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Marcy Dermansky ☆ 0 review summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Marcy Dermansky review Twins by Marcy Dermansky 100 Extraordinary story of blonde beautiful twin sisters trying to survive adolescence and each otherOver the course of five years Chloe and Sue overcome breakups unhappy Hawaiian vacations unicycle lessons eating disorders pil. I read this book many years ago in high school I remember picking it up from the library and I enjoyed reading it It was very disturbing and crazy but it is something not a lot of people think about It is a great book about the harsh reality of growing up and thoughts a lot of young girls have I might have to find another copy and re read it so I can get a fresh take on the book

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Marcy Dermansky ☆ 0 review summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Marcy Dermansky review Twins by Marcy Dermansky 100 L abuse and their first painful explorations of love and sex Told in alternating voices Twins introduces two new unforgettable heroines on the verge in a spellbinding tale of teen angst obsession and redemption in the subur. I needed a uick read and this book caught my eye I myself am an identical twin so I was very curious to what the story had to offer I hadn t even finished the first page and I wanted to cry I find this book honestly disturbing I find myself to be able to understand Sue seeing myself in her place How she describes Chloe is how I see my sister most of the time because I compare myself a lot to her Both Sue s obsession and Chloe s want to individualize herself made this book almost unbearable to read How they separate breaks my heart yet I enjoyed how Sue was able to find herself and mature to where she realized how mean her actions were to Chloe The end of the book was almost satisfying to me leaving me wanted At first I hated reading and couldnt stand to read any but something about it just drew me in It s the kind of book that once you start it you just can t simply leave it There s just so many mixed emotionsThis book gave me a lot to think about To me it set the importance of identity to twins that s usually understated in society Yes comparing twins is awful and to say they are the same person is even worse Package deal was the phrase that hit the most upon reading People really take for granted what twins are and don t really see that they are uniue and that they are their own person But although it has its hardships it does have its rewards Painful but a very good read

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Marcy Dermansky ☆ 0 review summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Marcy Dermansky review Twins by Marcy Dermansky 100 On the eve of their thirteenth birthday identical twins Chloe and Sue agree to get matching tattoos to prove their bond is stronger than DNA So begins Twins Marcy Dermansky’s funny and disturbingly honest debut novel the. In Twins there are not surprisingly two lead characters one good twin Chloe and one who is slightly bonkers Sue they are clearly two sides of the same coin We get alternating chapters in each twin s first person narration that really show their different personalities They may look identical but that s were the similarities end I won t rehash the whole plot here but I love the unpredictability of the story of all Dermansky s novels actually And a cool thing happens the characters evolve and the good twin may not be so perfect and the bad twin may not be so fucked up after all Kudos to Demansky for keeping the separate voices of each twin so distinct

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