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La Reina del Sur

READ ï La Reina del Sur E uedó muy uieta conteniendo el aliento como si la inmovilidad o el silencio pudieran cambiar el curso de lo ue ya había ocurrido Bip bip Estaba en la bañera depilándose la pierna derecha el agua jabonosa por la cintura y su piel. I guess I m glad I read this if only to satisfy a long burning curiosity about The ueen of the South that s been in the back of my head ever since my mom hid the book from me at age fifteen so I couldn t read the dirty parts for the record Mom I probably would have been able to handle itThat said it could have been a lot cooler than it is And considering the book is about a woman who goes on the run after being targeted by Mexican hitmen and eventually becomes the most powerful drug lord in the Mediterranean that s saying a lot The story itself was really cool and had a lot of potential Teresa Mendoza starts out as just some low level drug runner s girlfriend but when he gets killed by his employers and they come after her resulting in the single best opening line of any book ever The telephone rang and she knew she was going to die she runs to Spain gets involved with another smuggler goes to prison comes out and then begins selling and shipping cocaine all over the place Sex drugs and shooting ensues It s good in a trashy guilty pleasure living vicariously through books kind of way My problem is the format of the book it s partially narrated by a reporter doing a story on Teresa once she s become the so called ueen of the South and he butts into the story every few chapters so we can watch him interviewing people Teresa interacted with during her career They hint at what is about to happen next in the story and then it happens As far as I could tell the reporter served absolutely no purpose as a second narrator and all of his chapters should have just been cut out completely Also Perez Reverte is really really terrible at writing from a female mindset but this review is already long enough so I won t bother getting into that rant

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READ ï La Reina del Sur Desnuda se erizó igual ue si acabara de reventar el grifo del agua fría Bip bip En el estéreo del dormitorio los Tigres del Norte cantaban historias de Camelia la Tejana La traición y el contrabando decían son cosas compartidas». There are a lot of reviews available here which outline the plot so I won t attempt to do so here other than to say cocaine smuggling logistics deals and double crossings Moroccan hashish fast boats cargo ships dirty politics shootouts Mexican drug cartels the Colombians indiscretions and revenge Teresa Mendoza is our lead character She starts off as a simple narco s morra uiet and unassuming Her boyfriend is murdered and she is on the runIt is a high speed read almost a guilty pleasure read for me and it was enjoyable for the most part There was the narration style which was fairly annoying half narrated by a reporter who interviews various people throughout the book His sections set up the following sections where the action is explained from Teresa s point of viewThe story rolls out in various stages and gathers momentum until the very end where a conclusion is met There are other things going on a parallel to the Count of Monte Christo which admittedly I have not read and therefore could not track there is the Mexican cartels unwritten rules there is the international smuggling the deals the doublecrossingI haven t read other books by Arturo P rez Reverte and I may pick up another if the opportunity arises as I did enjoy this as a fictional romp with some basis for reality in the drug underworld4 stars

CHARACTERS É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Arturo Pérez-Reverte

