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  • 09 December 2019
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Sara Shepard ½ 8 review

Read & Download Reputation Sara Shepard ½ 8 review Reputation Free download Á 108 Leak but things turn explosive when Kit Manning's handsome husband Dr Greg Strasser is found murdered Kit's sister Willa returns for the funeral setting foot in a hometown she fled fifteen years ago after a night she wishes she could forget As an investigative reporter Willa knows something isn't right about the night Greg was killed and she's determined to find the truth What she doesn't expect is that ever. Reading books by Sara Shepard is a pleasure that I do not feel the slightest bit guilty about Many thanks to the author for providing my signed review copy I shall treasure it forever and ever

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Read & Download Reputation Sara Shepard ½ 8 review Reputation Free download Á 108 Yone has something to hide And with a killer on the loose Willa and Kit must figure out who killed Greg before someone else is murderedTold from multiple points of view Reputation is full of twists turns and shocking reveals It's a story of intrigue sabotage and the secrets we keep and how far we go to keep them hidden Number one bestseller Sara Shepard is at the top of her game in this brand new adult novel. Woah Pretty Little Liars on steroids This was an absolutely crazy crazy story and I could not get enough of it I read this on holidays and it was the perfect poolside book It was addictive juicy and twisty all great ualities in a book This is actually the first Sara Shepard book I have read and I am wondering whyThe characters were super nasty manipulative and out for themselves Any of them could have been the killer The ending came as a surprise after in my mind accusing pretty much all of them The hack at the university is only the beginning deep dark secrets will be revealed Highly addictive and recommended

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Read & Download Reputation Sara Shepard ½ 8 review Reputation Free download Á 108 In this fast paced new novel from Sara Shepard the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars a tight knit college town scrambles for answers when an e mail hack reveals life changing secrets and scandalsAldrich University is rocked to its core when a hacker dumps 40000 people's e mails the entire faculty staff students alums onto an easily searchable database Rumors and affairs immediately. Did you ever see the recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live where they spoofed soap operas and telenovelas They make every single incident overly melodramatic with pauses emotional outbursts and campy looksAs it roared toward its conclusion I felt like Reputation was very similar to that sketch Every single character had one if not multiple secrets and as each one was revealed I felt like dramatic music should be turned up as the other characters reactedAldrich University is a small school in Pittsburgh on par with the better known Ivy League schools One day hackers break into the university s email system and expose countless faculty students staff even those who work in the university hospital by dumping their emails into a searchable database The same thing happened with Harvard Yale and other schools but that s no consolation to those affected by the email dumpAmong those exposed was Dr Greg Strasser a handsome successful surgeon who is married to Kit Manning Strasser the daughter of the university president and a development officer at the school Apparently Greg s emails contained multiple communications with someone called Lolita and they get pretty sexually explicit Even though Kit and Greg s marriage was on shaky ground the public discovery of her husband s betrayal embarrasses and upsets her and is one of the things which throws her off balance at the school s fundraising gala Yet when she awakens at home from a strange stupor after the gala she finds Greg suffering from a serious stab wound and he dies from his injuries shortly thereafterWho killed Greg Was it Kit in the midst of a jealous drunken rage that she doesn t remember Or was it one of the myriad others in town who had issues with him Kit s sister Willa an investigative journalist returns home to help Kit but also can t resist doing some digging into the hack as well as Greg s murder But it turns out Willa has her own secrets too including why she fled town so long ago and rarely returns Reputation is a soapy campy look at the secrets and lies of a small town and those who inhabit it It s a story of infidelity betrayal jealousy attempted blackmail uestions about paternity sexual assault and so much No one is safe from prying eyes and no one is wholly innocent so you really don t know whom you should suspectSara Shepard who created the Pretty Little Liars series is no stranger to gossip and scandal and she demonstrates her skills with great aplomb here I was hooked on the book from the start but somewhere around the middle I felt like there were just so many crazy secrets and scandals that it got a bit ridiculous and I really didn t care about the characters Talk about a bunch of seriously screwed up peopleMaybe the best reputation is no reputation Maybe it s best not to care whatsoever how people see you Maybe the only thing that really matters is how you see yourselfIf you re a fan of soap opera or melodrama you ll definitely find something to sink your teeth into with ReputationSee all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomYou can follow me on Instagram at