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Read Terminal Michaelbrent Collings ß 4 Read Read & Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Michaelbrent Collings Es to nightmare Because something hides in the fog Something powerful Something strange Something inhumanSoon those in the terminal have been cut off from the rest of the world No phones no computers Just ten strangers in the terminal and The OtherThe Other is the force in the mist The Other is the thing that has captured them And The Other wants to play a game The rules are si. My review of TERMINAL can be found at High Fever BooksA mysterious fog enshrouds a bus terminal trapping nearly a dozen people inside as travel plans are abruptly canceled and transformed into a game of life or death The electronics go haywire a mysterious message appearing on everyone s cell phone outlining the rules of the game The people in the terminal must choose one individual from their company to survive and the rest will die Anyone who leaves the terminal before the final vote dies And the final vote must be unanimousMichaelbrent Collings delivers up a uniue twist on foggy horror creating a character driven work in the vein of The Mist served up Ten Little Indians style and with a healthy and much welcomed dose of The Twilight Zone for good measureWhat I dug most about Terminal was the puzzling nature of it all There s a nifty bit of psychological suspense baked into the premise right from the get go but Collings takes this a step further as he slowly begins to unravel each characters backgrounds There s a washed up cop a ticket teller who escaped the ghetto a Mary Kay saleswoman a newlywed couple and Each of them have secrets as well as hidden depths and reserves that call into uestion who and how the final survivor will be chosenor who will simply claim victory by any means necessary Eually mysterious is the nature of the threat awaiting them outside the terminal the odd fog and thethingslurking within it Collings keeps you guessing for nearly the entire page count adding and subtracting complications as he goes giving you plenty of new wrinkles to iron out as he maneuvers his way through his large cast And although this is a pretty large cast it s never unwieldily which is no small feat Every character gets their chance to shine and we get to know each of them and their backgrounds sufficiently well which only makes it harder to suss out who the game s final winner will be Terminal is a nifty little puzzler of a book and Collings moves the players and plot around less like a chess master and like a grand champion solver of Rubik s cubes The characters their interactions motivations and situations all revolve around one another clicking and interlocking until the final piece of the puzzle tumbles into place The final reveal of Terminal is masterclass level stuff and legitimately surprised me Even after I thought I knew for sure how this was going to end Collings had one trick up his sleeve But that s the real secret here Terminal isn t so much a puzzle after all It s a magic trick and a damn good one at thatNote I received a copy of this title from the author

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Read Terminal Michaelbrent Collings ß 4 Read Read & Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Michaelbrent Collings Mple1 The people in the terminal must choose a single person from among them That person will live The rest will die2 Anyone who attempts to leave the terminal before the final vote will die3 The final vote must be unanimousA nightmare And getting worse because the best way to make a vote unanimous is to kill the other votersWelcome to the end of the line Welcome to the Termina. A fun character driven novel with elements of mystery thriller and horror peppered with plenty of shocking surprises along the way Well worth the read

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Read Terminal Michaelbrent Collings ß 4 Read Read & Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Michaelbrent Collings All passengers please prepare for departureAn employee a cop and five prisoners; a prisoner a stowaway and a madmanThese are the people waiting at the Lawton bus terminal Mostly late night travelers who want nothing than to get to their destinations and employees who want nothing than to get through the graveyard shiftBut when a strange otherworldly fog rolls in the night chang. TERMINAL by Michaelbrent Collings is another of his spellbinding horror novels that brings a uniue twist to the genre Trapped in a terminal waiting for a bus to arrive ten people are about to become trapped in a game to the death One that brings nothing than amusement to those pulling the strings turned back to the fog and it was not dead the word alive wasn t insane at all In this tale I could imagine hearing a voice intone This is what it was like in the TWILIGHT ZONE cue eerie musicThe first thing that served to alert these strangers about to be traveling that all was not normal was a dense wall of fog rolling in but stopping just shy of the actual building euidistant all around didn t know what would cause such a strange atmospheric event but then he didn t really want to know The beginning half or so of the book really builds on the individual characters and to some extent the Watchers and the others in the fog That is to say we are aware that somethings are out there in charge of the event unfolding The knowledge does not extend further than this its secrets and motivations remain a mystery to even the reader There are other Watchers of course but this one is here now This is precisely why the novel is so effective in pulling us into the terminal with the others trapped allowing us to feel the fear and desperation as it increases its hold on them the unknown must always be feared Survival demands it Collings has a great mix of personalities in his characters allowing for the positive the hopeful the frightened the determined the clever and those that heave already given up hope to all show their reactions to this in individual ways What do you do when the world stops obeying normal world rules The one thing they all believe for certain is what the unknown in the fog conveys to them as instructions Only one of them may live the rest must die The one chosen to survive must be voted unanimously by all Living beings in there With human nature being what it is it s obvious that this is not a choice they will readily embrace There were infinite ways a person could be damaged While the universal fear of whatever was controlling the fog is omnipresent our characters emotions and decisions are ever changing as time winds down Collings is uite adept at developing personalities of all kinds and he certainly does not disappoint here In some novels it s a struggle to remember the names and lives of the individual people however I found that this was not an issue here as each was so memorable I still remember them all weeks later For an author is there any higher praise than that Isolation can be every bit as deadly as any gun or knife Overall TERMINAL easily delivered on its premise of horror terror a threatening atmosphere and believable characters From the very beginning I felt the pull of the storyline draw me in and was easily immersed in the various situations that each individual player faced There were some truths exposed that I d expected but even better were the twists that I never even suspected When you read as much of a genre as I do that is something that really elevates the story and has me appreciating its execution even Sooner or later everyone needs to hide something This is another outstanding novel from author Michaelbrent Collings one that I can easily see myself re reading in the future It Never Ends Highly recommended

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