READ ï La Reina del Sur Un thriller apasionante«Sonó el teléfono y supo ue la iban a matar Lo supo con tanta certeza ue se uedó inmóvil la cuchilla en alto el cabello pegado a la cara entre el vapor del agua caliente ue goteaba en los azulejos Bip bip S. There are three books to be found within this book three major storylines to follow One is mostly well done one is middling but has issues one is rather ridiculous occasionally mildly offensive and out of place The first which I found mostly well done is Perez Reverte s homage to the high adventure stories of the 19th century specificially his modern update of The Count of Monte Cristo The Count is remade into a Mexican woman of the 21st century who is tied to the Mexican drug cartels through her drug running pilot boyfriend She is set on the run for a crime she did not commit and runs off to Spain and we watch the relative naif follow the torturous path of Dantes a path that is perhaps even painful than his It is a clever idea to cast the Count as a woman it adds to the tale many obstacles and possibilities of obstacles that Edmund Dantes never had to face and it complicates the progression of our main character to the triumphant protaganist that we all know is coming from the layout of the plot I found the adventure story aspect of the novel all excellently done there are several high speed boat chases that have the pages turning at a velocity to match the engines of the boats there are unexpected shoot outs there are moments with only one way out gambles that hold the fate the characters in the palm of their hand to heart pounding effect Perez Reverte has always been able to swashbuckle his way into my affections and this piece was no exception However And this is a rather annoying however I do wish that he hadn t felt the need to constantly shove in our faces the fact that this was a version of The Count of Monte Cristo He had characters refer to each other as their counterparts in the book Really You couldn t trust us to figure that one out Arturo Come on man I promise you we re smart enough for that The book becomes a major motif and a jumping off point for the characters to make fun of each other for how much they are into it and how delusional that is It was just a little too self involved for me It reads like fan fiction sometimes It s lovely to see how giddy he is about Dumas tale and its life changing powers but I wish he would just let us see it for ourselves rather than constantly insisting upon the truth of it and insisting that his characters enact his own fascination with it It feels artificial and sometimes a bit insulting We get it I promiseThe second story contained within the book and I should probably say that there are spoilers from here on out is the story of the transformation of a woman Teresa begins the book a girl totally dependent upon the whims of others especially her narco boyfriend Guero She sits at home and waits for him takes care of him puts him first in every way She doesn t know much about his business and she doesn t ask When she is forced to go on the run after Guero is killed by his bosses for committing several indiscretions she has to slowly learn how to become independent Perez Reverte is truly fascinated by the thought of a truly independent woman you can tell I ve said time and again that he has a dark lady obsession this book is entirely about that in fact though at least we get to see the world from her perspective and see why she is mysterious but I think this is really what the obsession is He worships the very idea of it though he doesn t seem to uite believe that it can be true or that women can completely seperate from what he clearly believes are their natural womanly urges which turned out to be a problem While she was learning to rely on herself use her natural gifts she s gifted with a head for numbers for instance and her intelligence and rely on and trust no one Perez Reverte feels the need to frame it in terms of gender By the end of the novel she has assumed the role of her narco boyfriend in her relationship with everyone she knows and coldly addresses her business partner who is in love with her as a nagging wife who believes her husband works too much and neglects her He also has problems writing believably inside the head of a woman sometimes laughably so He freuently has Teresa feel things in her womb when he wants to emphasize that it is a real feeling No for reals Cause apparently that s what all we women are one big vibrating womb However that all said I did like the attempt at rendering a woman who truly does not need anyone and even when betrayed by people she trusts does not descend into a weeping mess but handles the situation She gets herself out of the last tense corners of the novel without one single man left to help her in any way I really really appreciated that So if the development was uneven and somewhat unbelievable I at least was with him on his goal and the last 100 pages of her developmentThe third thing going on here that was absolutely ridiculous is Perez Reverte s various personal opinions and feelings being put on display I found it rather embarrassing pedantic and offensive by turns First of all let s just note that there s a lot of weird attitudes towards ethnicity in this book Yes part of it is that he s writing about a world where people aren t exactly PC but some of it comes from the omniscient narrator point of view part of the story is told by a journalist trying to write a book about Teresa part is told from her point of view There s a really weird somewhat twisted relationship with Mexico in the book Perez Reverte seems to be arguing for the fact that Spaniards shouldn t find their culture superior to Mexico in any way because Spain has just as many problems which I didn t even know was a comparison that happened but okay And yet at the same time he seems to be weirdly fetishizing in a conflicted 19th century colonialist way the Mexican ethnicity At many points during the book characters tell Teresa that she looks best with her hair pulled back tightly and parted down the middle in the style of a Mexican peasant Everyone who sees her is five times attracted to her when she presents herself in as Mayan or Indian a way as possible those are the descriptors used And yet she ends up being dressed up makeover style in a modern discreet European way Everyone including Teresa looks down on the garish way that Mexican drug cartel people dress and live and yet The other Mexican character who is held up as an example refuses to let go of his garish ways and listens to his corridos songs about drug cartels loudly and often They are uoted freuently throughout the novel seemingly as examples of poetry It s this weird mixture of idealization and looking down his nose that I can t uite figure out It just popped up uncomfortably often and I didn t uite get why that was thereAnyway this has likely gone on for long enough but the point is its a lovely adventure novel and a good coming of age tale in its way but not without a good deal of complication This is my least favorite of his books though it is still not bad or anything Just not representative of what he is capable of Perez Reverte tends to do better with historical settings or characters who look back towards the past This looks back but still in a modern setting And his way of looking at the world well it s just sometimes a little jarringly old fashioned for the modern world

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