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  • Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1
  • Cee Cee Riley
  • English
  • 01 July 2017
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Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1 Read & Download Ñ 104 Read & Download Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1 USA Today Bestselling Author Claire C RileyRide or Die #1A Devil’s Highwaymen MC novel‘We would blow up this world and create something beautiful in its ruins’Jesse Laney 1985We were each survivors of our upbringing lost unloved and afr. 4 Stars Genre Contemporary Romance Type Book 1 of A Devil s Highwaymen MC Series POV First Person Dual Jesse Hardy was the son of the President of the Devil s highwaymen MC After the death of his mother he and his brother Butch had no choice but to live with their father They easily adjusted to their new life in the club He always felt like his father didn t liked him but he never cared because he had his brother the only true blood family he ever needed Always was just like forever a vicious lie upon an angel s lips Always died just like everything and everyone else Always was never forever Laney was the daughter of one of the MC members Gauge The relationship she had with her father was not a loving one She only was there because she had no choice Once she turned eighteen she was bound to leave and find her own way However she didn t realized that she would fall hard for Jesse It was Jesse I realized He calmed me my soul He made me feel safe and like I belonged And for the first time since moving there I realized that I wasn t homesick and I didn t feel lonely The story goes back and forth from the present time and and to the past Jesse and Laney found a connection the minute they met However it took a little while before they really took advantage of the connection and things they were feeling for each other They both knew that Gauge wasn t going to like their relationship but Jesse stood up for what he wanted and I loved how he confronted Gage Laney had no doubt in her mind that Jesse was made for her He seemed just as broken and lost as me And I wondered if we would fit together like a jigsaw if we tried I must say I really like this book right from the beginning I immediately felt for Jesse and his lost for his mother If you know me you know I like pain the it hurts the better However I found myself conflicted with Jesse and Laney s relationship in the first half of the book The lack of history made it hard for me to connect with them right away It wasn t until after half of the book when I finally started to click with them I somehow wished that the book would have started with the past first like how they meet and then the last half to be written in the present time Somehow the connection and emotions were hard to feel when you don t know much about them to begin with The second half of the book was so much better for me with MC troubles and the internal battle Jesse was feeling along with a twisted plot I felt attached to the story and the characters Laney was mine and I would spend the rest of my life making her see that Overall I liked how this book ended The author was able to write a story where everything made sense and brought a really well written story about family love and fighting for what you believe in This new work from Claire is lighter than what I m used to but I enjoyed it nonetheless Readers who enjoy second change romance and stories with action will find this book appealing This was a FBR with my girl Liz Book order For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1

Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1 Read & Download Ñ 104 Read & Download Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1 A father that didn’t know or want me We were doomed right from the startBut this was our romanceAnd this was our disasterAnd hopefully this would be our second chance#bikers #secondchanceromance #contemporaryromance #alphamale #spinoffseri. 45 STARS Review to come I really enjoyed Jesse Laney storyI really liked Laney they are survivors of their upbringing Laney you can t help but love her mother is dead and her father that didn t know about her or want her I just really felt for LaneyJesse is a alpha male who annoyed me at times he is a biker and a hard man He keeps pushing Laney away I understood why he was doing it the you get into the book butTogether they are hot but together there relationship is doomed from the start Will they get a second chance at love you will have to read to find outI loved that we was told the story from past and present you really get to know the back story of the characters and understand them them Really liked other characters Some others not so much I didn t see the twist at the end coming there is enough going on to keep you turning the page to find out what is going to happen next and to see if Laney and Jessie get their HEA do they I am not going to sayThe book is well writtenBring on book 2

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Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1 Read & Download Ñ 104 Read & Download Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1 Aid But like moths to a flame we couldn’t stay apartWe lovedWe lostWe foughtWe criedAnd then we shattered each other’s heartsJesse was a hard man a biker outlaw for the Devil’s Highwaymen MC I was Laney the daughter of a dead mother and. The only thing worse than a cheater is a doormat heroine who ll let s cheater finger her AFTER confronting him for cheating has friends who tell the Hero he needs to talk to her and make things better KNOWING that he cheated because a cheater is exactly who you want a friend to be with watches the Hero beat up a guy she was talking to and then takes him back with out him EVER begging or really apologizingfml Why can t authors write a strong heroine and a Hero who gets what he really deserves