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When All is Said Free download Á 109 America and his late lamented wife And through these people the ones who left him behind he tells the story of his own life with all its regrets and feuds loves and triumphsBeautifully written powerfully felt When All Is Said promises to be the next great Irish novel. there was a love but of the irish kind reserved and embarrassed by its own humanity this tenderly told and humbly crafted story has me falling in love with the irish culture and people all over again this is a story of love and loss of beginnings and endings of happiness and grief of remembering and forgetting it is a story of life and how beautifully painful it can be my heart is so full 45 stars

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When All is Said Free download Á 109 A tale of a single night The story of a lifetimeIf you had to pick five people to sum up your life who would they be If you were to raise a glass to each of them what would you say And what would you learn about yourself when all is said and doneThis is the story of. There are 5 star books and then there are five star books with a story that make me wish I could give stars This is one of them There are debut novels and then there are debut novels which after I ve finished reading have me thinking wow what a debut and hoping that the author is working on her next book This is one of them I don t drink much beer let alone one not from the fridge and certainly not stout I don t like whiskey at all but I wanted to be sitting at this bar in Ireland drinking every one of the five toasts to people in his life in his heart along with Maurice Hannigan Maurice Hannigan had me from the first page It felt like a memoir touching on events and people in his life his life exposed as he tells these stories The heartache and grief and happiness that life brought to him and the excruciating loneliness as we meet him at age 84 I felt his grief understood his regrets and felt the love he had for these people in his life his beloved brother Tony his first child Molly his sister in law Maureen his son Kevin and the love of his life Sadie I won t tell you here about them because it s Maurice s story to tell and it s best to hear it from him I recommend that you do This is a beautifully told story of grief guilt regret family and the depths of loneliness tempered only by the love he feels for these people A truly amazing debut a story rendered in a uniue and near perfect way Here s to you Maurice a character deserving of being rememberedThis was a monthly read with Diane and Esil my favorite book buddies I was glad to have shared this one with them Here s to you my friendsI received an advanced copy of this book from Thomas DunneSt Martin s Press through NetGalley

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When All is Said Free download Á 109 Maurice Hannigan who over the course of a Saturday night in June orders five different drinks at the Rainford House Hotel With each he toasts a person vital to him his doomed older brother his troubled sister in law his daughter of fifteen minutes his son far off in. An unforgettable first novel A uissessentially Irish novel filled with melancholy and angst with some great storytelling Maurice is 84 his beloved wife Sadie gone now for two years His only child a son lives in America with his family He now sits at a bar in a restaurant intending to toast the five individuals who had the greatest impact on his life He has reserved the VIP suite for the night The bar where he sits the hotel he is in had once been the house of the wealthiest family in the village This house figured largely in his youth and the memories are not good ones He is lonelysorely misses his wife feels as if he belongs nowhere to none Now though Maurice has a planAs he drinks each drink we learn the story of his life The importance of a gold coin which is also the continuous item that travels through his stories Maurice is very likable a flawed character and so very human It is a novel with a few gothic undertones one filled with guilt and envy Love that couldn t be expressed A sensitive exploration of guilt and regret A uiet novel a heartfelt story that feels very real A story of a father and son that had trouble connecting The last chapter is an emotional slayer but the memorable last line brought the curtain down One of the best last lines i have ever read Fans of the late great William Trevor will appreciate this novelReading with Angela and Esil as always pricelessARC from Netgalley

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