(kindle or Pdf) The Tenth Parallel Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam BY Eliza Griswold

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  • The Tenth Parallel Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam
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  • 12 July 2017
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The Tenth Parallel Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam

Eliza Griswold » 9 Review Read ¿ The Tenth Parallel Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub O religions meet; their encounter is shaping the future of each faith and of whole societies as wellAn award winning investigative journalist and poet Eliza Griswold has spent the past seven years traveling between the euator and the tenth parallel in Nigeria the Sudan and Somalia and in Indonesia Malaysia and the Philippines The stories she tells in The Tenth Parallel show us that religious conflicts are also conflicts about land water oil and other natural resources I really like this book for a number of reasons but first I will say that I almost didn t read it because I generally don t like books that claim some specific place time or event as something that changed or will change the world but this subtitle dispatches from the fault line between Christianity and Islam appealed I would have passed it was the line around the world that will determine who controls the 21st century or something similar The second reason I nearly didn t read it is I was not familiar with the author and her biography seemed a bit thin for such a weighty topic I was wrong and I am very glad I read this book Her writing skills synthesis of complexity objectivity with some key personal insights and plain old fashioned courage impressed me to no endI have spent uite a bit of time in the places or near the places she discusses Mostly as a biologist but inevitably participating in aid work or at least being surrounded by that community Her core story is about the historical and modern conflict between Islam and Christianity and the sheer demographic battle that is going on At first I thought the 10th parallel idea to be a little contrived when I looked at a world map but it wasn t long before I remembered the whole 1040 evangelical plan and realized she is discussing real facts I tend to avoid fundamentalists and evangelicals of any persuasion and this book gave my at least agnostic sensibilities a fresh jolt in a structured and well thought presentationRemarkably what impressed me most about this book was not the writing about Africa and Asia and the 10th parallel it was that it helped me understand some of the apparently ridiculous things you hear about here in the States Why on earth would Oklahoma ban sharia law She explains and even travels with evangelicals from the States who are extensively invested in this issue across Africa so it is almost natural that their constituents are contributing money and engaged in this issue I had no idea about that just reading the NY Times I think the same fault line disagreement on other issues like places mosues in small towns or NY City and burning the Koran in Florida come into focus through her writing about the passion of Christian evangelicals she is never explicit about this argument but it was a perhaps unintended but insightful revelation to meCheck it outMike GellermanBerkeley CA

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Eliza Griswold » 9 Review Read ¿ The Tenth Parallel Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub And that local and tribal issues are often shaped by religious ideas Above all she makes clear that for the people she writes about one's sense of God is shaped by one's place on earth; along the tenth parallel faith is geographic and demographicAn urgent examination of the relationship between faith and worldly power The Tenth Parallel is an essential work about the conflicts over religion nationhood and natural resources that will remake the world in the years to com I ve been meaning to read this book for about a decade And I confess the 2019 edition did not contain many references to any events post 2008 that make me feel like a recent edition is needed But I m glad I finally read it the prose was beautiful and the topic is the most interesting and all encompassing thesis I have read it a while Geographic and social forces have made the 10th parallel a fault line between Islam and Christianity in Asia and Africa but in actuality inter and intra sectarian issues and struggles for resources and political power undergirds most of the conflict I learned a lot and enjoyed every chapter It s definitely not chronological or linear no pun intended except in that the sections move from west Nigeria to East the Philippines along the tenth parallel Griswold is a badass who has talked to many different men and women entrenched in the fault line about ideologies she does not share and that can sound pretty scary and combative From Christians who believe she will go to hell to Muslims who believe she is a representative of the infidel West she gives all her sources a fair representation

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Eliza Griswold » 9 Review Read ¿ The Tenth Parallel Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub A riveting investigation of the jagged fault line between the Christian and Muslim worldsThe tenth parallel the line of latitude seven hundred miles north of the euator is a geographical and ideological front line where Christianity and Islam collide More than half of the world's 13 billion Muslims live along the tenth parallel; so do sixty percent of the world's 2 billion Christians Here in the buzzing megacities and swarming jungles of Africa and Asia is where the tw This is an on site rendition of the Clash of Civilizations Ms Griswold goes boldly to outposts in Africa and Asia to meet radical and rabid Christians and Muslims By radical I mean people who may kill because of words written in their so called sacred texts But the book goes beyond that as Ms Griswold explores the why and the localities of these conflicts She puts a historical and geographical context in her interviews There are different manifestations of these radicals some like in Nigeria seem to have exhausted hate and rhetoric and hopefully the truce established will not expire What is also apparent with these religious extremists is their intolerance of liberal religious views in the West Religions in the Western world receptive to Gays pro choice woman s rights general openness to sexuality are an apostasy to fundamentalist Christians and Muslims in the tenth parallel There is another religion in the areas discussed by Ms Griswold where there are no shades of grey Sometimes we have a view of this in the US when abortion clinics are bombed But I don t know how the born again evangelicals in the US would fit in or adapt to Africa or Asia As the writer points out religion in these countries is a way of life because there is no government infrastructure that they can rely on for social and economic supportThere is among both Muslims and Christians in Africa and Asia a strong tendency to revert and restore a view of the way religion was several centuries ago a literal view of the uran or the Bible So this is another clash with modernity It is difficult to see a resolution of this religious conflict with modernity It did seem that Muslims in Malaysia were successful at thisThis book does have of a focus on Christianity and Ms Griswold in my opinion is comfortable in that milieu but there are several excellent encounters with Muslim fundamentalists particularly in Somalia and Asia Ms Griswold is a keen observer and is able to provide several perspectives when she is conducting an interview