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Summary é Pets Bach's Story Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Characters ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Darla Phelps Darla Phelps ☆ 2 Free download Bach never gave much thought to owning a pet until he lost his wife and children He goes to Exotics Inc and buys a human the latest fad in the pet trade Pani is everything he ever hoped for smart mischievous both looking and acting so much like a real child that Bach can almost forget she's only a pet At least until he. Who just read their first Mf age playMe That s whoDid I like it Did I understand it I can tell you that I m looking at my dog a little differentlySomehow we humans in the future get captured whether it be in the wild or while exploring space Apparently it s happened enough that an alien world has domesticated us as pets common ones at that but not enough that we ve noticed our friends and family have gone missing You know those astronauts in space They just disappeared and we re like Oops there goes another one The alien race isn t all that alien They drink coffee video chat on computers and have every human thingamabob and doohickey that we do they re just bigger to accommodate the 8 ft tall aliens They ve got it in their heads that we ll make great pets because we re not intelligent We re mimics at best I guess they didn t observe us first and instead decided we d look adorable in children s clothes instead Here we are the human pets dressed up like little dolls while the aliens take care of us and love us And I do mean LOVE us While there s a bit of plot it s slightly glossy and rushed as the main focus of the story is on the domestication of Pani our little human As a first time pet to our alien Bach she tests his patience and her strength of will as she s spanked to within an inch of her poor bottom s life But she s than just a mindless beast as the aliens think and her intelligence shows Slowly Bach realizes that it s wrong to domesticate sentient beings and for Pani s wellbeing sends her back to EarthAnd here is where the singular point of view left me with far uestions than answers I wanted to know why Panni enjoyed her domestication and I wanted to know why she would make her way back to Bach Was it Stockholm Syndrome or did she have a hidden Babydaddypet kink and lucked out when she was picked up by the aliens I guess I ll have to read her story in order to find out And I might Age play has never been my thing which is the reason why I ve never delved into it before But I think it worked for me in this case because it was an alien practice from an alien s perspective So three stars maybe a little for entertaining me with a story I would normally never have tried For all those who enjoy Daddybabypet kink this would be a hit with you and highly recommended for you

Characters ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Darla PhelpsPets Bach's Story

Summary é Pets Bach's Story Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Characters ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Darla Phelps Darla Phelps ☆ 2 Free download People in their own rightNote Of all the ageplay stories I've done this has been the most popular It is also darker with a heavy Sci Fi setting and the discipline is severe in regards to spankings medical and anal play The situation is forced onto Pani at first so if that doesn't appeal to you please don't buy this bo. Different little sci fi romanceerotica novella It is told totally from the POV of the alien who buys a human as a pet Has some age play elements so it might not be for all readers I found the writing fairly well done The physical sci fi elements were not strong as no effort was made to make things alien except for the the fact that they were 8 foot tall and kept humans as pets For example they drank coffee no effort made to make it an alien drink This sort of thing was consistent throughoutI enjoyed reading from the alien s view point I felt his emotions and actions were pretty believable There is a companion story told from the captured alien s POV which I would be interested in reading some day

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Summary é Pets Bach's Story Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Characters ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Darla Phelps Darla Phelps ☆ 2 Free download R actions begin to go beyond the limits of the subspecies' intelligence scientifically accredited to the human animal She speaks she writes When she draws a picture of Earth's solar system Bach must face the realization that perhaps humans are than just small adorable child like animals They might actually be a race of. Wow where to start This book was odd Let s move passed the kink we ll disclose that later move into the plot world building characters writingEssentially a freckled red headed human is abducted from Earth by aliens sold to an exotic pet store Humans in this alien world are exotic pets They re housed treated like clever domesticated animals Think exotic beloved parrots or naughty monkeys Humans are believed to be as intelligent as an elementary level child They are housed disciplined cared for very similarly to how some people care for canine breeds They re also bred like some of us breed any number of domesticated breeds From choosing to breed a beloved pet with another in hopes of producing a valued trait or the unfortunate occurrance of breeding facilitates such as puppy mills just to give some examples Now that we ve established humans in this world are treated like expensive puppies let s move to the world buildingThe world building was minimal For the duration of the book the only thing alien about this world are the height differences language The buildings vehicles people etc are larger taller The aliens own what essentially amounts to automobiles computers tablets cook have commerce are a democratic nation Bach was the alien whose head space thought process pov we shared for the duration of this book He is an official of some importance who s retired lost his family 2 years prior to an unfortunate car accident He s lonely purchased the human female in an attempt to liven up his life That s not to say he s not taking pet ownership seriously Having a human to care for is something he s taken great care in researching he s purchased the best substance beds toys etc to keep his human pet thriving happy He seeks out professional help maintains his pets needs at the forefront but refuses to raise a spoilt pet I can t find fault in the writing The author is talented the editing was on point the only negative was I felt the world building character development was lazy If the plot is set in an alien world it s told from the alien s POV please give me some inkling we are in an alien s head Bach s thought process world seemed entirely too human to make his actions OK Now on to the kink Oh that list is long so this is just what comes to mind IOW this list is not all encompassing If you re not into aggressive spankings diaper kink rape kidnap kink age play pet kink are disturbed by bowel movements anal play corporeal punishment restraints pain forced orgasms or are easily offended i d suggest you stay away from this book I don t find it difficult not to hold other people to my personal cultural or moral standards I am pretty open minded when it comes to kink My one rule is if it doesn t hurt anyone that doesn t want to be hurt it s all ok Personal preferences cultural diffrences can hide a multitude of uncivilized behavior in my book However this book failed miserably to hide anything under the cultural differences excuse in my book It said it was a book about aliens but nothing about it convinced me I was on an alien planet or looking at things from an alien s POV This meant it was loaded with unsavory ultimately unacceptable actions If it failed on cultural difference maybe It can be excused as a difference in morals Uhm no that went out the window the minute Bach was punishing his pet outside a pet store a fellow alien as in his own race yelled at Bech telling him he should be ashamed of himself for treating his pet poorly Not a uote bc I don t want to give anything spoiler y away My feelings towards the end had nothing to do with an alien abduction felt like a kidnapping or even being sold into sex slavery The actions felt abusive OK but what about personal sexual needs By the time certain actions took place the alien is aware the pet is not a 100% willing participant on all sexual actions occurring I m sure of this bc the telling of this story was from Bach s POV At one point he admits this by excusing at least some of it was pleasurable for the little female The end was mind boggling it tempts me to read this same story from Pani pet POV Unfortunately this book ruined 9 inch nails closer for me Sadly the lyrics in that song are no longer sexy to me they took on a whole new meaning sigh I hope to scrub the association between this book one of my fave songs from my memory banks ASAP I rate this a generous 25 stars The writing was well done if lazy the editing was flawless there s not accounting for preference

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