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  • Running to the Edge
  • Matthew Futterman
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  • 21 December 2018
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Read Running to the Edge Running to the Edge Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Matthew Futterman ã 0 Review Gripping the narrative is smooth and immediate almost effortless in its detail if occasionally breathless like a good fast run The New York Times Book Review Visionary American running coach Bob Larsen assembled a mismatched team of elite California runners the start of his decades long uest for championships Olympic glory and pursuit of the epic runIn the dusty hills above San Diego Bob Larsen became America's greatest running coach Starting with a ragtag group of high school cross country and track runners Larsen set out on a decades long uest to find the secret of running impossibly fast for longer distances than anyone thought possible Himself a former farm boy who fell into his track. Drawing a direct line from coaching high school students to Olympic medalists and Boston Marathon winners NYT sports editor Matthew Futterman tells the story of coach Bob Larsen and his efforts to unlock the secrets of running far fast Thanks to a deft fast paced writing style and especially great characterizations that bring unheralded high schoolers to life just as vividly as national champions this is the best book on running since Christopher McDougall s Born to Run While the subject matter here is distance running be prepared to read this in a sprint

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Read Running to the Edge Running to the Edge Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Matthew Futterman ã 0 Review Career by accident Larsen worked through coaching high school junior college and college coaxing talented runners away from traditional sports as the running craze was in its infancy in the 60's and 70's On the arid trails and windy roads of California Larsen relentlessly sought the 'secret sauce' of speed and endurance that would catapult American running onto the national stage Running to the Edge is a riveting account of Larsen's journey and his uest to discover the unorthodox training secrets that would lead American runners elite and recreational to breakthroughs never imagined New York Times Deputy Sports Editor Matthew Futterman interweaves the dramatic stories of Larsen's runners. weirdly IMO the subtitle is different on the book itself and in the tiny picture you can see on goodreads vs the alleged goodreads title A mystery someone else will have to investigate I guessAs to the book itself kind of an odd amalgamation of topics He intersperses brief scenes from his own career as an above average but not outstanding runner with three major storiesa the formation of the Jamul Toads team in and around San Diego in the mid 1970sb the Mammoth Lakes training group of early 00 s and especially the career of Meb K with special emphasis on his NYC and Boston marathon wins and silver medal at the Athens Olympicsc insights of the coach Bob Larsen who connects the first two stories notably the value of lactate threshold training via continuous tempo runs the physiology came later it seems Larsen s work being trial and error at firstThe first was the most informative to me i was in high school then and remember reading about the Toads doing well at national x c championship and thinking it was a funny name for a team but I didn t know the origin story blending of two rival teams or even that Bob Larsen had been the coachSecond story is extremely well known if you ve been following American distance running past 20 years or so Fine but nothing new or different in this retellingThird was good and he clearly got a lot of time and cooperation from Meb and from Coach Larsen but i did have a few uibblesa unless I missed it he never once mentions Jack Daniels who also don t know if before after or simultaneously played a huge role in popularizing significance of lactate threshold trainingb again unless I missed it never mentions variants such as cruise intervals at times the writing gets breathless as though the continuous tempo along with live hightrain low altititude stints will make you as good as the best East Africans and anything else is worthlessc stylistic fault finding he clearly loves the phrase running to the edge to describe tempos repeats it remarkably often just once to have mercy on the reader maybe sprinkle in Daniels comfortably hard descriptorFact check time 15 k is not 925 miles p 196 I m opposed to translating metric to British units anyway as it prevents people from learning metric everyone now knows liters from being able to visualize 2 liter soda bottle not by thinking it s 105669 uarts to the liter and doing conversions but if you re going to do it to the hundredth of a mile let s be accurate Meb did not win Athens olympic marathon p 236 Maybe Athens was a fluke or even his peak He was 28 when he won there strange error since author had just recently recapped story of Meb s silver medal performance in that race can t find the page now but i remember also he said marathon is 425 km which is wrong it s 42195anyway 5 star inherent interest of the topic 2 star execution average of 35 rounded down because I m tired and cranky this morning

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Read Running to the Edge Running to the Edge Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Matthew Futterman ã 0 Review With a fascinating discourse of the science behind human running as well as a personal running narrative that follows Futterman's own checkered love affair with the sport The result is a narrative that will speak to every runner a story of Larsen's triumphs from high school cross country meets to the founding of the cult favorite 70's running group the Jamul Toads from national championships to his long tenure as head coach at UCLA and from the secret training regimen of world champion athletes like Larsen's protg American Meb Keflezighi to victories at the New York and Boston Marathons as well as the Olympics Running to the Edge is a page turner a relentless crusade to run faster farthe. This is a great book even if you are not a runner