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Bertolt Brecht ´ 7 Free read Summary ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Bertolt Brecht Download Ä Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays Volume 1 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Published by Methuen Drama the collected dramatic works of Bertolt Brecht are presented in the most comprehensive and authoritative editions of Brecht's plays in the English languageVolume One of Brecht's Collected Plays contains Brecht's first performed stage works Baal is inspired by Brecht's student life in Augsburg and follows the life of a young poet on the rocky road to inspiration; Drums in the Night was written in response to Brecht's experience as a medical orderly in the aftermath of t. I Introduction covers his time in Bavaria 1918 24 Baal debauched auteur ruins his life insisting on wine 6 while pointless bourgeois want to disseminate an atmosphere of upheaval 7 say When asked to agree that sexual intercourse is dirty protagonist replies that s the cry of the swine who are no good at it 10 Contrary to Griffin s Nazis he thinks the sky is wide open 12 and wants to wallow in white bodies 20 certainly a liberal ideology of fungibility of persons invasively applied to interpersonal relations here in his insistence that it doesn t matter who As long as she has the face of a woman 21 A zone of indistinction in one s being too full of religion or too full of schnapps 25 He causes a riot because he gave them the naked truth 27 which is bad for business He loves people who have miscalculated 31 he like Faust will have our own unrest 33 Though he s the most hardened sinner 36 he recognizes it as you ve got something inside you that you cover up You re evil just like me a devil 37 ie I violated corpses twice 38 a degenerate beast 39 When asked if he believes in God I ve always believed in myself But it s possible to become an atheist 42 Past What a strange word 43 From the protagonist s poem on a dead person As her pale body decayed in the water there It happened very slowly that God gradually forgot it 46 which is probably the most marvelous thing in the play conceptually You ve been writing a lot of poetry lately I suppose you haven t had a woman for uite a while 50 though the direction of the causality is not established What is flesh It decays like spirit 52 Drums in the Night soldier long presumed dead returns from world war I his world turned inside out mostly because again of liberal fungibility of persons doctrine imported to interpersonal relations in that any man is worth his weight in gold 61 It takes place during the Spartacist uprising and the characters other than the ghostly protagonist are all bourgeois types who fear the vultures of revolution 66 To them the Reds are having a witches sabbath 67 For these worthless rich persons the revolutionaries should all be lined up against the wall anybody that s dissatisfied shoot him 68 It is for them truly the end of the world 74 But in the same breath time is money 75 The soldier s lover recounts how in the beginning you were with me a long time your voice still fresh When I went down the hall I brushed against you and out in the meadow you called me from behind the maple tree Even though they wrote that you d been shot through the face and buried two days later But then one day it was different When I went down the hall it was empty and the maple tree didn t speak When I stood up from bending over the wash trough I still saw your face but when I spread the washing over the grass I didn t see it and all that time I didn t know what you looked like But I should have waited 77 which is about as a good a summation of missing someone as it gets Her new fianc complains that she is letting him lick you with his eyes 85 which is something of an escalation over the normal opener of apodyopsis Something of an unfinished mess ultimately In the Jungle of Cities somewhat incomprehensible Two guys swap status and wealth in a bizarre duel in Chicago Brecht has a thing for Chicago setting several plays there they are comrades in a metaphysical conflict 156 The men who conuer the world like to lie on their backs 134 I m scratching my head too Something about how it s so hard to harm a man to destroy him is utterly impossible 145 which must be an abstraction growing out of German idealist philosophy a man never gets finished off all at once but at least a hundred different times A man has too many possibilities 149 man is too durable That s his main fault 153 Something else in you ve succumbed to the black plague of this planet the lust for human contact 156 man s infinite isolation makes enmity an unattainable goal 157 In this context the anti agambenian point is made that bare life is better than any other kind of life 158 The volume also contains an adaptation of Marlowe s Edward II Our plans make no provision for it 245 Also a bunch of one act plays not epic theatre some effective moments in them though an amusing wedding a teen sex comedy a blind man tells off an emperor a sermon in a brothel an adultery confounded The text concludes with the normal notes and drafts for this series

