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review My Fantoms characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Théophile Gautier Théophile Gautier ↠ 9 Free read Romantic provocateur flamboyant bohemian precocious novelist perfect poet not to mention an inexhaustible journalist critic and man about town Théophile Gautier is one of the major figures and great characters of French literature In My Fantoms Richard Holmes the celebrated biographer of Shelley and Coleridge has found a brilliantly effective new way to bring this great but too little known writer into English My Fan. Th ophile Gautier 1811 1872 one of the giants of 19th century French literature author of novels short stories essays plays and poetry was also a journalist who wrote reviews on literature theater dance and art especially art since in his younger years was himself a painter a background that served him well as his writing is visually stunning This fine collection of seven Gautier tales includes Omphale The Adolescent Clairmonde The Priest and G rard de Nerval The Poet however for the purpose of this review and in order to share a taste of Gautier I will focus on my favorite The Opium SmokerThe story begins with the narrator paying a call to the home of his friend one Alphonse Karr who happens to be smoking a pipe of opium Thinking nothing of the practice the narrator accepts the pipe from Karr and in turn tales several puffs inhaling the smoke into his lungs After his brief relaxed visit with Karr he goes home for dinner then to the theater so he can write his obligatory newspaper review and finally returns for a well deserved sleepHe has some sleep but the fantastic happens and our narrator relates the details of his vivid dream He s back at Karr s apartment Karr is on his bed smoking his opium pipe and all is similar to his afternoon visit but for one exception a decided lack of sunlight Repeating the seuence of events as if a mirror the narrator smokes his opium and lies down to feel the effects We read I was half immersed in a heap of cushions and lazily stretched back my head to watch the blue smoke rings rise swirling through the air and dissolve after a moment or two into a diffused haze of cotton wool By degrees my gaze shifted upwards to the ebony black ceiling with its design of golden arabesues As I stared up at it with that ecstatic intensity that precedes visionary experience I had the impression that the ceiling was now blue a deep inky blue like a strip torn out of the night sky This graphic passage exemplifies Gautier s painterly backgroundHe notes the ceiling s change of color to his friend Karr remarks such is the very nature of a ceiling so very much like a woman sheer caprice wanting to change all the time The narrator remains only half convinced by this line of reasoning and with a tincture of unease continues to closely observe the ceiling As if in response to his scrutiny the ceiling turns a deeper blue and stars began to appear stars having delicate golden threads stretching down filling the room with light while in the meantime the entire house had become as clear and as transparent as glassSlightly unsettled by such mystical transformations the narrator wonders what his childhood friend Esuiros the Magician would have to say about this instant shapeshifting No sooner does he have this reflection then to his stupefaction Esuiros is standing before him Wow now that s magic He asks Karr how Esuiros entered the room since the door is closed to which Karr explains magicians always walk through closed doors The narrator takes such a well formulated statement to be an obvious example of sound logicAt this point Esuiros eye become enormous round and glowing and his body dissolves and turns into swirls of sparkling light winding around the narrator s body with a progressively tighter grip In this restricted state the narrator sees whiffs of rising white smoke taking humanlike form and hears a voice whisper in his ear that they are spirits He also sees for the first time a beautiful young barefoot girl sitting up in the corner of the ceiling who tells those rising white smoke spirits that she does not want to join them but would rather live for another six monthsThe young beauty explains to the narrator that if he goes into town and gives her a kiss on the lips of her dead body she will live for six months and live for him alone Upon hearing her promise without the slightest hesitation the narrator sets off in a carriage pulled by two magical black horses During his travels he relates We sped across a dark and dismal plain There was a low leaded sky and an endless procession of small spindly trees flying away on both sides of the road in the opposite direction to the coach for all the world like a routed army of broomsticks Nothing could have been sinister than the huge brooding greyness of that sky scored by the black silhouettes of those skeletal flying trees Sidebar this entire coach seuence has much in common with a similar opium induced coach ride in Sdegh Hedyat s The Blind OwlThe opium dream continues related in vintage Th ophile Gautier vibrant language And this tale is but one of seven There is also an informative introduction by Richard Holmes who did an excellent job translating from the French Lastly this New York Review Book edition has a striking detail of Th odore Chass riau s Two Sisters on the cover If you are a romantic at heart this book is for you

