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Too Bad to DieA Novel Free read Ý PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Too Bad to DieA Novel Is tipped off that Hitler's top assassin has infiltrated the conference Seizing his chance to play a part in a real life action story Fleming goes undercover to stop the Nazi kill. I ve lost count of how many novels I ve read over the years that fictionalize author Ian Fleming s involvement in Naval Intelligence in World War II In each case known history speculative biography and obvious literary invention meet Most yarns by the likes of Damian Stevenson and Aaron Cooley seek to present foreshadowings of what Fleming would write in his James Bond books The imaginations of such writers are usually uite fanciful with Fleming being the action figure than he actually was I can t recall any previous work uite as literate as Francine Mathews To Bad to die which weaves flashbacks from Fleming s childhood into his investigation into a Nazi plot to assassinate Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin at their November 1943 conference in Tehran to plan out the Normandy invasion Very convincingly Mathews sketches many portraits of important historical figures from the Big Three to their entourages and family members code breaker Allan Turing broadcaster Edward R Morrow Chinese leader Chiang Kai Shek and US ambassador to Great Britain Averell HarrimanAlthough little of this story happened or could have happened in 1943 Mathews is especially believable creating the milieu in which all these figures walked notably using vocabulary and terms of English schoolboys when Fleming was young Hints of the Bond books to come include references to martinis shaken not stirred a voice inside Fleming s head giving him the alter ego of 007 a false passport giving Commander Fleming the fake name of James Bond and a torture scene is clearly meant to seem the inspiration for a very similar situation in 1953 s Casino Royale The death of Fleming s father during World War I is offered as the psychological motivation for Fleming s spinning out fantastic yarns In short Mathews digs deeper than many other writers to give readers than a hot and fast page turner Obviously Bond fans World War II buffs and lovers of espionage yarns in general are a perfect audience for Too Bad to Die Aficionados of suspense and mystery stories should find much to appreciate from Francine Mathews descriptive tale even if few readers will miss the obvious clues that reveal who the main villain is long before he levels a pistol at Fleming Still I can t help but think the actual creator of James Bond would approve of this oneThis review first appeared at BookPleasurescom on Oct 29 2016

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Too Bad to DieA Novel Free read Ý PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Too Bad to DieA Novel Wn lifeuntil the critical Tehran Conference when Winston Churchill Franklin Roosevelt and Josef Stalin meet to finalize the D Day invasion With the Big Three in one place Fleming. Imagine an espionage novel starring Ian Fleming Winston Churchill Franklin Delano Roosevelt Alan Turing Josef Stalin Lavrenti Beria Churchill s daughter and daughter in law one of Roosevelt s sons and a passel of other recognizable characters thrown together at a fateful time in 1943 Oh and you might add James Bond to the mixIn this delightfully wicked novel American crime and espionage writer Francine Mathews builds on known facts about the high powered people who figure in the story and imagines them as they might have reacted to a Nazi assassination plot directed against Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin The tale is set in Cairo and Tehran where the leaders of the three Allies came together to set the strategy for the invasion of Nazi Europe As best I can tell the broad historical events depicted in this book are entirely consistent with the facts It s the plot that is fully imaginedIan Fleming was in fact assistant to the head of British Naval Intelligence and was the inventive author of some of the most dramatic deceptions mounted by the Allies He held the rank of Commander As indicated in the book he was the son of a wealthy Member of Parliament who died on the Western Front in 1917 He was in fact educated at Eton and Sandhurst The James Bond series of spy novels Fleming wrote after the war were based in large part on his experience as a master of the craft Much of the rest is fictionToo Bad to Die recounts the events of seven days late in November 1943 Roosevelt and Churchill both ailing old men have flown to Cairo with the ostensible purpose of reaching a joint strategy to deal with Stalin a few days hence at a fateful conference in Tehran Mathews is a careful student of history because the dialogue involving these larger than life figures is entirely credible and their circumstances and the state of their health are all grounded in factThe conceit around which Mathews builds her tale is that Ian Fleming departs from his desk job to tangle with a Nazi master spy who threatens to assassinate the Big Three leaders There s not a lot of mystery around the identity of the master spy even if Fleming is in the dark but the unfolding events make for a thoroughly enjoyable story

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Too Bad to DieA Novel Free read Ý PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Too Bad to DieA Novel November 1943 Weary of his deskbound status in the Royal Navy intelligence officer Ian Fleming spends his spare time spinning stories in his head that are much exciting than his o. Having read and enjoyed Mathews previous historical thriller Jack 1939 I looked forward to reading Too Bad to Die and I was not disappointed I was hooked in the prologue when I learned the origin of the book title Too Bad to Die is an excellent blend of history literature and cinema as it gives us the background of Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond and the importance of the meeting between Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin Mathews research blends seamlessly into her narrative Her portraits of the world leaders are at once informative and familiar By sharing scenes from his boyhood we can also read and smile and trace the beginnings of one of literature s most famous characters While the book satisfies on both history and mystery levels it also delivers with a good solid pace and exciting action seuences although a scene of torture towards the end of the book may make some readers uncomfortable My radar must be in fine shape because I did find the identity of the super spykiller a bit too easy to guess but there s a lot to this book than whodunnit If you re a fan of well researched high octane historical thrillers Too Bad to Die is too good to miss

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