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  • 24 August 2019
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Download Before You Start Up ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Le he got his Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from IIM Bangalore there was always an itch an itch to start a business He started his company in 2008 and ran it for three years His experience was bitter sweet The business generated good cash but failed to grow He then took a break moved to the USA and joined McKinsey and Company Ever since he has worked across the world in the technology industry His work is now focused on applying Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of companies He continues to be involved in the world of entrepreneurship as an angel investor and as an advisor to startups in the Silicon Valley and India. A small book which shares key pointers regarding Why Startup It specifies that one should have a clear why before diving in alongwith other few advices This why will help go through the lows of the journey Being patient is one of the most important skill which an entrepreneur must have Writer also recommends to have your family close in this journey and also recommends to have the tough conversation regarding euity and vesting period with your co founder right at the beginning of the journey Overall a good short read of 3 hours

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Download Before You Start Up ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Are you a “Wannabe” entrepreneur in school or college with big dreams in your eyes“Friday night after drinks” aspiring entrepreneur in your 20s30s“Ready to go” soon to be entrepreneur“Already on the train” entrepreneurLoved ones of any of the above wifehusband boyfriendgirlfriend friend parentsAn aspiring VCangel investor who has never built a businessThis book has been especially written for youIf you've played sports you already know how you prepare is as important as how you play Starting up a business is no different it needs preparationThis preparation is about understanding your “why”; about generating and testing business. If you fall in the range of being an individual who is to start up a business but are confused or somebody who has started a business recently The book gets you face to face with the most critical uestions you should ask yourself the aspects you must consider in this phase The writer explains every point he makes with exemplary cases which makes it an authentic and an interesting readMany books inspire you to create business and many teach you how to the important uestions that remain to be addressed are Why What and When of the business and this book fills that lacunae If you want a spreadsheet that helps you evaluate your decision of starting up grab this book right awayFor a detailed review my link text

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Download Before You Start Up ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ideas; about building your founding team; about talking to your family; about taking care of your career and your finances It is about getting mentally prepared to get started This book will help you ask the right uestions It will guide you steer you towards finding your answersYou are ambitious You are a go getter You are destined to win This book will help get you what you deserveAbout the AuthorPankaj Goyal grew up in a typical Indian middle class family in Rajasthan In a family of government employees he was taught the standard script to build your career “Work hard on academics and get the highest scores” And that’s the path he took Whi. This one by Pankaj Goyal is a dummies guide for entrepreneurs that lives up to its name This is not your usual How to success story guide that people write to after they have built a successful company or an empire A start up already adorns the shining pages of their CV Instead this one is written by an entrepreneur who failedThe author tells learning from his own three year stint as an entrepreneur He is a well read and discerning individual who gives up his lucrative consulting job at a top firm abroad and comes back to Delhi to try his hand at a start up It does well in the first year but the company begin to lose track in the critical second year and eventually he has to shut shop in the third What this book tells you is to prepare well before you start up The book is divided into seven chapters The author takes his story as a reference point and keeps telling us the difference between what we usually do and what should be done at every stage of your journey Relevant uotes and examples from successful entrepreneurs are also provided every time a new line of thought is discussed A gamut of examples are taken from from some of the cult books on start up like The Lean Start Up and The Hard Thing about Hard Things with an intention to give the reader a holistic view of a thought It also has some interesting frameworks like invented by the author himself like How to choose a co founder and 5 things you surely need when you start up The introduction chapter itself sets the base where all myths are busted and all your dreams shatter when the author shows the mirror to you If you have an idea brewing in your mind and are a budding entrepreneur the chapter will almost break you down But this is very necessary to make the reader aware of what is to come next and than that make them realize that taking the plunge is probably the most important decision they will take in their professional lifeApart from start up tips the book delves deep into the psyche of a start up founder and what goes into their mind at each stage of the start up Finally it tells you that life doesn t end if you fail at your start up and there is always something brighter waiting for you on the other side of the tunnel