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review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman Õ 5 Summary Free download Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions 105 Extraordinary book revealing one of our most gifted storytellers at the height of his powers Includes extra material exclusive to this Headline Review editio. Apparently I am not a fan of his short stories they are bad I gave his other short story collection book three stars and that was being kind This one is getting two because I am all out of kindnessA better review to come Here is my attempt at a better review Normally I would delete the prereview BS but I like it this time so it stays This is the second short story collection I have read from this author and they have both been thumbs down experiences I definitely have a lovehate relationship with his work The gray area in between is not a friend of mineWHAT I LIKED Maybe two storiesWHAT I DIDN T LIKE Everything elseI can t decide which description matches my feelings towards it OPTION A The publisher said give me anything you have and the author decided to present him with the crumpled paper balls of failed ideasOROPTION B The author feels that all of his ideas are shareworthy and has not a care in the world regarding what readers might think of themOROPTION C I am all out of sugarcoating today as well as shits to give so here is my true feelings about a read that without a doubt disappointed meORA little of option A a little of option B and all of option C DING DING DINGWE HAVE A WINNER

review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Neil GaimanSmoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions

review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman Õ 5 Summary Free download Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions 105 An elderly widow finds the Holy Grail beneath an old fur coat A stray cat fights and refights a terrible nightly battle to protect his unwary adoptive family. I keep saying one Neil Gaiman book and I ll figure out what the big deal is Spoiler I haven t yet Though I did enjoy some of these stories indicated by a There s far that weren t enjoyableIntroduction PLEASE skip this is so so long It s a short story in and of itself Though technically he hid another short story within that The Wedding Present Originally written as a wedding present this marriage slowly but surely sinks to the pits of despair Chivalry A cute story about an elderly lady snapping up the Holy Grail at a bargain at the thrift shop Later republished in M is for Magic Nicholas Was A 100 word story centered on St Nicholas for one of Gaiman s Christmas cardsThe Price this cat deserves a medal a ball of yarn and a tuna fillet for defending this family against the devil Republished in M Is for Magic Troll Bridge Retelling of the three Billy Goats Gruff While this started on a high note undue time is used to describe the troll s flaccid genitalia Un ironically troll acts like a dick Republished in M Is for MagicDon t Ask Jack Menacing Jack in the Box As if I needed another reason to never buy one Republished in M Is for MagicThe Goldfish Pool and Other Stories Almost written as a reflection for Neil Gaiman on hollywood I was not a fan of his commentsEaten Scenes from a Moving picture please Gaiman why does everything need to be so sex explicit Excuse me as I scrub my eyesThe White Road This wasn t memorableueen of Knives well written by not memorableThe Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch The underground circus leads to the disappearing of one Mrs Finch I wasn t a fan of the book and wasn t a fan of the short story It made too many leaps Changes Once again a Gaiman story became weirdly sexual I really should start expecting this A man discovers the cure for cancer which has the side effect of changing a person s gender Now the world is populated by nearly immortal pill popping gender switchers I hesitate to call everyone trans since this is done so reversibly and recreationalyThe Daughter of Owls A girl was found with some owls The locals hate herShoggoth s Old Peculiar H P Lovecraft inspired cult y New England tale Did like how he portrayed the pub though Virus Honestly wasn t that memorable Looking for the Girl A kid looking at a dirty mag spots the most beautiful girl As an adult he finds her again in the mag but she looks exactly the same Logically he devotes his life to becoming the best dirty mag photographer in hopes of meeting this chick in person My interpretation A vampire wanted a free photo shoot every few years and went to a magazine to do itOnly the End of the World Again Richly worded not an interesting plotBay Wolf Baywatch Beowulf Surprisingly uirky and fun Fifteen Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot Each of the Major Arcana first 22 of the 78 tarot cards in a deck is interpreted through a short story We Can Get Them For You Wholesale How good would the bargain need to be to end the world Despite the dark implications this was a fun readOne Life Furnished in Early Moorcock High school kid who wanted to write and is a huge fan of a series He mail orders a book and never pays for itCold Colors Short poem involving magic and computers The Sweeper of Dreams prose piecewaxes poetic about dreams and their implicationsForeign Parts Sudden sexuality again A man is slowly taken over by a cognizant venereal disease Copious mentions of STDs and masturbationVampire Sestina A vampire poemMouse The married couple s house is infested The man buys a humane mousetrap while his wife seems to get an abortion The man seems to have no reaction to the abortion Upon finding a mouse trapped he sets the mouse free outside The Sea Change Lyrical poem about mermaids and the oceanHow Do You Think It Feels Man goes to conference Man meets hot girl Man cheats on wife despite having a couple of kids He justifies it kids are stupid wife is lame When We Went to See the End of the World by Dawnie Morningside age 11 Written from the perspective of a child as the end of the world occurs Unexpectedly chillingDesert Wind Man gets lost in the desert and is foundTastings Male Prostitute Female Celebrity Prostitute has powers which lead him to be amazing in bed essentially he reads the minds of his clients without realizing it and he can t read Celebrity s and thus is sucking not literallywell maybe a bit in bed The mundane conversation as they try out positions made this one marginally tolerable Mostly I was cringing away from the pagesIn the End Genesis creation in reverse Not particularly memorableBabycakes Just take that title literallyMurder Mysteries The first murder in heaven as it s investigated by the angel Raguel Snow Glass Apples Finally FINALLY I thought as I got to this one It s a retelling of Snow White with a huge reversal Snow is evil and the stepmother is attempting to hold together the kingdom from the terror of one very cruel Snow What ruined it The weird sex bits I would ve loved this story if A Young Snow as in not over 18 like 12 or younger hadn t blown a traveling monk before killing him AND B if the prince wasn t into necrophilia when he screwed first the stepmother and then her daughter It just completely threw the whole story off Without it I would ve really enjoyed this creepy retellingYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

Neil Gaiman Õ 5 Summary

review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman Õ 5 Summary Free download Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions 105 From unimaginable evil A young couple receives a wedding gift that reveals a chilling alternative history of their marriage These tales and much await in this. This collection of short works some not uite complete is maybe a must read for real Gaiman fans who read everything he does 4 stars for them but not really for anyone else only 1 star for the general audience And I say that as one of those fans I really like what Gaiman does both in traditional and graphic novel form but Smoke and Mirrors is not representative of his best work Basically it is a collection of things he never bothered to give a final polish to Much of SM is things that were just workbook exercises not intended for publication Some fun ideas and entertaining for the fan or for those who want to study how he develops ideas but others should try American Gods Anansi Boys Neverwhere Good Omens with TPratchett or even Coraline or his Sandman graphic novels It does however contain a few real gems for fans warning different editions of the SM varied the collection slightly so referring to specific stories may be confusing when discussing the book

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