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The Last Testament Free read í 106 A principal mediadora de acordos de paz Maggie Costello ue de imediato se depara com violência extrema mortes inexplicáveis e segredos ancestrais Mas Maggie não só tem velhos pecados por expiar como parece ser uem guarda a chave para o último enigma da Bíblia A sua chocante revelação pode resolver o mais antigo conflito à face da Terra ou deixar o planeta em ruínas. Bookreview THE LAST TESTAMENT by SAM BOURNE There are different reasons for picking up a book and this time it was purely the exciting cover with the highly ambitious and suggestive tagline THE BIGGEST CHALLENGER TO DAN BROWN S CROWN Such direct comparisons can work both ways as they work brilliantly in enticing you towards an unknown author but also raise the expectations manifold I think Mr Dan Brown can rest easy because this novel comes nowhere near any of his mythological thrillers Nevertheless it is a good enough novel in itself for a one time read Though I would have liked details and certainly a less predictable story line and definitely thrills and a better ending The climax was just too much of a fairy tale for me and completely implausible Also the virtual game Second Life thing was a laughable overkill However some things which did work for me were the pace of the novel some interesting tid bits about the ancient history of Israel and Palestine and the strong willed Irish American protagonist Maggie Costello Still recommend it as a one time read 355

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The Last Testament Free read í 106 O fim de todas as coisas está escrito há muitoAbril de 2003 O exército americano entra em Bagdade e assume o controlo da capital irauiana Durante o caos ue se segue milhares de pessoas aproveitam para sauear o Museu Nacional de Antiguidades Entre elas um rapaz de 15 anos ue rouba uma peça ancestral ignorando ue o seu acto pode vir a desencadear a guerra ue porá fim a to. Another sensational book by Sam Bourne exploring not only a fast paced thriller genre but also some ancient biblical mystery Set against the latest round of the Middle East peace talks Bourne brings together a peace negotiator and the son of the man with the key to the secret sending them on a mission to uncover this secret and keep from being killedBourne uses some key elements to push the story and its plot forward namely the ongoing push for peace in the region with the US as its key negotiator an ancient mystery that could either derail or solidify the talks and the rush against time to discover the secret and get it to those who need it before time runs out Set mainly in Israel and the Occupied Territory Bourne spices things up with masked men murders and just enough technology that the3 reader cannot help but forging ahead to see just what happened Without being overly preachy Bourne lays out some of the key concerns in the Peace process and the actors involved While names can be interchanged the premise remains the same Historically gripping as well Bourne adds just enough history to keep the reader informed and yet not bogged downWhile no biblical scholar this book surpasses anything Dan Brown has written with a religious undertone Perhaps the world should look to Bourne and ask if he has uncovered some ancient mysteries long forgottenExcellent work Mr Bourne I am hooked

Free read Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB õ Sam Bourne

The Last Testament Free read í 106 Das as guerras Anos mais tarde na véspera do histórico acordo de paz entre Israelitas e Palestinianos os guarda costas do primeiro ministro israelita abatem um presumível assassino Mas o ue eles pensaram ser uma arma era apenas um bilhete manchado de sangue Com a escalada de tensão no Médio Oriente a atingir um ponto crítico Washington decide enviar para a região a su. You can really tell that a man wrote this book The descriptions of the central characters internal thoughts were at times laughable Women even very beautiful women because of course a female character written by a man is beautiful do not spend half their lives thinking about how beautiful they are and how all the men they meet are thinking about their beauty Other than this annoyance the actual story was okay not brilliant but readable

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