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review My Fantoms characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Théophile Gautier Théophile Gautier ↠ 9 Free read Toms assembles seven stories spanning the whole of Gautier’s career into a unified work that captures the essence of his adventurous life and subtle art From the erotic awakening of “The Adolescent” through “The Poet” a piercing recollection of the mad genius Gérard de Nerval the great friend of Gautier’s youth My Fantoms celebrates the senses and illuminates the strange disguises of the spirit while taki. The Hippopotamus Theophile Gautier The sturdy Hippopotamus inhabits jungles Javanese where snarl in caverns bottomless undreamable monstrosities The boa hisses and unscrews snuffles convulse the buffalo the tiger caterwauls He chews or slumbers tranuillissimo He fears not kris nor assegai he looks at man and stands his ground he laughs when shots from the sepoy spatter his leather and rebound The hippopotamus and I have an impenetrable hide In armour plate of certainty I roam the plains with dauntless stride Gautier was a hippopotamus with a ballerina brainWith ballerinas on his brainBig bosomed ballerinas in marble diabolically vivified in his imaginal lifeHe was a hippopotamus who wore silk dainties under his hide and in his dream life was turned inside out A hippy hippo who lived in a frothy chaotic age when aesthetics freely mingled with the truly fantastical the magical the wackily spiritual and when these things could be handled with an irony that did not sacrifice the reality of the Unseen thereby investing the ironical with substance and chills So these tales spiritually chill as they seduce with alluring very tangible detail sprinkled with humor like marble breasts come to laughing life in one s dreams breasts large enough to blot out the everyday sun to draw one with immense mammarian force into alternate worlds fed by erotical starsBut beneath these laughing and living imaginary tits are the devil s horns and hooves so to bury one s fun loving face in the pliant milky flesh is to feel hardness and points and consuming flamesGautier was a tightrope hippopotamus in a tutu Tightropes no less real for being mental And a hippo no less sexy for being a hippoHis was an age when the imagination could reign supreme because the imagination was realIt was also an age when the imagination could kill because it was realNerval was Gautier s best friend and died at the hand of his own imaginationAnd the hippo lived to cry and write about it Nothing in fact actually dies everything goes on existing always No power on earth can obliterate that which has once had being Every act every word every form every thought falls into the universal ocean of things and produces a circle on its surface that goes on enlarging beyond the furthest bounds of eternity The material configurations only disappear from the common gaze while the spectres that break free from them go out to people infinity

characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Théophile Gautier

review My Fantoms characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Théophile Gautier Théophile Gautier ↠ 9 Free read Ng readers on a tour of modernity at its most mysterious ”What ever would the Devil find to do in Paris” Gautier wonders “He would meet people just as diabolical as he and find himself taken for some naïve provincial”Tapestries statues and corpses come to life; young men dream their way into ruin; and Gautier keeps his faith in the power of imagination “No one is truly dead until they are no longer loved”. It s funny because after reading descriptions of Gautier in the Goncourt journals and other books these are exactly the kind of short stories I thought he might write Kind of a Gallic Poe if you substituted Poe s high Gothic style with a sort of otherworldly eroticism Very uniue and there were some beautiful passages such as this description of The Painter at workThe blood began to flow beneath the flesh tones the outlines grew sharp the forms filled out the light values were established against the dark and half the canvas was already alive The eyes were particularly successful The curve of the eyebrows was faultlessly indicated and melted softly into the temples in a velvety transposition of blue The shading beneath the eyelashes fell upon the white brilliance of the cornea with a marvelous muting effect the gaze was firmly placed and the painting of the iris and pupil left nothing to be desired The only thing missing was the tiny diamond of light that spangle of sunshine which painters call the sight spot

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