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Kazuki Kaneshiro ã 8 Read

Free download GO AUTHOR Kazuki Kaneshiro Kazuki Kaneshiro ã 8 Read Free download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ã Kazuki Kaneshiro Have prepared him for the heartache he feels when he falls hopelessly in love with a Japanese girl named Sakurai Immersed in their shared love for classical music and foreign movies the two gradually grow closer and closerOne night after being hit by personal tragedy Sugihara reveals to Sakurai that he is. Me at the beginning Racism in Japan Did you say that correctly Are you sureMe at the end Wow there s a lot to be learnt about the world and who knew YA books could be such eye openers maybe I ve been reading the wrong type of YA all my lifeAnyway now that my earlier ignorance has been covered here s how I d rate it I d give the first 50% five stars the next 20% three stars and the final 30% four stars Overall the book was immensely enjoyable the protagonist was witty and had this style of narration that really captivated me He s kinda how I d have liked my inner monologue to sound when I was his age the right amount of wit two tablespoons of sarcasm and healthy disdain and a pinch of those pesky teenage hormones And the thing is despite all this coolness it s still obvious that he s young and that he s not in control of everything the way we tend to believe at that age I should explain Why did my father who was born on the South Korean island of Jeju have North Korean citizenship And why did he have to change his citizenship to South Korean just to go to Hawaii It s a tedious story so I ll try to keep it short and mix in some humor here and there But don t hold your breath This book should really have been marketed as a young adult book because while for the first 50% it s really not noticeable that s exactly the genre this book should be classified under The thing is I went in prepared multiple reviews online had warned me that while this book had dry humour that catered to an adult it s central theme is really YA NA And boy was I glad that I went in prepared because otherwise I might have been pissed off the way uite a few other reviewers were And also this should have really tipped everyone off hmmm See below First let s get one thing straight The story that follows is a love story My love story And communism or democratism pacifism otakuism vegetarianism or any other ism for that matter has got nothing to do with it Just so you know Full of movie and literature references that I only half caught Go tells the story of a young adult of Korean descent living in Japan and his trials and tribulations with first love Sounds like a cheesy anime Let s throw in the fact that racism abounds in Japan towards these Korean desecendants of war prisoners from decades ago aka the Zainichi and it s not your uintessential drama filled romantic anime is itI haven t read the Japanese version but I think this translated one was fantastic Everything about this book was fantastic and it was especially fantastic in the way in which it dealt with serious themes like racism and violence so wonderful that I wish it really hadn t had that teen romance thrown in I d have been ecstatic with Sugihara s acerbic observations on life reallyAbout the girl who will be his future love interest I once saw a video of this bear cub sniffing curiously at a video camera and then slamming right into it The girl reminded me of that cub A conversation with his friend Kato who happens to be the wittier one Nah Whoever she is it doesn t matter Yeah you re right Kato said looking happy for some reason This all sounds like a lot of fun like something out of the movies So long as it doesn t turn out to be a mystery or a suspense thriller The bell chimed the end of lunch period Kato rose from his seat As an objective viewer I d prefer seeing a horror or occult film It d be exciting to see your wiener get lopped off or something Kato patted me on the shoulder Best of luck Bonus I m going to provide y all with a sample of Sugihara s wisdom you won t be disappointed People like you and me have been handicapped our whole lives We re like twins If people like us are going to get anywhere in this country we can t just walk in through the front door You get that don t you We can lay low in the shadows and make it big and stick it to all the uppity miserable bastards that ever discriminated against us Because we can do that Because we re meant for greatness One last uote which makes me ponder about immigration issues Nationality isn t much than a lease to an apartment I said If you don t like the apartment any you break the lease and get out Guess Trump doesn t see it that way huhI went insane with the highlighter on this one that s the real thing to take back from this review I recommend it for anyone who loves House MD who doesn t mind a bit of YA thrown at themAlso thank you NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Free download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ã Kazuki KaneshiroGO AUTHOR Kazuki Kaneshiro

Free download GO AUTHOR Kazuki Kaneshiro Kazuki Kaneshiro ã 8 Read Free download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ã Kazuki Kaneshiro For two teens falling in love is going to make a world of difference in this beautifully translated bold and endearing novel about love loss and the pain of racial discriminationAs a Korean student in a Japanese high school Sugihara has had to defend himself against all kinds of bullies But nothing could. 375 stars But you should live a random life I mean your life has already veered off the rails I wish you d keep on veering and see where it takes you You re someone who could pull that off But you know that s just me Go by Kazuki Kaneshiro isn t what I expected it to be It is a love story but not the kind of love that the blurb promised It s not a just high school love story between Sugihara and Sakurai no It s than that Go tackles ethnicity discrimination and racism in Japanese society through the eyes of Sugihara a Zainichi Chosenjin meaning a person of Korean descent but born and raised in Japan Reading this novel is uite a revealing experience for me I had no idea that if you stripped off Japan s orderly society you ll find some deep seated racism there The writing was also compelling and the prose is a different kind of beauty It has a Murakami esue tone that I find charming and gripping The characters were somewhat vague and I wish the author gave them a lot background Overall it s an interesting read

Free download GO AUTHOR Kazuki Kaneshiro

Free download GO AUTHOR Kazuki Kaneshiro Kazuki Kaneshiro ã 8 Read Free download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ã Kazuki Kaneshiro Not Japanese as his name might indicateTorn between a chance at self discovery that he’s ready to seize and the prejudices of others that he can’t control Sugihara must decide who he wants to be and where he wants to go next Will Sakurai be able to confront her own bias and accompany him on his journ. Not really a coming of age story and not what I would call YA the character voice of the narrator Sugihara is older than that The story explores themes of blood and family from the perspective of a Korean born and raised in Japan I found it interesting but did not care much for the vehicle the author uses to make his points Sugihara is intelligent but little than a thug or for the flippant half humorous narrative style The love interest is a Japanese girl with supposed street smarts but surprising naivete I m not sure their romance brings much clarity to the story Sugihara already knows or thinks he knows the answers to his life uestions In the end he figures that I m not Korean or Japanese I m a rootless vagabond is probably what fits best But it feels awfully empty Identity may not be blood or nationality as defined by a race of people but surely it s not rootless eitherThis was an First Reads selection in February