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  • House of Gold
  • Natasha Solomons
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  • 12 April 2019
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Natasha Solomons ☆ 5 review Summary Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Natasha Solomons review House of Gold ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ert and Greta's beloved brother Otto to the front lines one to fight for the Allies one to fight for the Central Powers the House of Gold is left vulnerable as never before and Greta must choose the family she's created or the one she was forced to leave behindSet against a nuanced portrait of World War I this is a sweeping family saga rich in historical atmosphere and heartbreakingly human characters House of Gold is Natasha Solomons's most dazzling and moving novel yet. earc thanks to netgalley for a fair reviewThis is a book where the ending defines the beginning What do I mean by thatBased on the Rothchilds in the years leading up to WWI the book is organized by year the first half of the book focuses on an intensely researched day in the life only to end with a bang on the battlefield scattering the family to the winds It s incredible how far reaching the Rothchilds influence stretched I m amazed at Natasha s this is my third Natasha Solomon so I feel we re first name basis bookish friends now ability to subtly richly capture the in depth research in historical fiction without it feeling well biographical Back to my thesis The first half of this novel is setup for the war years And it s the war years that really sing In closing the back cover it s like the timeline falls into place and you fully understand why we spent so many moons watching the day in the life The family is untested the power weighted against that of the gold lining their coffers But war changes everything as it is wont to do the great eualizer as Churchill calls it After all we re all eually susceptible to the butt end of a bayonet Sitting somewhere between a 3 or 4 read I find myself agreeing with the publisher there are elements of the gorgeously written The House at Tyneford here swinging me towards a 4 finish It was the war years This may be short in length but there were undertones of epic laced within Karl hunting for bones to sell to soap makers as the scene shifts to Greta opening a pricey packet of handmade soap in the bath Only Natasha s pen could juxtapose the shadows of poverty with the golden lights of wealth

Summary Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Natasha SolomonsHouse of Gold

Natasha Solomons ☆ 5 review Summary Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Natasha Solomons review House of Gold ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ectations United across Europe by unsurpassed wealth and power Goldbaum men are bankers while Goldbaum women marry Goldbaum men to produce Goldbaum children Greta will do her partSo Greta moves to England to wed Albert a distant cousin The marriage is not a success Yet when Albert's mother gives Greta a garden things at Temple Court begin to change First Greta falls in love with her garden then with England and finally with her husband But when World War I sends both Alb. Review at 40% completeThis book is overly long but there is a lot to like tooWhat I likeThe interweaving of historical events especially the TitanicThe descriptions of the trappings of the rich especially The Goldbaum Trans Europe Express The feistiness of Greta the main female characterThe inclusion of nature Albert s insect collecting Greta s gardenWhat I don t likeAlbert is a stick in the mud but I m pulling for him any wayClement s problems with moneyWhy House of Gold as a title Perhaps this excerpt can give a different slant to it Fontmell Abbey is being built for Albert and GretaIn the easy light of an autumn afternoon the stonework of Fontmell Abbey was honeyed softened by the thick wrists of an ancient wisteria and the last pink rosettes of a rambling rose The crowning thatch glowed bright gold like ripened cornI will undoubtedly add to this review as I am only 40% complete with this bookIt will probably be a 4 star in the final analysis that is IF I can get to the endUpdate at 100%The Goldbaums are rich because they are in the banking business They loan money to governments that need it There are three tribes of Goldbaums Austrian French and English Greta of the Austrian persuasion marries Albert of London This is what the Goldbaums do intermarry to keep the dynasty goingBut can money buy A happy marriage Common sense Survival during warThe story encompasses the time period of 1910 through 1918 Greta moves to England WWI breaks out Her brother is sent to fight for Austria which you will probably remember is the enemy of England Greta is shunned by her English neighbors Albert and Greta have 2 children Celia and Benjamin As mentioned above Albert collects insects Greta gardens Oh did I mention that the Goldbaums are Jewish They are embraced for their money but avoided because of their beliefsI found myself getting and involved with the principal characters Albert Greta and Otto When I came to the inevitable conclusion of this story tears dripped down my cheeks So dear friends the unthinkable happened That book I did not think I could finish and hoped would stay at least a 4 star became a 5 starI heartily recommend this book to historical fiction and history lovers5 star

Natasha Solomons ☆ 5 review

Natasha Solomons ☆ 5 review Summary Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Natasha Solomons review House of Gold ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free From the New York Times bestselling author of The House at Tyneford an epic family saga about a headstrong Austrian heiress who will be forced to choose between the family she's made and the family that made her at the outbreak of World War I Vienna 1911 Twenty one year old Greta Goldbaum has always hungered after what's forbidden secret university lectures unseemly trumpet lessons and most of all the freedom to choose her life's pathThe Goldbaum family has different exp. House of Gold is a sweeping saga of the Goldbaum family during World War One and the events leading up to the great war I am finding myself reading and historical fiction often for the actual history that is included in the books Some of these authors have done extensive research on fashion important families and most importantly the events of the era about which they are writing Natasha Solomons House of Gold is no exception Based on the Rothschild family the Goldbaums are one of if not the wealthiest families of Europe They are the bankers financiers and confidants of the most influential politicians and land owners Specifically House of Gold follows the branches of the family in Austria Germany France and England just prior to WW1 The story primarily is told by Greta from Austria and her brother Otto Greta is married off to a distant cousin in England As the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand occurs the branches of the family are severed with the families in Eastern Europe cut off from those in the west In the first portion of the book Solomons delves deep into the opulence of this wealthy family their parties their castles their travels throughout Europe in their specially designed train car Once Greta is settled into England we then extensively learn about the elaborate gardens and greenhouses created by both Greta and her mother in law These garden descriptions are in fact based on the Rothschild s famous gardens in Europe Ultimately however the latter portion of the book covers the war and the division of the family I was stunned at the great detail that Solomons took in her description of the war I could read historical text after text and never uite get the emotional turmoil that she evokes with her recounting of these characters fate during the war This portion of the book alone is reason enough to read House of Gold Overall I found House of the Gold to be one of the best books in this genre that I ve read The details are well researched the character development amazing However as with all historical texts or fiction the author will bring with them their own slant to the events that they are telling This particular book really pushed home the rise of anti Semitism and unfortunately not everything was historically accurate from that perspective There was a lot of anti Russian sentiment brought into play that really did not occur in Europe in WWI but was a part of the post WW1 era and leading up to of course WWII It s important to remember always that Russia was part of the western alliance during both world wars and suffered the greatest casualty count greater even than that of France This story would lead you to believe that Russia was the enemy to the west Not so I also did not realize before I read the book that it would be intricately tied to the Rothschild family Call me a crazy American and I am but I truly despise that particular family and its global machinations Every time I would begin to sympathize with one of the characters I would pull myself back again because it s really the Rothschilds that are being described and I couldn t care less what their fate might have been and in reality I know the ultimate end result and their role in the world today IF the book had solely dealt with a fictional affluent family and there had been no reference to the Rothschilds I would have enjoyed the book to its fullest Again it s the crazy American in me and perhaps other people may not have a problem with thisIf you can read the book as a totally fictional account of a totally fictional family then it is an amazing read I did enjoy the book and I do recommend it I just had to overlook a few elements in order to do so My thanks to Natasha Solomons Edelweiss and GPPutnamsSons and PenguinPublishingGroup for my copy of this fascinating tale