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Summary ☆ Madapple É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free THE SECRETS OF the past meet the shocks of the presentAslaug is an unusual young woman Her mother has brought her up in near isolation teaching her about plants and nature and language but not about life Especially not how she came to have her own life and who her fa. i fully intended to like this than i did because my four here should be interpreted as three and a half with four star potential the things i likedstructure i love books like this with a dual narrative approaching each other like tiny trains the present day storyline running along and getting interrupted by the four years future courtroom transcripts and you are like wooooah how did we ever get to this pointreligionmythology loved this so few YA novels these days deal with the ancient mystery cults and how they relate to christianity the parallels were fascinating and i never found susanne s didactic segments boring at all i loved the idea of a completely isolated person heading out into the big wide world only to find herself trapped in a situation just as narrow and limited as when she lived alone with her mother in the middle of nowhere botanyherbalism information i will never use but i loved all the details and it gave such a wonderful depth and richness to the story i appreciate research and i appreciate detailsritual everything about the death of her mother and the misunderstandings that came out of aslaug s treatment of the body her mother s death is not a spoiler is on the back cover no yelling please god i loved every detail of that it is scary how convincing the misinterpretations appear you know to the uninformed lawyers are scarythe things i liked less about this book the big law and order courtroom ending and the lacuna between the end of the court transcripts and the final chapter specificallya view spoiler seriously rune you and rebekka didn t have a conversation about what your individual purposes were in going to the courthouse that seems like something you should have discussed maybe in the car over so you were all on the same page what on earth did you talk about on that drive because this is what i expect from my books that even the unwritten moments be considered and it makes no sense that they would both be caught off guard by the others intentions in a real life situation this conversation would have taken place and neither of you should be shocked at this difference of opinion hide spoiler

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Summary ☆ Madapple É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ther might beWhen Aslaug's mother dies unexpectedly everything changes For Aslaug is a suspect in her mother's death And the her story unravels the uestions unfold About the nature of Aslaug's birth About what she should do next About whether divine miracles have tru. Madapple is definitely a fascinating and unconventional story Part courtroom drama part a dream like narration of a sheltered and maybe delusional girl it s certainly a book unlike anything I ve read before Reading some of the book s reviews I ve noticed how hard it is to give an idea what this book is about In a few words the story comes down to this Aslaug is on trial for the murder of her mother aunt and cousin As the trial progresses and people are called to testify Their testimonies are interlaced with Aslaug s own recollections of the events that started 4 years prior to the trial when Aslaug was arrested while burying her mother in the backyard of their isolated home Eventually two POVs come together as Aslaug describes the court proceedings in her own words and the true seuence of events is revealedBut the book is actually much than this Aslaug s story is an extraordinary mix of mythology religion botany and science This combination seems bizarre but yet somehow Meldrum manages to blend it all together flawlessly I can understand how this kind of story might not be up to everyone s taste but Meldrum s take on correlations among nature religion science and mythology is of much interest to meMy only complaint about this book is the ending Up till the very end I was planning to give Madapple 5 stars especially while reading the second part of the book where the intensity of narration gradually increased to an almost unbearable level but I felt a little let down by last chapters The ending felt abrupt and I wanted to know much than what was revealed I wanted to know about Aslaug s paternity about Maren and her reasons to be what she was Whatever was revealed seemed too obvious to meBut nevertheless I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in unorthodox stories Just don t expect to find any kind of boy loves girl YA fluff in it

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Summary ☆ Madapple É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ly happened And whether when all other explanations are impossible they might still happen this very dayAddictive thought provoking and shocking Madapple is a page turning exploration of human nature and divine intervention and of the darkest corners of the human sou. This book tells the story of a girl Aslaug and at the same time you have a trial regarding her So you can see both ends how the trial is going what the counsels and witnesses have to say and also the real story of what happened told from Aslaug s point of viewAslaug s birth was a mystery to her mother Maren She claimed she was a virgin and got pregnant so it was some kind of a miracle thing She believed something special was going to come out of this maybe a new Jesus or something but then it turned out the baby was female so now she wasn t so sure but it still remain a mysterySince Aslaug was very young her mother taught her many things about mythology ancient languages theology and science It all was because she wanted to understand things so she kept studying and teaching her What I thought was really interesting is that Maren always kept Aslaug in isolation from the normal civilization So years after when Aslaug needs to go out to the world she doesn t know what to do and it all seems so strange to her and at the same time she seems so strange to the world Also how everyone seeing her in those circumstances tends to take advantage of her and she isn t even aware of itIn the trial Aslaug was suspected of murdering two women and burning down a church This is an event that took place when she was nearly 20 years old but the jury wants to get very rational explanations about what it is that happened and are unable to understand or see the events as they happened which is what Aslaug tells us in the rest of the bookAll the content of the book can be summed up in this paragraph The trial taught me that understanding a seuence of events even down to the most minute detail does not imply an understanding as to why those events took place It seems we humans so want to divvy the world up into clean little packages that fit neatly together But in reality each package seeps into the next affects the next And the pile forever shifts I really liked all the mythology references this book had and all the stuff about religion and how Christianity has some roots in paganism among other things was very interesting it really made me want to investigate just to find out if what it says here is true there is some good bibliography at the end of the bookThe trial parts were very refreshing because you had both attorneys asking uestions to the witnesses so it didn t feel like the author was forcing you to believe something you were reading opinions and answers for the whole picture There were some things that were being discussed here that made me crave to get to that part in the story Aslaug was telling just to see exactly how that came to happen and solve some mysteriesWhat I didn t like much were all the references about herbs and plants I know it included many things about science and some plants were important for some events that took place in the story but I feel like in some parts it included so much information about them and I m really not that intrigued about plants and their propertiesOther than that I think it was a really nice book with some interesting facts and good points to discuss

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