[PDF/EBOOK] Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2 ↠ Rachel Alexander

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  • Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2
  • Rachel Alexander
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  • 07 March 2017
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characters Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2 characters Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2 109 Er The newly married rulers of the dead must reach an accord with Persephone’s mother to stay her deadly course and come face to face with sacrifice responsibility and the balance of power among the godsDestroyer of Light concludes the erot. Best book series Ever This is an example of well researched and exceptionally well written story telling at its finest one could almost touch the surroundings and felt like I was peeking in and their lives I plan on restarting these two books immediately they have so much detail and vivid descriptions it s impossible to capture all at once I picked these out for my love of Greek mythology and stories of the Underworld and fell in love with all the characters I loved how the stories we all know and love were so well intertwined with the characters development throughout the series Hecate has always been a favorite and she is even now I hope to one day soon have these books in my bookshelf Can t wait for the next one this author has a new fan for life

characters Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2

Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2

characters Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2 characters Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2 109 The marriage of Hades and Persephone blossoms and their mysterious grove in the world below thriveswhile the sunlit world withersDemeter holds out in Eleusis pushing both mankind and the gods to frozen starvation in order to reclaim her daught. The best thing about this duology is the world building It is amazing Obviously the romance of Hades and Persephone too but in this book it felt a little repetitive Overall it was an enjoyable read and it made me want to read retellings about this couple and about greek mythology in generalpd it says at the end of the book that the story will continue but this ending was perfectly wrapped up and there is no info on the third book so I m assuming this is a completed duology

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characters Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2 characters Destroyer of Light Hades Persephone #2 109 Ic romance begun in Receiver of Many a battle of wills among the gods is writ large across the dying earth a cruel sorcerer king faces his trial and the King and ueen of the Underworld realize a destiny that the Fates alone could have foreseen. The Receiver of Many series is a well researched and feminist take on the HadesPersephone myth Alexander puts effort into not just exploring Greek mythology but tying in aspects of Greek culture This Persephone is given a heavy dose of agency separating her from other retellings that tend to portray her as meek and at the mercy of circumstance While the other Gods of Olympus maintain their well known fickleness and dramatics they re given some added depth especially the goddesses There are so many strong female characters that I look forward to reading about in future books Hades tends to be a controversial figure in this particular myth but he s no domineering brute who forces a Stockholm syndrome situation in this version Instead he s of a Darcy like character who struggles with pride I like that he owns up to his mistakes and supports the female characters He gives Persephone space to work out her issues and allows her to follow through on her own decisions even when he disagrees The sexy bits aren t bad eitherThey aren t forced or thrown in just for the sake of having an erotic scene You could argue that they re physical markers of how their trust evolves Once you race through these first two books you ll be clamoring for the next one