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Pratt of the Argus Free download Þ 105 David Nobbs ✓ 5 Read & Download Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ David Nobbs Sion not noted for kindness to the diffident he is as prone to accident as practical jokesNothing ever goes uite right for Henry So when the scoop of a lifetime finally comes his way it threatens to upset the family and complicate further his ever hopeful love lif I started my 20 year journalism career the year this was published I was 18 years old and Henry Pratt s activities on the Thurmarsh Evening Argus could have been culled from my first few years in the job on a weekly broadsheet in a small Yorkshire market townStill one of the funniest and accurate for all its comedy portrayals of life back in the days of cub reporters sent out into the world alone to fend for themselvesBy the end of my first week I d seen a dead body laid out in the coffin on a table in the dining room as I went to do an obituary interviewed my first angry teenagers who wanted a skate park covered my first town council meeting lots of hot air and nothing much else and spent the day in the Magistrates Court listening to people try to get off speeding charges and avoid getting sent to youth detention for fightingI loved every bit of it

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Pratt of the Argus

Pratt of the Argus Free download Þ 105 David Nobbs ✓ 5 Read & Download Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ David Nobbs Henry Pratt back home from National Service is a man at last As eager to prove it as he is to please he is in at the deep end in his chosen profession cub reporter on the Thurmarsh Evening ArgusAs trams and typewriters chatter to the echoes of Suez and Hungary Hen Henry Pratt works on a newspaper

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Pratt of the Argus Free download Þ 105 David Nobbs ✓ 5 Read & Download Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ David Nobbs Ry finds himself in an exciting if bewildering world His first scoop about a stolen colander is not uite as straightforward as he hopesMisprints and chuckles abound as ever hopeful Henry manages to fall foul both of typesetters and attractive women And in a profes Along with Peter Tinniswood and Alan Plater Nobbs is a brilliant chronicler of the north from a time when smoke filled the air the clump of steam hammer provided a rhythm to life and canals and rivers teamed with murk and scum Henry Pratt is a wonderful creation He s a perfect Everyman to journey with through childhood and into early adulthood It s nearly thirty years since I read part one of this trilogy He s gauche and naive enough to be farcically charming yet strong enough in his views and beliefs to hold his own when he needs to We travel through the late fifties with our hero Along the way Nobbs keeps us informed of developments in the desert where France Britain and Israel prove their cack handedness over Suez rebels fight for independence in Cyprus and Russian tanks enter Budapest In Thurmarsh a fictionalised Sheffield things are altogether familiar Local government corruption is taken almost as a perk of the councillor s job Lovely buildings that had survived the Luftwaffe are demolished to make way for the soulless markets shopping centres and high rise flats that were demolished a generation laterThere s a decent murder mystery running through the middle of this and Nobbs handles it with the skill of a crime writer albeit one with comic intent And we get to see inside the offices and backrooms of public houses where the day to day work of a provincial newspaper goes on Like Tinniswood before him Nobbs worked for the Sheffield Star in the fifties He gives us a splendid cast of hacks critics subs editors and sports journos I m sure it can t have been uite like that but there must be than an outline of truth The regional paper is fast becoming a thing of the past I ve lived my life and measured it out through the pages of the Barrow Evening News the Huddersfield Examiner The Stoke on Trent Sentinel The Exeter Express and Echo and the Sheffield Star Pratt of the Argus provides a fitting reuiem to their eventual departure Unfortunately despite his great success as a scriptwriter for a generation of comics and for his immortal Reginald Perrin Nobbs like provincial newspapers isn t read as much as he should be these days Second From Last in the Sack Race Volume one of the trilogy recently featured on Radio 4s A Good Read Maybe this will mark a revival of interest I hope so David Nobbs deserves to be read and The Complete Pratt should be better known

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