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Troy Chimneys review ↠ 104 Lities Miles serious studious and penniless and 'Pronto' flirt political mover and eternal 'extra man' Miles longs to dispose of his disreputable alter ego but that way lies calami I loved the structure of this book diary entries framed by correspondence between the inheritors of the papers and the descendants of the diarist s family but the story and characters left me cold Miles Lofton has redeeming features but Pronto the part he plays to those who might support his political career just didn t work for me The book didn t shy away from its inevitable tragic ending but I can t help feeling it needed something somehow

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Troy Chimneys review ↠ 104 A Victorian gentleman is forced by illness to entertain himself with the family archive and he uncovers the Regency era correspondence and diaries of one Miles Lufton MP apparently Miles Lufton is a rising MP in Regency England with excellent prospects but he lives a double life of sorts one side of him is Pronto the energetic rake who thrives in the political scene while the Miles side longs for a uiet life at his country house Troy Chimneys The period detail and voice are excellent and Miles split personality is beautifully done along with his bittersweet romance I really really liked this and am feeling as though I m not doing it justice here but if you like historical novels it s worth searching out I ll certainly be looking for Kennedy

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Troy Chimneys review ↠ 104 A black sheep of the family connected with a scandal long buried But through the pieced together artefacts from the past a fuller picture emerges of a man torn between two persona Every aspect of Troy Chimneys its prose its characters its well researched look into regency era England its exploration of the difference between a politician s public and private faces are absolutely fantastic with the exception of its plot Troy Chimneys has no overarching plot It in some sense reads like a memoir of someone who never actually existed The segments are very episodic plot points run their course in twenty pages only to be replaced with entirely different ones and Kennedy s choice of ending while definitely stolen from the Russian school lacks the punch of similar endings in Lermontov and Pushkin through lack of proper build up Finally I found the choice of framing Mile sPronto s story with Victorian era epistles to be both unnecessary and detracting had this book been re written as a conventional third person historical novel with a tightened focus I think Troy Chimney could have been a great rather than just a good novelSince I am a reader who would rather read a well written book about nothing than a badly written book with the best plot in the world I enjoyed Troy Chimneys But if you want a plot driven page turner this book would not be high on my list

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