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Read ´ My Name Was Judas Witty and teasingly controversial novel set against a richly painted backdrop of anc. This was a surprising book for me I ve not read CK Stead and had formed a rather negative view of him looks such a grumpy chap and I didn t expect it to be so CLEVER Well I was wrong This has been a standout The writing is extraordinarily clear and the concept cleverly executed Judas didn t betray Jesus he just got bad press and Christ was well a bit of a pain and the apostles weren t the brightest crayons in the box Not recommended for fundamentalist Christians

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Read ´ My Name Was Judas Judas’s name became synonymous with betrayer but is that how Judas saw it In this. Well It was fairly well written I suppose except for the inclusion of several comments in the modern idiom ie Jesus was intellectually superior but socially on the back foot and Judas says the wheels were falling off our collective enterprise there are also modern expletives that I felt sure were not used in those daysI had not heard of Stead and therefore had no preconceived ideas about his work but I found this to be someone who is simply having a go at Christian belief ironic that his name is Christian The author seems to be of the Monty Python school of thought that Jesus was not the Messiah but a very naughty boy He has made up an entire childhood about which we know very little depicting Jesus as a precocious arrogant and unkind person except when trying to charm the crowds that followed Him Judas is depicted as not a bad chap at all and a voice of reason trying to make Jesus less antagonistic Jesus is portrayed as power and fame hungry and eventually believing His own publicity behaving like a madman I was particularly annoyed at the portrayal of Mary the mother of Jesus as a harried mother of numerous children she is called a prig and made to sound crazy with her constant gibbering like an idiot who when uestioned just grins slyly It is suggested that Jesus almost despised His mother and that she had abandoned Him In this book Bartholomew is present at the Crucifixion of Jesus but there is no Biblical support for that Bartholomew was a witness to the Ascension Those present at the Crucifixion we are told are Mary the mother of Jesus Mary Clopas Mary Magdalene John who was actually the one beloved of Jesus not Bartholomew During His time on the cross Jesus shows He has love for His mother by entrusting her to the care of His favourite John Conveniently the author says that Jesus mumbles words that were indistinct whilst dying on the cross Also present were some of the disciples members of the Sanhedrin and of course Roman Soldiers The whole book seems to be written with the type of vitriol against Christians usually shown by someone who has an axe to grind ie a disgruntled ex Christian or a committed anti Christian atheist Although I am disappointed that someone has this sort of opinion of my faith I am also well aware that it has all been said before and we are still here we have broad shoulders and Jesus can stick up for Himself uite well be the example He left us in the Gospels

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Read ´ My Name Was Judas Ient Palestine forty years after the death of Jesus Judas tells his version of event. This is a book that has been very thoughtfully written For myself this version seems far believable than the one in the bible But like I say that s just me

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