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  • Something Wonderful
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  • 14 May 2017
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Something Wonderful

Something Wonderful Summary ✓ 7 Read Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Judith McNaught Judith McNaught Å 7 Summary F jealousy and revenge stormy pride and overwhelming passion But behind her husband's cold arrogant mask there lives a tender vital sensual manthe man Alexandra married Now she will fight for his very lifeand the rapturous bond they alone can sha. When I finish reading a book I usually know right away how I m going to rate it In this case I didn t have a clue Did I love it Yes Did I hate it Also yes I tossed and turned in bed last night trying to reach a conclusion and I woke up this morning still undecided I m starting to write this review in hopes of gathering my thoughts and getting a clearer insight into how much I liked or disliked this book This can easily become a rambling rant with some spoilers somewhere along the way so I apologize in advance if I step on anyone s toesJordan Townsende the Duke of Hawthorne is a cynical cold and heartless rake who despises all women in general thanks to the less than stellar examples given by his mother while he was growing up and by the countless paramours he s had since he reached adulthood He just doesn t trust women periodAlexandra Lawrence is Jordan s opposite She s an innocent optimistic and loving country girl who always tries to see the good in life even in her most dire circumstances She s too na ve for her own good but have no fear because ruthless Jordan will crush that in no time Jordan and Alexandra should have never met in normal circumstances but hey this is Romancelandia So they meet he compromises her inadvertently they re forced into a marriage of convenience and the stage is set for an emotional rollercoaster designed to turn me into a basket case Big and Small Misunderstandings a Long Separation deception suspicion murder attempts unexpected allies surprise villains I loved it I hated it I was a puppet in Ms McNaught s handsJordan was a hard character to love If you followed my status updates while I was reading this book you might have guessed that he kept me on the verge of a nervous breakdown Over and over again he threatened to to something hateful to Alex and sometimes he did But then he would go and do something sweet and thoughtful and I forgave him I guess the selling point for me was I understood his behavior Yes I wanted to smack some sense into him a couple of times but he was a result of his parents upbringing That didn t excuse everything he did but I just couldn t hate him There was some good writing there Ms McNaughtAs for Alex she was really the something wonderful mentioned in the title of this book I loved her to bits She was too good and too sweet to be true in the beginning but that made her falling in love with Jordan so uickly believable In her na vet she worshipped a Jordan that never existed so she was bound to be sorely disappointed sooner or later When she finally found out that her dream man wasn t real I was as hurt as she was even though I already knew what a cad he was In the end I think she should have made him grovel and work harder to win her love back but I guess she just wasn t as petty as I am Besides Jordan and Alex several secondary characters helped to keep the story interesting but the way they popped up and disappeared all of a sudden was a bit jarring Alex s mother Alex s uncle Alex s friend Mary Ellen Jordan s grandmother Jordan s aunt Jordan s cousin Bertie Jordan s prison inmate One moment they were there having their say the next they were gone sometimes never to be mentioned again I understand that secondary characters aren t supposed to be on stage all the time after all they re not the protagonists of the story but some of them played key roles and deserved than to simply vanish into thin airThat leads to another problem I had with this book Jordan s imprisonment and alleged death The man was kidnapped tortured beaten and spent 15 months in a French prison comes back from the dead just in time to prevent his widow from marrying his cousin gets angry and all that jazz and then resumes his life as if he d been away only for a weekend Huh Okay I guess Jordan s mind was stronger than I d thought In his place I d be having nightmares for monthsSo Based on what I ve written above you d think I didn t like this book right Well I did like it Ms McNaught knows how to write compelling emotional scenes and she made me care for Jordan and Alex despite or maybe because of their flaws I was emotionally committed to them as they made me smile and cry sigh with happiness frown with worry shout in anger and cheer in joy No bland emotions there and I was a mess The ending was touching and wonderful It was somewhat abrupt Jordan could have definitely groveled some but even so it left a smile on my faceAll in all I can t say this was an enjoyable book I mean I don t enjoy resembling an emotional yo yo when reading a book LOL but it was certainly worth reading This was only my 3rd book by Ms McNaught but I believe I can already say that her books will never be comfort reads to me because she sure knows how to push my emotional buttons For better or worse

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Something Wonderful Summary ✓ 7 Read Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Judith McNaught Judith McNaught Å 7 Summary Bestselling author Judith McNaught masterfully portrays a remarkable heroine and an unforgettable passion in this powerfully moving love story one of her most beloved novels of all time The tempestuous marriage of Alexandra Lawrence an innocent c. When I read Judith McNaught I feel like I m transferred to some other dimension So you have this huge 500 pages long book with pitiful title and a truly awful cover and yet I very much think about when it s the right time to start reading it because her books consummate my time completely I sincerely cannot think about anything else It s drastic and extreme and I tell myself that during my weekends when I have enough time to go for a walk or for a swim because the sea is still very warm or to start playing tennis for fuck s sake cause just behind my building are tennis courts I need to do something proactive and physical I end up carrying this book to toilet hating myself that I can t stop myself from reading it slower It s mind numbing and I feel very stiffened and my muscles are atrophying And then I think how come she is not popular because she is brilliant And I m hooked It s the same as with Pat Conroy I ve been delaying reading his The prince of tides for years Every time I see it in the library I say next month or next year and I know that when I get my hands on that book I won t leave my flat for days because Conroy s geniusness makes my skin ache I have a friend who said the same thing about Conroy who as well had been studying in Citadel just like Conroy and he s very proud of his military ring but even he who is ruthless when we play social games like Pictionary because the way his mind works is utterly strange because his instincts and creativity are immaculate and eyes widening this friend of mine says that when he reads Conroy he feels violated but in a good way He can take him in small dozes I can take Conroy in small dozes Just as Marilynne Robinson and William Trevor and Flannery O Connor and Raymond Carver Because they are all too much They are too good but too sad and too realistic I adore each one of them and I ll read them repeatedly McNaught isn t making the same effect on me but it s very close in a different way She makes me fall in love with reading Again and again I adore her characters and these perpetual and fatigued games they play with each other She writes about romance troubles and rakes and dukes and scoundrels and virgins and tons and castles and field fighting and society rules and naive girls and bad steel gray eyed men and all these books they could have been very flat and with flaws and books for spinsters with cats and there you would have a problem if you looked at them like this but truth to be said Judith McNaught writes utterly spectacular stories which make me scream with laughter and enjoy them immenselyThis is why I ll never write an insincere review because you can say that 500 pages of romance book is easy to write because you obviously just need rakes and dukes and scoundrels and virgins and tons and castles and field fighting and society rules and naive girls and bad steel gray eyed men but to melt all of the written into something wonderful really is Something Wonderful

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Something Wonderful Summary ✓ 7 Read Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Judith McNaught Judith McNaught Å 7 Summary Ountry girl and Jordan Townsende the rich and powerful Duke of Hawthorne is about to face its ultimate test of tender loyalty Swept into the endlessly fascinating world of London society free spirited Alexandra becomes ensnared in a tangled web o. I adored Jordan Townsend and Alexandra Lawrence Something Wonderful was a perfect blend of angst and romance It is truly a beautiful love story I loved it