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Free read Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor Susan Haskins ´ 5 Download Download Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Urch's attitude toward women Yet this figure does not appear in the New Testament All that we know of the real Magdalen are the four facts noted in the Gospels she was one of Christ's followers; she was present at His crucifixion; she was one of the earliest witnesses of His resurrection; and she was the first person to be charged with proclaiming the Christian message But somewhere along the line she was confused with Mary the sister of Lazarus an The night before my wedding I had a dream about Mary Magdalene I was sleeping over at the home of one of my bridesmaids a devout Catholic and one of my best friendsWhen I woke up in the morning I saw this book on a bookshelf I hadn t seen the night before I told her my story of synchronicity and she told me that her spiritual director has said to her that when you see that beam of light you should step into it So I borrowed the book It s a cultural history book masuerading as an art history book It is illustrated with depictions of La Magdalene from medieval times to the nearly present I was especially interested in the way that artists co opted ie exploited her as a way to create erotic art during a time of censorship I get it but it saddens me that her true story is obscured and subverted by art that gets the whole message completely backwards The message to which I refer That Mary Magdalene was freed by Jesus from exploitation by menI was most excited by the chapter describing ministries to prostitutes and sex slaves in Europe that were named for Magdalene and took her as patron saintAs for the writing you get what you pay for it s an academic book and reads as such You wouldn t mistake it for pop lit but it s accessible and mostly steers clear of jargon and academese I suspect art history writing in general is less egregious than lit crit which I say with love as a literary critictheoristSadly though the book goes off the rails at the end when the author tries to conclude with a thesis she hasn t earned in any way It read as though she had turned in her final draft and the editor was like Good good but what is the point So she tacked on a conclusion that she wished she had brought up before but it s already the deadline and oh well who is going to argue when the point is clearly just that people made art about Mary Magdalene in ways that reflected themselves than her See there s your ending What does ordaining women have to do with what I just read pray tellThis book would have only gotten 3 stars were it not for the fact that when I stepped into that beam it led me all the way into the church and a deeper relationship with God Mysterious ways indeed

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Free read Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor Susan Haskins ´ 5 Download Download Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free D with the woman taken in adultery whose life Jesus saved Using evidence from early Christian writings medieval sermons devotional works and the art and literature of nearly two thousand years Susan Haskins shows how Mary Magdalen merged with other figures in the New Testament until she came to epitomize the condition of women in the Church and in society Today when women are assuming active roles in both Mary Magdalen is once again being reevaluat My fingers brushed the spine of this book at the library many weeks ago and I felt like I had to read it After finishing I don t feel incredibly enlightened but maybe the understanding for the need to read this will come to me soonThis was very interesting I actually couldn t put it down once I got going A little repetitive and very dense at times yet over all a very informative and interesting biographyI m glad I read it as I know now than I did before And isn t that the point of reading

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Free read Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor Susan Haskins ´ 5 Download Download Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Mary Magdalen has always been a predominant and fascinating figure for Christianity But who was she really The Gnostics hailed her as the companion of the Savior and the woman He loved most Early Christian writers called her the Bride of Christ and the apostle to the apostles But for centuries her most durable image has been that of a prostitute who repented and devoted her life to Jesus an image that both shaped and to some extent reflected the Ch Traces the evolution of the character of Mary Magdalen starting with the scant source material in the gospels and her original importance as the first one to see Jesus resurrected as the first Apostle to how she was merged with two other gospel characters Mary of Bethany and Luke s unnamed sinner in the Western Church the Orthodox Church apparently never merged the three characters to become the reformed whore and how this merging coincided with women being stripped of positions of power within the early church that they once held She argues for the return of Mary Magdalen as the first Apostle as an argument for women to once again hold positions of power within the churchI thought the first part of this book was fascinating It detailed the early history of the church and the early myths well She makes the oft made point that one of Christianity s weaknesses the lack of important women in its mythos As a non Christian I will say one of the big reasons Christianity does not appeal to me that much is because none of the female characters in it s mythology are that interesting but an early Mary Magdalen challenging gender norms to preach to men as well as women is far interestingly than a reformed prostituteThe sexism of the Virgin Mary Mary Magdalen dichotomy was very much felt in this and reading this it also puts into perspective a lot of our modern problems regarding contraceptive coverage in the US 2000 years of a culture that glorifies sex phobia is hard to shatter overnight no matter how harmful it isTowards the middle of the book it turned art literature critic which got exhausting I m not a big art person and ended up skimming large sections of the latter half of the book as a result The last chapter was a return to the beginning of the book and worth reading

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