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REVIEW Go Your Own Way Go Your Own Way #1 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Most insufferable beautiful person Will's ever met From his ankle monitor to his dull smile Lennox appears irredeemable But when Will’s father falls seriously ill Will discovers that there is to Lennox than meets the ey. 45 stars review STRW Your Own Way is the new adult debut novel by the talented Zane Riley and another winner from the new to me Interlude Press The book was nothing like I was expecting and really different from the usual NA new adult stories I read in the past In three words I loved it I m so happy when I discover new authors and I can t believe this is Zane s only book I have available right nowWill and Lennox are two characters that will be in my heart for a bit The author did an amazing work at describing them and making me like them so much They are so cute together I can assure you both are super interesting since the first lines and when sparkles fly between them the fun is assured Two boys apparently so different from each other but with lots in commonLennox seems a strong young man steeled by the too hard past years But it s an act he absolutely needs to survive his life made of a nasty motel room of food stolen at the school cafeteria of prejudices and attempts at his safety of nights spent in the bathtub with a flashlight He isn t expecting someone like Will to happen to his shitty life and to get through his heart like this amazing young man does I do like him Will confessed But I can t stand him too It s complicated I don t want to just date for a few weeks I don t I want something that s real Why can t a short relationship be real Roxanne asked I mean Romeo and Juliet Were two insane dopey teenagers whose infatuation killed a half a dozen people Will said I want maturity Commitment Someone to talk to about everything Sounds like a therapist to me Will is been bullied all his life He can t wait to finish his last year of high school to fly out of the strict town he s born in He has a beautiful stepmother and a great dad both funny and so supportive He always dreamed about his first love and his idea is nothing as Lennox cheeky and rude But Lennox who is the biggest annoying person in Will s world becomes his greater distractions and helper in the hardest and hurtful event in his life so far Lennox becomes a comfort because he understands what Will is going through There is still ice and fire between them but that s exactly what makes their relationships so beautifulThe writing is light and funny but deep and emotional too The author uses a double point of view perfect to make real and detectable the MCs minds and feelings especially in the hilarious dialogues full of banters jokes and the MCs smart mouths that make Go Your Own Way an engaging enemies to lovers bookI gave this book only 45 stars cause the ending was too abrupt and it needs a seuel there are so many things I still have to know and see especially about Lennox Still this is a highly recommended storyCover design by Buckeyegrrl Designs The cover depicts a specific scene in the book the first time they kiss against a chalkboard It is really awesome and the backcover is even better Really well done

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REVIEW Go Your Own Way Go Your Own Way #1 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Will Osborne couldn’t wait to put the roller coaster ride of his public education behind him Having suffered bullying and harassment since grade school he planned a senior year that would be simple and uiet before going. I seem to be in the minority here but I really struggled through this one First of all you should know that this book is all about the drama and the angst And it gets REALLY angsty If you aren t prepared for an exhausting read then look away I can deal with some heavy drama and angst but this pushed my limits However that wasn t my issue with the story My main issue with this story is something we need to talk about as MM readers and that is the overly sexually aggressive MC Lennox was relentless Even when Will clearly wasn t interested even when it was FULLY inappropriate like talking about explicitly banging Will in front of teachers classmates and parents Lennox would NOT STOP I can see Lennox using his rudeness and vulgarity as a defense mechanism which clearly it was meant to be in the early parts of the story but well past the 60% mark he was still making non stop comments and physically touching Will even when he said no Now here is my sticking point If this was a MF book would we still be rooting for this couple If there was a guy who was calling our female MC a cock whore or talking about how well she could suck him off to a virgin no less would we still think it was okay Why is it okay here I didn t think it was and even though the Will was sometimes turned on by the attention that doesn t make it okay People can be turned on and uncomfortable and still deserve proper respect I m no prude and I m very much in favor of dirty talk but it was just wrong place wrong time ALL THE TIME The push and pull between these characters also tested my limits They were back and forth hot and cold and I was just over it by 75% or so I was expecting some relief but the drama was constant Also we need to touch upon the racial stuff in this book Lennox is biracial and some of the stuff that he just brushed off that the characters said and did to him was not okay A lot of hair touching and a WHOLE lot of really gross name calling by people in this story Now I m not sure if the author meant to highlight racism in certain parts of the country and I m not a person of color but I felt icky and anxious about many of the exchanges Just putting that out there The book gets two stars from me because some of the details of Lennox s life really touched me and I think the story has some moving and powerful elements but I struggled with it all the same Even though the ending is abrupt and a HFN I don t think I ll continue with the series Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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REVIEW Go Your Own Way Go Your Own Way #1 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Away to college and starting fresh But when a reform school transfer student struts into his first class Will realizes that the thrill ride has only just begunLennox McAvoy is an avalanche He's crude flirtatious and the. copy provided by authorpublisher via Pride Promotions in exchange for an honest reviewRude Crude Obnoxious Inappropriate These are just a few of the words I d use to describe Lennox without using any bad words I d also describe him as Love Starved Hurt Sad Scared Abused Neglected I look at the bottom set of words and I want to sympathize with Lennox but it s hard to sympathize with someone you would just much rather shake or slap Every time you d start to feel a little sorry for him he d open up his mouth and insert his foot I loved this story It pulled me in from the first page and wouldn t let go I can t say I couldn t put it down because I did It was either put it down or throw my iPad because I was so mad at Lennox What that tells me though is this author made me feel and I love to feel when I read a book I loved Will I loved that he wasn t a pushover and when it came to Lennox he gave as good as he got It was beautiful to watch Will work through Lennox s layers and work his way into his heart The love these two young men shared was not only beautiful but felt innocent as well even with everything going on around them The chemistry was electric between them The sexual tension was palpable and even the kissing was smoking hot The prejudices in this book was so sad It broke my heart and made me so angry It s so sad that there are people in this world that think and act this way My complaint is the ending I wanted a definite conclusion Things were left unresolved and I wanted to know what happens to Will and Lennox I would love to see the author continue their story This book was well written captivating and moved at a good pace It never lagged and the author left me wanting I can t believe this is the authors debut novel I definitely am looking forward to much from this author in the future

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