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Beautiful Mistake

characters ¼ Beautiful Mistake ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF E the handsome stranger again anyway right That's what I thoughtuntil I walked into class the next morning Well hello Professor West I'm your new teaching assistant I'll be working under youfiguratively speaking Although the literal interpretation might not be such a bad thing working under Professor West This was going to be interesting. I bought this book months ago and for some reason I didn t want to read it before now It never jumped out at me like her other books Boy was it worth the wait I couldn t put it down until I d finished it it was that good a story Fantastic book thank you Vi

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characters ¼ Beautiful Mistake ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF The first time I met Caine West was in a bar He noticed me looking his way and mistakenly read my scowling as checking him out When he attempted to talk to me I set him straight telling him what I thought of his lying cheating egomaniacal ass You see the gorgeous jerk had wined and dined my best friend smooth talking her into his bed all. I was ecstatic when Beautiful Mistake showed up on my kindle Then again check out the amazing cover Beautiful Mistake reeled me in from just the blurb itself Once I started reading I definitely couldn t get enough of Professor Caine West I was immediately hooked and once I was done I was left wanting From the first encounter between Rachel and Caine I knew that that the chemistry they d share would be than either of them could resist Rachel mistakenly thinks Caine is someone else and gives him a piece of her mind Little does she expect to every cross paths with him again After the initial encounter the following day when she shows up to class Rachel is astonished to find out that she will be Professor West s TA Professor West has a reputation for not being the nicest person ever She is up for the challenge to be able to prove him wrong and survive his class As feisty as Rachel is will she be able to put him in placeRachel and Caine have an instant connection and the chemistry between them is intolerable Both of them have a past that constantly haunts them Under all that cockiness Caine was attentive thoughtful and compassionate He s too hard on himself and carries an abundance of guilt I loved how Rachel was feisty and wasn t afraid of Professor WestBeautiful Mistake was so well written Even before the reveal of the plot twist my suspensions I loved that it brought out every emotion possible Vi Keeland knows how to deliver characters that are hard to resist I guarantee that you will without a doubt fall in love with Professor West I look forward to reading from Vi

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characters ¼ Beautiful Mistake ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Along failing to mention that he was married He deserved every bit of my tongue lashing and for what he'd done Especially when that lazy smile graced his perfect face in response to my rant Only it turned out the man I'd just told off wasn't the right guy Oops My mistake Embarrassed I slunk out without an apology I was never going to se. Eeeep what a truly wonderful read Loved it And what I loved most was that I got so much than i expectedI was expecting a teacherstudent romance the kind that s packed with taboo stuff which the I don t read that much of come to think of it but crikey did I get an amazing story that was perfectly balanced so fluid in it s writing that I was swept along on this perfect wave of gorgeousness laughing drooling clutching my kindle as I feel in love with these fabulous characters their crazy story of love hope happinessSoooo enter Professor Caine West Rachel Although it is studentteacher taboo Rachel is an older student at 25 Caine is the professor in his early 30 s If you don t usually dig this sort of thing i personally felt it worked really well yeah although it has the premise of taboo I didn t really get that vibe that muchRachel is gorgeous even with a past that has left it s mark She is firecracker feisty sassy super smart all while being a really sweet human being Like every other strong woman I ve loved she also has a wicked side I thought she made a fantastic little temptress in all her sultry devious ways I loved her smart mouth although at times I felt she was a tad immature knowing how hotcold Caine was at certain moments I figured she was entitled to be a bit stroppy in placesAs for Professor West HmmmmMmmmm now this is a man I could have worship me any day Yeah alpha all that blah but he is like my favourite chocolate so delicious sinful on the outside but as soon as i bit into him damn he s all soft gooey divine on the inside He is sexy smart charmingly funny has enough of an edge to make sure you know he is all man has a sinful dominant streak But above all that goodness he s caring giving very lovable His past has 100% shaped him but not in a good way that made my heart ache for him at times This man just needs to allow his heart to love be lovedA new semester a new professor a whole new set of rules begin wow we have sparks flying currents pulsing enough sexual tension you can cut it with a knife From start to finish their connection was on fire gloriously addictive It was so easy to get lost in their words which made it simply impossible to put down The fun angst heartache drama was all relevant well placed none of it was an effort or unnecessary Instead it added depth understanding leading to the BIGGEST bloody plot twist EVER Ohhhhhhh sneaky much I never not one little bit saw it coming until THAT moment gawd it was like a sucker punch It transformed this sexy fun taboo read into something with meaning a whole lot of heart acheVi once again delivered another mesmerizing book filled with the best kind of emotions that grace any amazing romance read Loved every single bit

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