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review Middlesex Jeffrey Eugenides ☆ 4 Summary Middlesex Download ´ 4 Middlesex tells the breathtaking story of Calliope Stephanides and three generations of the Greek American Stephanides family who travel from a tiny village overlooking Mount Olympus in Asia Minor to Prohibition era Detroit witn. Don t judge a book by its coverI d seen this book on the shelves of a number of friends and in the arms of a number of travelers so I decided to pick it up The title Middlesex suggested English countryside to me On the cover was what looked like a steamship and a uote on the back began Part Tristram Shanty part Ishmael So I came to the foolish conclusion that this was some 19th century English seafaring novel TypicalI couldn t have been wrongMiddlesex is the story of a hermaphrodite who grew up as Calliope but discovered in her adolescence that she is actually Cal than Calliope More specifically Middlesex the title takes on a new meaning now is the story of three generations of a Greek family and the incestuous genetic and social history that enables the existence of Cal who narrates the storyThe novel is epic It spans nearly a century and traces the Stephanides family from battle torn Greece and Turkey in the 1920s across an Atlantic voyage from the street corners of Detroit through World War II and out to the suburban haven of Grosse Pointe Michigan The novel incorporates details upon details from all different spheres of life dropping name brands from different time periods and regions and incorporating specialized jargon from a wide range of fields Jeffrey Eugenides must have done an immense immense amount of research during the writing process And the scope is as broad as the focus is often narrow Over the course of 20th century the Stephanides family responds to and participates in political social and cultural movements and through them we feel not only the sweep of a small Greek enclave but also the sweep of a nation s growth as it engages Prohibition World War II the idealism of the 50s the revolutions of the 60s and 70s and The story is as much about the conflicts within a country as it is about a family trying to face its secrets past and present Through it all Cal as a narrator is clever and endearing A story about a hermaphrodite sounds unfamiliar to most at first and there are moments in the novel when Cal faces the visceral or fearful reactions that arise in those prone to fear But from page one Eugenides clears the air setting us on a fresh foundation and we discover a character who faces familiar childhood and adolescent trials and tribulations we discover the humanity of a character one might otherwise find alienated elsewhere Do I recommend it Yes It s a good tale for the modern age Would I teach it Not likely At 527 pages it s just too long Lasting impression Epic I ll remember it for the incredible depth and breadth of knowledge it demonstrates This novel impresses upon me the amount of research that an author must do to prepare for a serious work

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review Middlesex Jeffrey Eugenides ☆ 4 Summary Middlesex Download ´ 4 Essing its glory days as the Motor City and the race riots of 1967 before moving out to the tree lined streets of suburban Grosse Pointe Michigan To understand why Calliope is not like other girls she has to uncover a guilty fam. Alright it s high time I review this hermaphroditic little masterpieceBeing a pseudo biochemist pseudo in the sense that I only pretend to be a biochemist whereas in reality I write scientific development reports and other documents that no one will ever read but which I ve convinced myself are just as fulfilling as doing real science I find the premise of this novel to be incredibly interesting5 Reductase deficiency is an autosomal recessive disorder autosomal meaning that the gene coding for 5 Reductase is not located on a sex chromosome X or Y and recessive meaning that one would need two copies of a mutated form of the gene in order to express the disease trait Since we as a biological species inherit one copy of every gene from each of our parents it would not be enough to have only one mutated form of this gene because a single good copy is all that s reuired for proper function Because of this the proper functioning gene is considered to be completely dominant over the mutated form in terms of phenotypic expressionHere is a Punnett suare showing basic concepts of Mendelian genetics Each form of the gene is called an allele B represents the dominant allele or the healthy gene form b represents the recessive allele If both parents are phenotypically normal the only way they would be able to have any offspring with this disease is if they were both carriers meaning they each have one dominant and one recessive allele In this way they are said to be heterozygous for this trait the genotype of which is represented as Bb For any child they conceive there would exist a 25% chance of that child inheriting two recessive alleles This is referred to as being homozygous recessive the genotype of which is represented as bb Only homozygous recessive children will express the diseaseSince the protagonist of this novel has unluckily inherited both recessive alleles one from each of his parents he ends up with the disorder So what is this disorder exactly The 5 Reductase gene codes for an enzyme which converts testosterone into a potent sex steroid called dihydrotestosterone or DHT which plays a fundamental role in the formation of the male sex organs Since disease subjects do not have the ability to convert testosterone into DHT they end up with too much testosterone and not enough DHT which in some cases leads to the formation of ambiguous genitaliaThese ambiguous genitalia form one of the many but probably the most interesting subjects of the novel The author begins by tracing the history of these recessive alleles back through the family lineage before elegantly leading us to the budding of the protagonist s crocus his ambiguous little penis stub yes you should click there and yes you should see that movie Perhaps not surprisingly the historical tracing reveals some ancestral inbreeding as well And since the protagonist is still genotypically male even though he doesn t know it and neither do his parents or anybody else the real fun begins when he enters pubertyWhen I met with my book club to talk about this fantastic novel a few pronoun choices were used for describing the protagonist he she he she it etc But all joking aside the protagonist is male He is male by genotypic definition he has two healthy sex chromosomes one of which is a Y and he sexually identifies himself as male which is consistent with other real life sufferers of 5 Reductase deficiency

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review Middlesex Jeffrey Eugenides ☆ 4 Summary Middlesex Download ´ 4 Ily secret and the astonishing genetic history that turns Callie into Cal one of the most audacious and wondrous narrators in contemporary fiction Lyrical and thrilling Middlesex is an exhilarating reinvention of the American ep. This isn t so much a review as an embarrassing story I gave the book four stars for a reason The writing is beautiful I would recommend it Now onwards to my shameSo Brooke and I were standing in line to meet Eugenides Please understand it was a really long line after a similarly long day at work We passed the time chitchatting about this and that at our workplace and life in general By the time the organizer offered post its to our segment of the line we were getting silly and joked about all the crazy names and titles you could reuest Instead of sticking to your name you could put down Boo Bear or Sunshine Sally Just imagine you could have an autographed book with some outrageous inscription like To the best unicorn Jeffrey Eugenides Throughout the course of the night I had been trying to persuade Brooke to visit a bookstore I thought she would enjoy She was reluctant for unknown reasons Under the influence of a bizarre mixture of exasperation exhaustion and silliness I proposed a bet I had already written my plain ole name on the post it If she promised to accompany me to an event at the bookstore I would add baby under my name She uickly agreedAs we waited thereafter I began to second guess the stunt But before I could reuest a new post it the line betrayed me While it had moved at a glacial pace initially now it swept me forward When I handed Eugenides my book he stared at the post it for a second and then looked up at us He asked Who is Cassy Baby Is that you I was mortified Utterly mortified I tried to uickly explain the promised bookstore visit but I think in actuality I just pointed at Brooke and mumbled something like She made me Looking back the whole episode could be construed as a power struggle Could a literary nobody force a Pulitzer Prize winner to write something stupid If he refused he might seem like a jerk His best option was probably to play along and bless his heart he did Perhaps he thought it was amusing I doubt it So here it isimage error

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