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The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag

SUMMARY ↠ The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag Carefully timed purr turned up to maximum will do much to turn aside angerTo the casual observer then Fluffy Ratbag may look like an unmade bed but he has tasted life eaten much of it and thrown up the rest into the Skinny Man's slipper Based on his popular blog The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag is a story of passion despair and an unhealthy obsession with fish chunks in jelly Oh And his groi FunnyFunny in places well written Didn t take long to read May look at others in series Only just started reading on line


SUMMARY ↠ The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag Musings on life the universe and Food by a small black and white cat as told to the Skinny Man and Noisy WomanFluffy Ratbag is a small black and white tomcat or rather ex tomcat as he points out with an understandable degree of bitterness Not that he's bearing a grudge or anything He lives with the Skinny Man and Noisy Woman and is pleased to pass on his Wisdom to his fellow felines in the for A book about the world seen from a cat s point of view Whether you be a cat hater lover or are ambivalent you will be able to identify with many of the passages in this book The book is laid out like a series of short stories of episodes in Fluffy s life mostly disconnected with the chapters around them and I found this uite annoying about the book I also found it annoying that at the start I felt sympathy and empathy for the cat but as the episodes wore on I came to hate the little git and and was with his owner in wanting to kick the little shit out of the front door at each misdemeanour which spurred me to finish what is relatively short book as uickly as possible By the end the cat seemed to have no redeeming features at all and was portrayed as the evil 2 faced uninterested and disloyal thing that cat haters seem to think that all cats are In my experience of many years cats are aloof but they are also very affectionate and loyal if you treat them wellPerhaps the most disturbing thing of all is that the person who recommended the book to me has a very similar writing style to both the way the book was written and how Fluffy talksIn summary it s worth a read at some point in your lives but I wouldn t put it at the top of your bucket reading list

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SUMMARY ↠ The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag M of the celebrated Fluffy Ratbag's Guides for Cats and his Worl' Famous Cautionary TalesWith a long term catnip habit an ongoing dispute with Butch the Ginger Tom next door and a small time protection racket down the local sheltered housing Fluffy Ratbag has terrorised the neighbourhood On the way he has brought the Skinny Man and Noisy Woman to the edge of sanity safe in the knowledge that a This started out amusing but didn t live up to the cat based books by Deric Longden still that is uite a challengeSadly as the book progressed it began to drag somewhat and I found myself putting off reading itThe use of blah blah for human speaking when the cat supposedly is smart enough to have a blog and a book written in English makes little sense and becomes grating surely it wouldn t have been so hard to throw in a few words among the blahs to give the human some context

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