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CHARACTERS Chroniues de Jérusalem 107 Israelin hallituksen mielestä tämä on Israelia se on varmaa Mutta kansainvälisen yhteisön silmissä joka ei tunnusta vuonna 67 tehtyä jakoa tämä on Länsirantaa mistä pitäisi tulla Palestiina jos se jonain päivänä tapahtuu Kansainvälisen yhteisön mielestä pääkaupunki on Tel Aviv ja kaikki lähetystöt. I love these graphic autobiographers and their concentration on the miniscule humdrum realities of their ordinary lives On Thursday I tried to find a playgroup for my kids On Friday I went to this really dull party I would buy all of them every one except that these are the least value for money books ever they re always really pricey and you can read them in a couple of hours But they re soooo niceThis one is an account of a year as a trailing spouse in Jerusalem Mr Delisle s missus works as an administrator for MSF so she spends a year here a year there and he trails along as do the kidsJerusalem is surely the prickliest place on earth I haven t checked in the Guinness Book of World Records but can anywhere match its fantastic interconnected four dimensional jigsaw webs of crossbraided Gordian knotted undisentanglable multiple overlaid and palimpsested political religious geographical and psychological complexities I don t think so Jerusalem makes Gormenghast look like a late Mondrian painting Come to think of it Gormenghast might be based on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre you know the one where they haven t been able to move that ladder since 1923 because thirteen Christian sects are competing for ownership of the ledge the ladder in standing on and the window its top is resting onThere is a very fierce one star review of this book on GR which portrays Guy Delisle as a typically crass blundering North American who has nothing but contempt for the many religious and cultural rules and regulations he meets I did not see him like that at all I thought he was rueful curious and always self mocking acutely aware of being a non believing outsider and keen to hoover up an much of Jerusalem as he could in his year For instance he notices a party going on next door There are people music and coloured lightslooks like a weddinghey but there s only menI dunno how much beer I d need to dance with one of these mustachioed men Except they don t even serve booze so you d have to work up the nerve with mint tea or Fantawhat a strange party not a girl in sightjust like a comics festivalThe tone of the book is progressively pro Palestinian meaning that he presents the facts as he discovers them by actually living in an East Jerusalem Palestinian neighbourhood But in one of the final mini chapters he goes on a tour of a settlement conducted by an actual settler to get their point of view included So the politics of this political book are implied rather than stated or howled in your face as Joe Sacco would doThere are so many really uite odd things to be noted in Jerusalem and GD encounters some interesting ones There are ultra orthodox anti Zionists for instance These guys live in Jerusalem but believe the state of Israel should be abolished because it was man made and not made by the coming of the Messiah Then there are ultra Orthodox who believe Jesus actually WAS the Messiah they keep a very low profile There are religious Israeli Jews who wouldn t be caught dead in Jerusalem because it s full of nutcases uite a lot of this book it taken up with detailing how difficult it is to travel between the West Bank and Jerusalem or between Gaza and Israel You get a very strong sense of how a tense potentially violent situation can flare up at the drop of hat You also get the sense that you have to be pretty lucky to visit the Al Asa mosue he tries three times and makes it once it s always being closed for some random reason So I count myself lucky I got in at the first attempt when I visited Jerusalem some years ago It was one of the three times in my life when someone pointed a real gun with real bullets at me we had missed the bell denoting chucking out time and a guard came over to remind us to leave NOWI did think that sometimes Mr Delisle s straightfaced humour or what I took to be straightfaced humour could be horribly misread One introductory panel says PASSOVER JEWISH EASTERWell that could be construed as idiotic But I think it s supposed to be a bit of self satire along the lines of I m just an oafish atheist I know and I don t know the Tomb of Lazarus from a hole in the groundBut mostly I thought this was a truthful gently self deprecating tour of the outer visible edges of this strange geographical expression of the impossible nature of this poor benighted human race we belong to

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CHARACTERS Chroniues de Jérusalem 107 Ovat siellä Mutta Israel pitää Jerusalemia pääkaupunkina Knesset parlamentti on täällä eikä Tel Avivissa – – En tajunnut yhtään mutta ajattelin että onhan minulla kokonainen vuosi aikaa päästä asioista perilleKun sarjakuvataiteilija maailmanmatkaaja Guy Delisle muuttaa perheineen Jerusalemiin ei ase. I started this book over a year ago and put it back on shelf don t know why For me it was a great reminder of why I find Israel and Palestine so fascinating and scary as well If you re in need of easy but very informative introduction to lifehistory of Israel and Palestine pick it up It s served with a bit of humour and even the most drastic elements are left to imagination rather than exhibitionistically display on pages Great and very informative graphic journal Vengeance Road Torpedo Ink #2 it back on shelf don t know why For me Pantaleón y las visitadoras it was a great reminder of why I find Israel and Palestine so fascinating and scary as well If you re Ni Un Jefe Más. Quiero tener mi negocio y ser mi propio jefe. Secretos para independizarse: Cómo un Emprendedor Exitoso. Cómo crear una empresa ... iniciar un negocio rentable in need of easy but very No Limits informative Captain Wentworths Persuasion introduction to lifehistory of Israel and Palestine pick Canu Cynnar it up It s served with a bit of humour and even the most drastic elements are left to La bondad de los extraños imagination rather than exhibitionistically display on pages Great and very Willy the Wizard informative graphic journal

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CHARACTERS Chroniues de Jérusalem 107 Ttuminen monenkirjavien kasvojen intohimojen ja konfliktien elävöittämään kaupunkiin suju kommelluksitta Tässä teoksessa piirtäjä paljastaa meille Jerusalemin jollaista sanomalehdet eivät näytä Delisle tarjoilee lukijoilleen kiinnostavan omakohtaisen näkemyksen Lähi idän polttopisteen arjesta 2000 luvull. This graphic novel is about a man who narrates his time living in Israel He follows his wife over who is a doctor with MSFM decins sans Fronti res Doctors without Borders This man basically becomes the house husband taking care of the kids and the house while trying to go out and draw what he sees around him in this country full of complexities and paradoxes This graphic novel will have you laughing shaking your head and reflecting over all that you will learn The artwork is simple but efficient explaining all about Israel It s a must for those that don t understand the Middle East conflict Since it s told from an outsider living in Israel the story rings true from his reaction and to the adventures he is barely ready to experience I highly recommend this one I have to thank Kim for suggesting this one to me

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