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Infatuation Underground Kings #4 Free read Å 6 Warning This is a novella so buckle up for a uick sweet read that will satisfy your curiosityin·fat·u·a·tion A feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for admiration for or inte. Justin was so worth the wait If you have ever read an Aurora Rose Reynolds Until book then you will know that Justin is a side character that has wound his way around everyone s heart He is a gamer who loves to rile up his boss Kenton and just an overall funny chill dude I think everyone has asked about Justin getting his book daily but he was stubborn and refused to tell our ueen his story Finally Justin was worth the wait He has matured into a perfect Alpha man who would sweep anyone off there feet the lucky woman is Aubrey a pregnant single runaway Justin taking care of his girls will melt your heart Aubrey is a perfect match for Justin and who wouldn t trust and fall insta in love with Justin I loved when the story came full circle as he already took care of her problem before he knew her Aurora Rose Reynolds and Rochelle Paige killed it

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Infatuation Underground Kings #4 Free read Å 6 Rest in someone or something; a strong and unreasoning attachment From the moment Justin sees the beautiful blonde living in the apartment below his he becomes curious and over time that. Ohhh yeah Justin babe I loved him Can t wait

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Infatuation Underground Kings #4 Free read Å 6 Curiosity turns into an obsession When the moment finally strikes for him to make a move will he take it Find out what happens in the fourth and final book in the Underground Kings Series. SURPRISE RELEASE I ve been waiting to read Justin s story since the first time I met him in Assumption Underground Kings 1and it was 5 years ago

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  • Infatuation Underground Kings #4
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  • 09 August 2017
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