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Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1)

Summary Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1) Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1) Free download ¼ 5 review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Charissa Stastny To true beauty deep within a soul Will Parker continue keeping company with women he knows are only using him for his fame or will he change up the game and risk his heart on a genuine girl who despises the attention he craves In this new set of stand alone stories the Ruled Out Romances star crossed lovers meet but rule each other out as dating options But life with its uirky twists and tangled turns brings each of the unlikely duos back together again until they discover their uniue happily ever after. This was a great book It had plenty of heat without all the graphic stuff you don t need I love how the characters interacted with each other and how they both learned and grew into better people The romance also wasn t contrived even the misunderstandings were totally possible Thank you thank you for giving us a totally real reaction from Meridee Sometimes the Heroine is so uick to forgive the Hero when the misunderstandings happen but here we got a truly real reaction Anyone who was that hurt and that untrusting of guys in general would do everything in their power to avoid the other I liked itIt is nice to have a story with such real characters that you feel like you could actually be friends with that you can cheer for or slap There were definitely times when I wanted to slap Parker It was a good story and I highly recommend it to readers who want clean romance with some chemistry and heat I received an ARC and have given this review by my choice It represents my true opinion

Summary Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1)

Summary Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1) Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1) Free download ¼ 5 review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Charissa Stastny T pushed his team into the national spotlight Sticky Fingers is his media moniker now and the cheerleaders who used to ignore him when he sat the bench have become his most devoted fans But when he accidentally crashes into a uiet coed and covers her in orange chicken it throws off his offensive game and makes him uestion why he is drawn to a princess when he already has the ueen As fate ice cream and orange chicken throw the opposites together they will discover that skin deep magnificence can't compare. I blame falling in love on orange chicken no joke The balance of a human life is so precarious that a simple Chinese dish can throw it all out of whack At least that s what happened to me These instinctual choices have the potential to change lives just as dramatically as a simple pivot or tuck to the right on the field to dodge a defender can become a game changerMeridee Mansford works on campus at Ferdinand s Washington State University s ice cream shop for the last three years The football team often comes in to get ice cream and Meridee always notices a certain player Parker Harrington is the nice guy The one who seems better than his friends Lily Meyers is a groupie Haha She s actually a Cheerleader but she is attached to the team members and really tries to seduce each one She begins to play favorites with Parker and they start a relationship Lilly is high maintenance demanding and mean She totally a mean girl As Meridee watches Parker he begins to see her It isn t until he runs into her at the Chinese restaurant and knocks all her food all over her that he begins to notice herreally notice her The story is told from each character s perspective interchanged I liked how the author chose to do this The reader gets first person narrative from each character I liked how the story developed It felt believable up until the end The ending became very unlikely and somewhat fantastical It was fun though There were a few inconsistencies in the book One of them was how it was that Parker doesn t come from a rich family and he works for what he has but then the book talks about him going out and getting ticketsthat didn t make sense to me Overall I enjoyed this book I liked the authors writing The story was entertaining and I was drawn to how the two made things work I liked watching how the mean girl and good girl carried themselves I liked how Parker grew as a character The ending wasn t my favorite ever but it was cute Recommended for readers who like cleaner romances with a college age twist Not many of them out there Content talk of sex and choice of having sex Lots of kissing Talk about sensitive subjects like abortion and suicide Mild swearing I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Summary Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1) Game Changer (Ruled Out Romances #1) Free download ¼ 5 review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Charissa Stastny Orange chicken was a game changer Meridee Mansford wants nothing to do with the popular crowd She’s comfortable being invisible But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the hunky football player who visits the campus ice cream shop where she works Still she’s smart enough to know he’d never notice a girl like her and she’d never want him even if he did Too much unwelcome attention Parker Harrington basks in the glory that’s been his since the game changing passes he caught pre season tha. This was a super sweet college romanceIt was definitely G rated but it hadreally good character developmentI liked both Meridee and Parker andI liked the HEA that they got