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Catching Hell characters ´ 107 Ably isn’t the series for you If you enjoy sex with your survival and you’d like to indulge in the fantasy of having a group of hot military men at your command you’ll probably enjoy this story Guaranteed happily ever after with no cliffhangers Be aware this is definitely on the steamy side and appropriate for 18 only It’s a new adult title and not intended for young’uns Includes an excerpt of another Aurelia Skye title. This sexy reverse harem gem caught my eye on Goodreads That cover A little bit of everything amiright YUM Of course you re not supposed to judge a book by anything so superfluous as a coverbut most people doSorry guys I saw four hotties a badass chick packing a GOLDEN GUN and an apocalyptic background and was sold before page 1 It just screamed I AM UNIUE and it wasFor full review

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Catching Hell characters ´ 107 The HLV virus dubbed Hell Virus by the survivors wiped out ninety percent of the population Running low on supplies Alyssa has to leave the safety of her sanctuary to find food She’s ill euipped to deal with a SHTF situation and she’s nearly raped on her first run A small suad of military men save her and take her in with the stipulation she becomes a fully functioning member of their team She wants to learn how to take care. Better than expectedOverAll this was much better than I expected it to be There were a couple issues but not enough to disappoint I think for a virgin her language and actions in the shower her first time were pretty unbelievable Heck not many experienced women would have said and done that The book did good about tackling what would be a core issue for most harems Jealousy I m not sure how they pulled it off in the way that they did Instead I would have expected the guys to have a conversation first and agree to share because of the scarcity of women If any guy would have made the demands she did we would be screaming sexist pig Most reverse harems approach it with the guys being on board with sharing from the beginning and convincing the woman That makes sense I personally think the sharing demands should be made by the ones doing the sharing Otherwise it just seems trashy They manage to put it off and by the end it works Of course I m not sure I could have ever forgiven guys that broke the trust repeatedly like those two did It s almost impossible to get trust back The fact that they repeatedly didn t believe her when she has never lied to them would have ensured they never shared my bed again But to each their own I also thought it ended kind of abruptly It would have been nice to know where they went or settled Despite these issues it was enjoyable

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Catching Hell characters ´ 107 Of herself but she also finds herself wanting to take care of the soldiers in creative and unexpected ways Life without pleasure is pointless but when she’s already lost everything else can she risk losing her heart to the group This is the bundled collection of the completed serial Alyssa is learning about survival and how to love than one person If the idea of a polyamorous relationship with multiple men bothers you this prob. A post apocalyptic story that focuses on Alyssa she s lost her whole family When she ventures out of her home for the first time Alyssa encounters a life threatening g situation and is rescued by five guys who take her into their small group Over time she comes to have feelings for most of them When one is mortally wounded Alyssa starts to reassess a few things When someone else is added to the group she realizes those she relied on have done the ultimate betrayal of not trusting or believing her and siding with the new person and put Alyssa s life in dangerI absolutely loved this I must admit part six of the story had my heart breaking for Alyssa and I could feel her righteous anger and this was a testament to Aurelia s awesome writing skill I had already purchased five of the seven parts before I received the complete series as an ARC I have also written reviews on each part I purchased individually as wellI received an ARC for an honest and fair review

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