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  • Gilchrist: A Novel of Horror and Suspense
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  • 03 February 2018
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Gilchrist: A Novel of Horror and Suspense Free read ´ 104 Terrifying a novel of mounting suspense with an unsettlingly human heart at its core black as it may beTwo years after losing their infant son to a tragic accident Peter Martell a novelist with a peculiar knack for finding lost things and his wife Sylvia are devastated to learn they may no longer be able to have children In need of a fresh start and compelled by strange dreams the couple decide to rent a lake house in the idyllic town of Gilchrist Massachusetts a place where bad things might just happ. Peter and Sylvia lost their young son due to a tragic accident Trying to save their marriage and sanity Peter rents a little cabin on a lake in the bucolic little town of Gilchrist Unfortunately a town haunted by entities that thrive on pain and misery may be the wrong place to recharge your batteriesI discovered this book thanks to bookbub and it was definitely a sleeper gem This novel is so entangled a spoiler free review is difficult but this is definitely a must read for horror fans For an author with only one other novel under his belt Galacar has a wonderful grasp of both character development and pace of action The tension is almost palpable as the reader is left awaiting the next atrocity committed in the name of the gishets Christian Galacar is one author I m expecting great things from in the futureMy Rating 4755

Summary Gilchrist: A Novel of Horror and SuspenseGilchrist: A Novel of Horror and Suspense

Gilchrist: A Novel of Horror and Suspense Free read ´ 104 En for a reason As bizarre events begin to unfold around thema chance encounter with a gifted six year old boy a series of violent deaths and repeated sightings of a strange creature with a terrifying naturePeter and Sylvia find themselves drawn into the chaos and soon discover that coming to Gilchrist may not have been their decision at allSet against a small New England town in the summer of 1966 Gilchrist is a sinister tale about the haunting origins of violence evil and the undying power of memory. I loved reading this book so much so that I didn t want it to endPeter and Sylvia are just existing since the death of their little three year old boy He fell through a second floor window while his Mother was running a bath for him How do you get over grief like that By drinking to excess and a failed suicide After a succession of weird nightmares Peter takes his wife to a little tourist town of Gilchrist a three week break in a lakeside cottage There is something wrong with a the town just a feeling a smell of smoke and five gruesome deaths in a weekAnd so the the horror continuesI became so involved with the story that I neglected my daily activities to just sit and read and read until I reached the end I was bereft when it was over and can t wait to read of Mr Galacar s work Brilliant

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Gilchrist: A Novel of Horror and Suspense Free read ´ 104 Winner Best Mystery Thriller Writer's Digest 6th Annual Ebook Awards Gilchrist by Christian Galacar is terrifying Stephen King made his readers afraid of clowns cars and so much ; Christian Galacar WILL make you afraid of small towns and memories Charla White WordsAPlentyIf you like Stephen King or Dean Koontz you will like this story Sunny DuPreeA genuinely scary book that I should not have read right before bed Dannielle Insalaco Bag of Bones meets Stranger Things Gilchrist is as beautiful as it is. I decided to read this novel because some of the reviews said that if one liked Stephen King they would enjoy Gilchrist Well they were right and then some Christian Galacar wrote a story that reminded me of some of King s earlier works such as It and Christine not to mention The Stand This is meant as a high compliment The author handled the horror aspect wonderfully and made the novel very easy to read and hard to put down Character development was exceptional as well I look forward to reading future novels especially any in the horror genre In my opinion it is worth the time to give this novel a try