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READ ¾ Mistler's Exit Tens ein halbes Jahr zu leben hat Mistler verschweigt seiner Familie die Lage und reist – vorgeblich für ein paar Tage – in das von ihm geliebte Ve. Mistler s Exit is a short book about a powerful New York adman who had just learned he has terminal cancer It s beautifully written Definitely the point of view of a rich powerful man which is interesting to me because it s so other Enjoyable Eat It Harder #1 of view The Fever King Feverwake #1 of a rich powerful man which is interesting to me because it s so The Neighbors Son 2 Forbidden Love #2 other Enjoyable

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READ ¾ Mistler's Exit Nedig Dort will er seinen Abschied inszenieren sich ein letztes Mal dem Leben in die Arme werfen sich mit seiner Jugendliebe in einer amour fou vergesse. A little dry but interestingeasy read for anyone interesting in writing

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READ ¾ Mistler's Exit Thomas Mistler ein Mann in den frühen Sechzigern bekommt vom Arzt den schrecklichen Befund mitgeteilt Krebs Und daß er nur noch ein paar Wochen höchs. Begley loves to write about the 60 plus year old man usually of considerable means getting it on with a 25 year old girl He does it in the first two Schmidt books and he does it here in Mistler s Exit His other penchant is to chat in considerable detail about business deals or legal cases or real estate His characters are big time materialists who probably vote Republican but who are nice enough so that you can t tell They are used to dinner parties and servants and polo and the club They enjoy their flings they