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Magic in Her Touch

Magic in Her Touch review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB He baddest witch in townDarby Guerin hustles pool gets in bar fights and wears the mantle of black sheep and screw up with pride No way will she consent to an arranged marriage with some debutante from a rival witch family just to satisfy her mother A night of passion with a beautiful stranger is her speed Her o. What a truly extraordinary story In this world witches exist and have considerable power although at remarkably variable strengths for different families or even within a family These abilities are put through various tests during growing escalations of intensive confrontations Additionally witches in love tip the scale making a solid and interesting tale into a hot and sexy otherworldly romp I most certainly recommend this intriguing beguiling and eye opening book Magic and mayhemMina Poole survived her childhood which than likely involved training with her father After a prickly reunion with her mother after a prolonged absence from her home town Mina seems to get the picture that drew her back to her parents base of operations after she had sworn she would never return She senses some kind of alliance that had been hinted at for years seems to be a doable deal now and probably the underlying main reason Mina was drawn back into the fold She didn t mean to not connect with this woman but her mother forgot to tell her where she was to meet this betrothal candidate So instead she meanders over to a bar she was too young to freuent when she lived in this hick community in her youth Two curious yet uite fascinating events occur that than piue Mina One has her teaching a thieving witch she observes a lesson The next truly surprises both women first sending them into a series of sensually explosive trysts and then into a collaborative partnership to set a few things straight Portentous enchantmentDarby Guerin is a bit of a grifter Her mother Stacy informs her loosely about the possibility of Darby being bound to a member of the Poole family This is part of an important plan to maintain Guerin ascendancy and status Darby couldn t give a tinker for this deal Her rather clever mother promises Darby something of importance to entice her to become involved Darby who seems to have come up short in a good many categories nevertheless senses this tradition the two families have agreed upon would be rather beneficial for her So she acuiesces and prepares herself knowing she will gain something she wants even while helping the family Darby dresses up appropriately from her point of view only to be left dangling by the non appearance of her so called date She scurries away from this silly nonsense and hooks up with her partner in crime instead That gets her to her favorite bar and an opportunity to fleece some fools Oh my Darby senses and salivates at the opportunity to reap a bundle only to be blocked by an astounding wielder of potent sorcery tantalizing Darby s curiosity while attempting to unravel uizzical yet agreeable sensations Spectacular serendipitiesAmusingly rich and lusciously engaging this is a multifaceted delight that I think should not be missed Fortuitous felicitiesNOTE This book was provided by indigo Marketing Design for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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Magic in Her Touch review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ne night stand gets complicated when sparks fly and Darby can't stop thinking about Mina What’s a little danger between loversNecessity forces the two women even tighter together to help rescue a friend As their lives intertwine their hearts collide and bind them together tightly than their families could drea. I received a copy of this book from the author via IndiGo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest reviewFor a short story I felt this book held a pretty complete story Mina is a very powerful witch with a difficult childhood and family Once grown she got out of town and worked to help others She is a very tough cookie When she is told by her family that they want her to bind herself to another witch so that the families could join together Mina is very much against it Darby the witch from the other family is none too happy about being bound to someone she doesn t know just because her mother tells her to Both women end up at the same bar and meet each other without realizing who the other person is There is an instant attraction and the women get together There is a lot of story about how Mina help others and of Darby helping her I liked the connection the women had and how their feelings had already begun to be established before having to figure out how to deal with the families The story did end before we saw how the women did in fact deal with their families but it didn t detract from the story I enjoyed reading this

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Magic in Her Touch review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Mina Poole left home at eighteen never to return Never is a long time and when she finds herself back in Lewistown Indiana her mother insists that she bind herself to a stranger in the name of duty Mina scoffs at her mother's plans and rushes into the arms of a beautiful brawling woman at the local bar She’s t. uick and cuteI ve never read a lesbian witch Romance before It was really cool And the way they used their magick was different too energy than spells

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