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  • 01 June 2017
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Read Masha AUTHOR Mara Kay Read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ì Mara Kay Mara Kay Ì 7 Free download SET IN RUSSIA over 150 years ago this book follows Masha through her 9 years at Smolni an elite girls boarding school years. After her father dies at Borodino fighting Napoleon in 1812 Masha an unsophisticated and shy child becomes eligible to attend a boarding school for young ladies in St Petersburg called Smolni Institute It s nine years of boarding school with any holidays They are educated for a role in society but also receive a proper education The school becomes Masha s home and her family and this book follows her through heartbreak and triumph to adolescence graduation and a new lifeA wonderful evocation of Imperial Russia with an almost impossible to find seuel The Youngest Lady in Waiting

Read Masha AUTHOR Mara KayMasha AUTHOR Mara Kay

Read Masha AUTHOR Mara Kay Read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ì Mara Kay Mara Kay Ì 7 Free download Eltered world of Smolni with authenticity and has provided colourful glimpses of St Petersburg and the greater world outside. Really enjoyed this peek into the world of St Petersburg Russia circa 1814 1820 The concerns of the people The men lost in the war of 1812 often leaving estates that become impoverished since they are gone The adoration of the royal family The not speaking of the native language Russian by the wealthy as if its the poorest of English cockney How specifically a wealthy girls school operated what the students and teachers were like how the students treated each other their concerns and activities etc Must confess part of this interest comes from having recently written a biography of Mary Atkins an early owner of the school that became Mills College in California Though Mary Atkins school was in Northern California in the 1850 s 1860 s the similarities and differences are informative and interesting The author writes about this time so comfortably that reading the book though it is filled with so much that is new because the place and era as used in a novel were relatively new to me I felt like an insider rather than a newcomer Masha s reaction to the death of her mother Understandable The two were extremely close and the whole having to leave at the age of nine for nine years would have been a traumatic rupture triggering the clinging to memories of all Masha left behind Yet when mom dies Masha has not seen her mother for eight years and these were the years when she grew from child to older teen making memories distant Also this is an era where people of all ages die much freuently than they do now While Masha is at the school for example five students die during a scarlet fever epidemic And of course there is no phoning or even the sending of photos Masha is so overwhelmed with grief that she is unconscious for 10 days then lingers in the hospital for days finally returning to her studies only to stop making an effort and letting her grades slide This raises food for thought for me about how are mental creations of people can become real than their actual physical bodiespresence A reason perhaps that purely Internet relationships sometimes creating the image of a person that does not actually exist in the real world can be so strong Perhaps the most special thing about the book is that it is a sort of Cinderella story yet it is not a handsome prince that saves the day or marriage and motherhood that is the goal The prize Masha receives is a career path and it is admired and envied back in the 1820 s

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Read Masha AUTHOR Mara Kay Read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ì Mara Kay Mara Kay Ì 7 Free download During which the shy protected child grows to be a young woman about to face a challenging future Mara Kay has evoked the sh. I still love to read these books even forty years on