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Read & Download The Night Listener 104 I'm a fabulist by trade warns Gabriel Noone a late night radio storyteller as he begins to untangle the skeins of his tumultuous life his crumbling ten year love affair his disaffection from hi Okay Within the first five pages it became apparent that this book was about storytelling and truth and falsehood and embellishment Not only does the narrator Gabriel Noone tell the reader this point blank but Armistead Maupin tells us that himself by making the parallels between himself and his main character extremely easy to draw Okay we think here we have an euivalent Armistead Maupin who has written an euivalent Tales of the City series in which euivalent characters act out a story euivalent to that of the author and his partner FineThen in waltzes A CHARACTER FROM TALES OF THE CITY Anna not Madrigal but Anna of Edgar and Anna DeDe Halcyon s twins Instead of a toddler she is now a 21 year old bookkeeper which makes sense with the publication date and the original time frame of Tales of the CityAt this point the entire story within a story about another story based on a story based on a true story thing goes completely out the window All these wires are crossed and that potential confusion potential because only a handful of readers may even pick up on any of this paves the way for the actual confusion of the plotThe mystery at the center of the book was very well done Even though there is nothing particularly frightening about Gabriel Noone s predicament I got shivers down my spine than once mostly after the halfway mark when his phone conversations with Pete and Donna start occurring on multiple levelsWhy four stars As much as I like Maupin and he himself alludes to this through his stand in Gabriel Noone his prose doesn t blow me out of the water Also truck stop sex seems pretty unnecessary in a book that s all about intangibilityPlus obviously I was hoping against hope for Brian Hawkins to wander through But that would be too much confusion even for this book

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Read & Download The Night Listener 104 S Southern father his longtime weakness for ignoring reality Gabriel's most sympathetic listener is Pete Lomax a thirteen year old fan in Wisconsin whose own horrific past has left him wise and I thought I knew what to expect from this book and how it would resolve itself because I knew that it was based loosely on Maupin s relationship with Anthony Godby Johnson the teenage boy who wrote the memoir A Rock and a Hard Place a book I read and which affected me uite a bit both when I read it and when I found out years later that it might all have been a hoax Lots of famous people were taken in by the possibly non existent Johnson including Maupin and author Paul MonetteI was not expecting just how Maupin s reworking of the story into fiction would affect me It hit me on a few levels The way his character Gabriel Noone describes his incredible connection with the young Peter Lomax which mirrored so well the relationship I have with so many teenagers the conversation Gabriel has with his own father towards the end of the book which I wish I could have had with my own father and how the beginning and end of the book come somewhat full circle and yet still leaves you wondering that satisfied but unsatisfied feeling I love and hateI listened to this on cd and had mixed emotions about Maupin reading his own work He has a clear speaking voice that sometimes sounds like the actor Michael Emerson a good thing and sometimes sounds like the commentator Andy Rooney not so good in my opinion Mostly though he gets to the heart of Noone letting him sound appropriately pathetic when the character is acting pathetic and giving him a certain uiet nobility when the character is in the right and the other characters are wrongDefinitely recommended Now I think I need to go watch the movie version

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Read & Download The Night Listener 104 Generous beyond his years But when this virtual father son relationship is rocked by doubt a desperate search for the truth ensues Welcome to the complex vertiginous world of The Night Listene A psychological drama billed as a psychological thriller but definitely not a thriller in my opinion that s eual parts weird and mundane Gabriel Noone a writer who has gained fame through a radio serialisation of his stories is sent a copy of a harrowing memoir written by a young boy who has suffered serious sexual abuse and is dying of AIDS Moved by the story he starts to talk to the boy Pete on the phone and the two develop a close relationship seeing themselves as father and son However all is not as it seems with Pete and his adoptive mother Donna and Gabriel s uest for the truth leads him to trek through the snow to Pete s remote home The story about Pete is also used as a backdrop for Gabriel s musings on the state of his relationship his husband Jess has just left him temporarily and his family particularly his father The smallest amount of research into this book reveals it is a roman clef based on a real misery memoir believed to be a hoax that of Anthony Godby Johnson which the author himself was taken in by This story is itself pretty fascinating and Maupin s account of it in this novel had me turning the pages to find out what the outcome would be conseuently this was a uick engrossing read But I never uite felt that the Pete story and the narrator s diversions into other topics fitted together properly There are whole chapters just about Gabriel s parents or his anguish over Jess leaving and these can be frustrating when you re eager to find out what will happen next with Pete I feel the book would probably have worked better as a novella purely about Pete and the potential hoax the story is mainly memorable because of its link to a real life case

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