to my no1 spot at my TBR Review copy reuested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog

Read & Download Mafia King Royal Mafia #3

Read & Download Mafia King Royal Mafia #3 Mafia King Royal Mafia #3 characters ✓ 104 Born and bred to rule I embraced my place in our family with prideI was the leader The boss The kingFueled by my family’s need for revenge I was on a bloody path toward vengeance That’s when I found. Bella J is one of my fave authors she never disappoints with the proven euation of raw carnal passion need steam hawtness anticipation and suspensedamn I can t wait to meet the Mafia King I Am Your King There s something to be said about Antonio Valenti the Boss of the Valenti Family and I haven t even begun thinking about itwink My family thought they know me but they didn t No one knew me There were days I didn t even know myselfAn immoral sinnerA depraved mortalA cruel monster Yes Antonio Valenti is a man with a deep dark shadow looming inside of him And he s trying to keep it confined inside ever since he experienced the BDSM scene gone wrong when his inner depraved beast went out of controland now Antonio is all about controlBUT not for long his grounds are shaken when he finds a container with an unusual shipment Nessuno NobodyA battered starved naked female And a completely subdued sex slave To obey was my only talent To please was my only purpose To exist without living was my only fateAfter all I was nothing and nothing didn t have the luxury of making choices And the only one who instantly recognizes the dark inside him That was when I knew she and I we were from the same worldOne forced and ruined to exist within itthe other willing yet unable to participate This dark connection and recognition only intensifies the tension between them and torture within themselvesunable to contain it any longer in search for answeres of who she really is why she just happened to be almost dropped off at his doorstep without any clue Antonio caves in finding solace in depravation of her submission as she finds the purpose and salvation in pain and pleasure that she was never allowed to feel The darkness she had been forced to live in made her appreciate the light It made her unwordly and completely irresistible to a monster like me the dark need that consumed them both only pushed the limits of Antonio s inner beast a depraved possesive monster as he calls it There s no denying that NessunoDoe is his his to ruin his to mark his to possess even though he s far from the real monsters she had the horrible misfortune to experience in her entire lifebut then little pieces of information come filling in and the mosaic suddenly comes to a revelation and it changes the game completelyNessuno s real identity comes to life that actually turns the odds of their connection into a sick ironybut it s too late for Antonio to back down now as his claim is deep and irreversible I m not the one of the good guys who can save you Doe But I m the bad motherfucker who will raise hell in order to protect you and the war has just begunAs Bella J leaves an open window for the next installment that would give insight into the turmoil of changes in NessunoDoeAlessa s life in Mafia ueen this book dwells on the thin line between need for the pain and consumption with the pain it s borderline dubious and it s intriguing to have the power of making different interpretations of the same subject in uestion As my main fixation was placed on the notion or like an inuiery of whether Nessuno needs the pain to submitt cause she s trained to desire it and can she really tell the difference when wanting it willingly while Antonio is demanding it and in that aspect I needed to figure it out I didn t romanticize it and you shouldn t cause that s not what they share at all and I actually loved that but as someone who is not really getting the painpleasure connection I felt sad for what happened to Nessuno I felt gross and powerlessand I so wanted fr her to regain herself but I felt like she needed time to do soand I know that she would have her time in the next installment I just felt like she needed a glimpse of hope for herself without the need of the man masterI guess that would be left to consider or not for any of you that will embark on this journey on your ownARC kindely provided by the author in exchange for an honest review