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Bertolt Brecht ´ 7 Free read Summary ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Bertolt Brecht Download Ä Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays Volume 1 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Tch and A Respectable Wedding in which the bourgeois proceedings take a hilarious turn for the unseemlyThe translators are Jean Benedetti Eva Geiser and Ernest Borneman Richard Grünberger Michael Hamburger Gerhard Nellhaus Peter Tegel and John Willett The translations are ideal for both study and performance The volume is accompanied by a full introduction and notes by the series editor John Willett and includes Brecht's own notes and relevant texts as well as all the important textual variants. Brecht is one of my favourite playwrights I wanted to see what his early work was like It turns out to be very different from the Brecht I know well There are nine plays in this early volume four full length and five shorts and one of them stood out high above the othersWhen I was younger and a regular in my city library I often would glance at the collected volumes of Brecht plays and wonder what they might be about One day I knew I would find out The title of his first play Baal always intrigued me but now I have finally got to grips with it I remain a little unconvinced by it For a start I am not sure I fully understand the plot or rather the way the play develops seems too random The dialogue is strange the scenes appear uite disconnected I rapidly lost sympathy for the main character and ended up not caring about him at all Drums in the Night was much better although Brecht himself was very dissatisfied with this play which is about an individual who refuses to take part in a revolution even though his history of suffering means that he ought to be a prime revolutionary This individual is an ex soldier rather a brutal man who returns from overseas to find that the woman he was engaged to is now with another man His aim is to get her back no matter the conseuences He abandons all sense of community in order to achieve his ultimately selfish endsThe play that stood high above the others for me is In the Jungle of Cities which I regard as a magnificent play in every way It s the very absurd but powerful story of two men in Chicago at the start of the 20th Century who embark on a fight that will destroy one or both of them and the reasons for this fight are totally unclear In fact there are no reasons The fight is conducted on the whim of one of the combatants This in my view is Brecht at his best The Life of King Edward II of England is a real oddity and doesn t feel at all like Brecht and yet I enjoyed it Very easy to read and always interesting and it has made me want to learn about the real historical basis of the action but I am also glad that Brecht didn t persist in this modeThe five shorts were a mixed bag mostly amusing sometimes bitter The Beggar or the Dead Dog was a fable with surreal touches The Catch is probably my favourite of the shorts It is a sort of farce but dark in tone rather like Driving out a Devil but with a satisfying ending As for A Respectable Wedding and Lux in Tenebris I enjoyed both of them but neither struck me as particularly memorableI have read a great many plays of Bertolt Brecht now and my favourite remains the very first one I ever read The Good Person of Szchewan My second favourite is the second one I read The Caucasian Chalk Circle My third favourite is the third one I read Mother Courage and her ChildrenI seem to have entered a spiral of diminishing returns Mind you I have only seen two of his plays in performance so I am missing out on the real Brecht experience The one I would most like to see in a theatre is The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahoganny because I suspect it s the most fun to watch

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Bertolt Brecht ´ 7 Free read Summary ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Bertolt Brecht Download Ä Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays Volume 1 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB He First World War; and In the Jungle of Cities set in Chicago covers the downfall of a family that has moved from the prairies to the jungle of the big city award winning in its day it was described by a leading German daily as the play that 'has given our time a new tone a new melody a new vision'This volume also includes The Life of Edward II of England a ballad like adaptation of Marlowe's original and five one act plays The Beggar or the Dead Dog Driving Out The Devil Lux in Tenebris The Ca. I can see why leftists love Brecht Even before he identified himself as a Marxist he was writing a play set in the midst of the Rosa Luxemburg led Spartacist uprising Drums in the Night There are plenty of unlikable characters Baal A murderous schmuck How about a one act play where a cat house regular gets refused by a prostitute one night due to lack of funds He then seeks revenge by setting up a lecture tent in the same red light district where he shows what std s like soft chancre gonorrhea and syphilis do to bodies Patrons pay to see the demonstrations often getting sick to their stomachs and then avoiding the houses of prostitution In the end he uses the lecture funds to invest in his favorite cat house ensuring that he will never again be refused by one of the ladies Irreverent and disturbing yes But also very smart well crafted plays Comparisons to Shakespeare and Marlowe aren t unjustifiedI ve only tackled Brecht s earliest works in this first volume of his plays I hear the plays only get better as Brecht s groundbreaking epic style of playwriting takes off and matures Can t wait

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